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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's My PaRty AnD I'LL CrY iF I WaNt To....:)

Well I can't believe another birthday has arrived!!! but I am thankful and most grateful to be here!!! I have gotten so many well wishes this morning when I opened up my hotmail..Alot of you left them on facebook..I don't think I have ever had that many well wishes was a great way to start my day...:) Here are some cards some dear friends and family sent me..I got a really cute one from Debbie..( it has the cat on it)...and my little friend Samantha that I have known since she was 5 sent me one..she is now 25 in september and she remembers me every year!!! unlike my brothers who can't be bothered...she is a sweetheart..;) and I think wedding bells are in her very near future.,;)
I had to share 2 of my cards with you all as they are so funny and are both related..I think you will know by reading them..this came from my bestest pal in crime eva!!! my Kimmy as I call her..
This made me giggle..cause I have been complaining about these for;)
This one came from my MIL..along with a check for $47.00..she sends a check for how old we are every year..;)
I think if I were to have a cake in front of me...this would certainly happen...guess I will have to stay away from cakes
Onto the gifts...Kimmy and I went to Olive Garden yesterday for soup and salad..oh they are the is the only thing we eat there and those bread sticks..don't get me started..YUM!!!! is all I can say..
She embroidered these little tags on that stiff felt..I love them...and she gave me a little wooden bird that I think will be going in my bedroom and the little flower pin cushion is for my wrist..she sewed on the little black beads..I have needed one of these..and it is perfect..she also put on little sewing charms too..;)
she made me this message center out of a vintage tray and put magnets with little kittys, a beeskep and a chicken on it..I have it right in front of my computer and it already has notes on it.:o) I love it..;)
last but not least from Kimmy she made me this wonderful cat table runner from a kit that she purchased weeks is precut except for the outer borders...oh my gosh..she does such nice work..
and you all know where this will be going.:) I love the fun festive colors...We saw these at that wonderful quilt store last week and she had already purchased it way before this..she is making more for other friends for their birthdays...they are wonderul..and she said it only took about 2 hours..that is would have taken me a
We stopped by a local quilt store called the "Material Girls" and they had the cutest fabric ever!! spendy but that is how quilt fabric is..I love this baby one above..there will be some cute bibs made with this one...oh it is my favorite!!!
a fat quarter..
its a boy..this will be to finish my little sisters quilted hanger I plan on making her..I hopefully will have enough to make the next door neighbor something with it..:)
This one too will will be for the quilt..the one next to it..reminded me of civil war or in that I will use it for prairie dolls..
I love this flannel chicken fabric..possibly more bibs or burpcloths or dolls..;)
I just had to have this little chicken has the babies riding on the mama..they had an elephant, giraffe, owls, fish and this one just tickled gotta make some..
more cute fat quarters to make bibs from...
Then we headed to favorite store and my favorite people were working and took extra good care of me...I got so many discounts on what I purchased yesterday...was a great "pre-birthday" treat...This fabric is going to make some little girl aprons..I love the kid like drawings and the fun colors too..
more baby fabric..more bibs..blankets etc..
I truly love this fabric on to see the writings etc..I will make bibs with my embroiderys etc..I love this and the coordinating fabric that goes with it..;)
This lady bug fabric was on their clearance rack for $3.00 a yard...but I got a better deal *smirk*...took it all..would make some cute bibs or doll dresses..:)
last but not least..I picked up some more ribbon grosgrain for the ties on the wrap aprons I am going to make and more ribbon to wrap packages up etc..Today is turning out to be a gorgeous getting the chillians out for a romp with the birds and squirrels and then tonight Hubby and I are going to Silvercity as they always send you a coupon for your birthday and they have wonderful food..and then to DQ for a blizzard as I have another coupon to use...Gotta love coupons...;) I am going to go and sit down and watch some recorded shows I have been wanting to watch...and then head outside to sit and read in the sun...Take care and thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes you have sent so know how to make a girl happy..:)


  1. WOW...HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You sure received some awesome gifts and cards. Love those cards. I hope all your wishes come true and that you celebrate today and every day for many more years to come. Have a fantastic day!!! Hugs, Kady

  2. Have a wonderful day, Gina! It's so nice to be remembered, isn't it!

  3. what a DAY for YOU, HAPPY Happy Birthday! and you really RAKED in the goodies. Love the tray, love the fabric and Olive Garden, well what else could there be??? Good For You, ENJOY


    Love all the fabric you got, especially that brown and blue baby clothesline one.

    Enjoy your day and eat as much cake as you want, you don't gain weight on your birthday :)

  5. HAPPY Birthday, Gina!!!
    Hope you've had a fantastic day, so far and that all your b-day wishes come true ;)

  6. Happy Birfday!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA!!!!!!!!!! Wish I would have known ahead, I could have sent ya one of those funny boob cards too, LOL, and I can SOoooo relate ! It sounds like you have lots of fun things and DQ would be my favorite, Enjoy turning 25 girlfriend;)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and that the coming year is full of love, joy, and peace.


  9. Happy Birthday, Gina! Hope you have a great day! Kim

  10. One more thing, on a different topic...can I purchase two of those darling kitchen towels from you? The ones with the chicken/fence embroidery! If you invoice me through Paypal, I'll get you paid!

  11. Happy Birthday to YOU , Gina !

    and many more...

    where's the cake ! ? LOL

    I will bring the ice cream and coffee ! well, since I live so far away, maybe just the coffee. :o)


  12. Happy Birthday to You.
    Happy Birthday to You.
    Happy Birthday, Dear Gina.
    Happy Birthday to You.

    Goodies will be send out next week. I'll let you know when. Hope you had the best day ever!!

  13. Well, Happy Birthday, Gina! It looks like you had a good one! You got lots of wonderful items and had a great time fabric shopping. I love the chicken fabric, too! So simple and cute!


  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you GINA!! WOW, you sure received some wonderful gifts, funny cards, birthday wishes and what more could a girl ask for!!

    You sure had a ton to share today. You go girl.

    Happy Birthday Wishes to you and is sounds like you had a Fabulous Day!


  15. Bummer, I'm late to the party! Well happy belated birthday!!! Just found you and thought I'd check out your blog because it had the word "cat" in the title. I decided you had to be a great person....indeed I see you are!!!

    Interesting to note, I own a human and she will also be 47 on the 21st of this month!! And she LOVES fabric as well!!! How about that?!?!

    Again, happy belated birthday - sounds like it was a great one!!!

    Romeo and "her"

  16. What a perfectly wonderful pre-birthday celebration! Reading your blog makes me so HAPPY!
    love ya.

  17. Oh sorry I missed it yesterday, Gina! Hope you had a wonderful birthday though! Sounds like you had a good one with lots of friends thinking of you!

    Funny cards and love that fabric too!


  18. Happy Birthday Gina! It looks like your had a great day. I love the fabric you picked up.... especially the flannel with chickens.

    The table runner Kimmy made you is beautiful!


  19. Love the cards!! Why is it that as we get older there are so many jokes about our boobs??? Sad, but so true!

    Love all the fabric you got! Hope you had a nice dinner and yummy dessert!