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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MoRe BiRthDay GifTs and Other GooDieS..

How was everyones weekend!!! ours was quiet..did our disaster thing on saturday..will blog about that with info soon..Sunday was church..had our neighbor over for dinner..No baby yet..;) Monday we did some stuff around the house that has long been needing to be done..we put the shutter doors in the guest bedroom..only took a year to get that done..longer actually..cleaned behind the fridge..(taking off the panel and cleaning)..the fridge has been acting thought a cleaning would far so good...been sewing and trying to finish up projects..gotta start writing them down so I don't friend Melissa from Church gave me this prairie hat that she made and wore in a church thing...This is how she gave it to will see the after down a few photos..I am so excited...
Yesterday in the mail I got my package of cookie cutters that I ordered...I need to make some salt dough cookies..I have so many ideas floating around and need to get them done..

Also yesterday my package from my good pal Cindy from Cynthia lee designs sent me a birthday package..and I love what she sent me...I am in love with this vintage trim..rocking horses and bears..I am thinking these will go on some bibs for sure..:)
and I love this trim as well..might be aprons or dolls..;)
She painted me this cute little gamboard..I love it..
and she made me this wonderful pin cushion in my favorite color..its on my sewing table..
she also gave me this it..very prim indeed!!:)
she alsom made me this spool with cloth measuring tape around it and added the charms..
and this cute little blue cup..and below you will see where I put everything.;)
Cindy mentioned it would look cute next to my pyrex and it does..;)
the spool is in my craft room on a shelf...
notice the top shelf I made the sheep candle mat and her items go so well with it..I love it..
with the door shut..;)
and here is my prairie bonnet all coffee stained and ironed with the little dress I made..this is hanging in my dining room..I love it there...kind of completes it..
Cindy thank you for making my birthday special as always...It didn't even matter that it was late..cause I knew it would be good..and it makes the holiday last a bit longer..not that I need to be reminded that I am getting older..but I sure do love getting goodies in the mail..speaking of which..I ordered a bunch of tops and they came today..and they are all so cute...Well tomorrow I am off to the doctors and getting my hair probably won't post till Thursday..did anyone watch the Series "LOST?" oh man we were fans but are a bit confused to the ending..any theorys? have a wonderful rest of your week...and as always thanks for stopping by and saying hi..:)


  1. Cute stuff you received! I got a bonnet and booties as a present from a woman in my ebay group to use for Miss "A" in her blessing that hubs is going to give her...when SHE arrives, sweets!!

  2. Gina,
    So glad that you liked your birthday goodies. Love the sheep grouping...and I just knew that the measuring cup would look great with your Pyrex!! Can't wait to see the trim on a baby bib...the bibs you make are so adorable!!
    Have a great week and I'll be emailing you soon with the stuff you need done.

  3. Your goodies are all wonderful and would look good in my house too...maybe someday :)
    You are right about getting goodies in the mail...I have a box that will be on the way soon and can't wait to see what all is in it..makes the sun come out on a cloudy day doesn't it :)

  4. Happy Birthday & enjoy all your prim goodies.

  5. Oh, Gina, I love the vintage white baby trims. So precious. And the little blue mug is amazing! Wish I had one just like it. *smile*

  6. Love that spool, very unique!
    And what you did with the dress and bonnet. So prim!

  7. What blessings that arrived. I am so in love at the vignettes you have made. Your talented like that also. ((hugs))

  8. You have some wonderful treasurers there. I love that spool idea. Cynthia is so creative. I may have to copy it.
    Enjoy your week.