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Saturday, May 22, 2010

PrOjeCts DoNe..My FirSt SaLe On EtSy...

Good Morning!! I finally finished up 2 of the penny rugs I was working on and have 2 more to finish..I love how this one turned out..all machine embroidered...
I will be posting this on my Etsy shortly..
I also finished up this baby bib for my friend Laurie of Cat Haven Crafts..she and I did a swap and she wanted a yellow bib with owls on it..I love how it turned out..
kind of has a vintage feel to it doesn't it? I also used a snap closure..they have them in great colors just for babys..and I love them.
here is the first penny rug I made..all done..not bad for a first time..I am having a blast making them some more projects I am itching to make..just wish I had 8 arms to get them all done..the ideas are flying.:) Today our church is doing a disaster awareness thing where we have to be prepared and have 72 hour kits ready to go should a disaster strike..I sadly don't have one yet..cause I have been to lazy..but I am hoping to learn and take notes so I can come home and get prepared...I will post next time what I have learned to help you get prepared...
I almost forgot!! I got my first sale from Etsy yesterday..was checking my emails and noticed that I had sold a doll...I am so excited and I have another sale for my chicken towels too..I am loving those and I have more ideas for towels I am hoping to get started with today.:) Have a great weekend and thanks for all the wonderful and positive comments you leave me..;)


  1. Your rugs are awesome Gina!!! Congrats on your etsy sales, I thought about trying that but so many people sell candles and tarts already on there, love that bib (someday when I am a grammy I will buy some of those:)

  2. Love those penny rugs Gina! You are doing a great job with them! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

  3. Gina... Congrats! What a great feeling with that first sale!
    And I know those penny rugs aren't gonna last long... they're awesome!
    Hugs, kimberly

  4. love those penny rugs.. although are they really rugs or just really cute table runners??? thats what I'm calling em.. and congrats on the sale... more to go for you!

  5. Your penny rugs are great Gina. Congratulations on your first Etsy sale. Pam xx

  6. Happy etsy sale to you and many many more. Your penny rugs are so nice. That bib is just dear. It looks so soft.

  7. Gina,
    Congrats on your first etsy sale!! I'm so happy for you!! And I can see why your towels are selling...they are just wonderful!! Way to go, girl!! Can you see me...I'm doing the happy dance for you!!! Love those penney rugs too!!

  8. Those are wonderful! Great job on the penny rugs and the bibs!!! And of course Congrats on your first Etsy sale!!! There will be many more - of this I am sure!!!


    Romeo and "her"

  9. congrats on the sale Gina.
    I love the penny rugs and am so envious that you can get them done so quick when I do them the old fashioned way. tons of work but it is relaxing.
    I would be very interested in know what to have for a 72 hour kit.
    food, water, propane cook stove I would bet. but what more would be useful.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  10. You're doing a great job on those penny rugs and congratulations for selling your first doll on ETSY. Wonderful start!

  11. Congratulations on the first sale, Gina! Sales are harder to come by these days with folks pinching pennies! Your penny rugs are adorable! I'm impressed! :)

    Have a great evening!


  12. So love your rugs...great news that you sold a doll. Thats wonderful...if I ever sell my house maybe I can buy something pretty from you.
    Thanks for the comment on my site. The picture of the woman is of the idiot Sally but having trouble finding the one I took of her. hahaha

  13. You're talented with a capital T Gina! I love owls on just about anything so those bibs are sweet.


  14. Gina! I LOVE the bib. It will be perfect and will fit in with the theme of little Finn's baby shower/family picnic in June. The theme is Finn's First Foods. THanks so much. Also, congrats on your sale and love those machine stitched rugs.