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Friday, May 14, 2010

GaRdeNing, SwAPs, & MoRe BiRthDay GiFts..

HeY there everyone!!! TGIF..Hubby took yesterday off since he couldn't take my birthday off and we set out to do yard work...I know not much of a birthday..but this is what makes me happy..a tidy and presentable we loaded up our truck 3 times with a yard each of bark..and boy does the work move so much faster when there's two of us...we knocked out the entire yard in about 5 hours and thats going back to get each load of bark..I love when the yard is looks so much nicer and I love the color of the bark.. I still have alot of little baby maples to pull out...but it is getting less and less...The Rhodies are starting to bloom as well as the poppies and columbines..I love all the color...

Come June I am buying some hanging baskets for the front porch and planting more little plants in terracotta pots that hang off the arbor at the front gate...we have one more truck load of bark to get but that will wait till June and then the yard is done....
here is a view from my craftroom window of the veggie is coming along nicely and it got some bark as well..
I love this view of the garden..;)
My salmon colored poppy has one big bloom on it and about 10 just waiting to pop open..the foxglove are almost ready too..

we put cedar chips down in the "OK Kitty Koral" can see pody's glowing eyes..they are not sure about it yet..but it will keep them from dragging the entire yard back into the house each time..and they will smell good and keep the flea population down too.:)
Here are 2 squirrels chasing each other up the tree...(Podys entertainment)
you can see one sitting next to the fake squirrel getting some grubbins we put down for him..;)
The picnic table with the cushions out and ready for some outdoor dining or reading and relaxing..:)
more views of the front yard..
I have some work to do on this side...I am not liking this rock wall (the plants) they are too messy for going to rip this out in a couple of days..I want neat and tidy..the upper portion can be mish-mash but not this area..:)
I put Kimmys table runner on the kitchen looks so nice there..bright and cheery..:)you see Gracie in the window and Sunnys bum..;)
Here is where I put my blogging bud Kimberly's(my brown bag studio) table runner..its in my bedroom on an old trunk..the kids love to sit in the window and watch the world go by.:)
okay for the birthday portion of this good pal and friend Mindy came by last night with a boquet of flowers in hand..I love Gerbera Daisys they are my fav!! and I love the colors...pretty huh?
My little sister sent me this wonderful little greenhouse!! I love we can get our starts for next year out and we have a little greenhouse to do it in..I haven't set it up yet..but i can't wait to get it going.;)
She also sent me this..a cute wall hanging and below you will see it in my bathroom..and she gave me 2 different yummy tasting victoria secret lip gloss!! this is my favorite and it stays on and your lips look sexy and they taste good to..she got me banana and berry twist...just a nice hint of color..and she got me that big bag of almond joy can't ask for anything better then that..and she got me a pair of pink panties (not shown) a girl's gotta have some
it looks so good there..not sure if it will stay ..but for now I like it there..
My blogging friend Laurie and I did a swap..I am making her a baby bib and she made me this cute kitty Fiona!!! I am in love with this kitty...look at all the great detail..the stitches are puurffecct...she used wool and this kitty is so soft and you just want to hug it..:) I love the expression on the face...
love them pink flowers..;)

Now you know why I love the expression..she reminds me of my Sunny Bunny..she always poses like this and it just clicked yesterday as to why I loved that kitty and it had to come live with looks like our Sunny..;)
Here she is at home in my amoire keeping company with my other kittys..
She also sent me some wonderfully stained and decorated tags..
My other blogging pal Lisa( from the Davis dialogues) that lives about 45 minutes away had a burning question asking if we like hand made items or not!!! well you certainly know I do and I love giving homemade/handmade items as well..well if you answered her question she sent you some great handmade tags and I got mine on wednesday..She decorated fronts and backs..I love me inspiration on how to do mine for gifts and for my dolls and aprons etc..:)
Well we are supposed to have a wonderful weekend..might do some sewing or just hang out in the yard..the lawn needs might tackle it tomorrow...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with what ever you are doing..Thanks to all of you for stopping by and all the birthday wishes and welcome to my newest followers too.;)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, that's how I'd love to spend mine, and your place looks GREAT! I just love it all!

  2. What a WONDERFUL tour!! so Beautiful... (its been a beautiful week, hope you are outside today too!-- dam this working for a living thing) So glad you like the little tags.. You Deserve The BEST! thanks for mentioning them!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I really enjoyed touring your gardens, I could see myself sitting there enjoying a glass of ice tea. ;D

  4. Gina~ your gardens look picture-perfect! love the kitties, both real and *fake* ,LOL, and what lovely gifts you got:)

  5. Your yard looks beautiful! I'm so jealous. But you're right...suppose to be a beautiful weekend so I'm going to try to tackles some weeds and get some flowers planted. Happy belated birthday. Let me know what week you want to go. I can do Wednesdays and Thursdays. I'm ready! ~~Annie

  6. Gina,
    Love that kitty...and it sure does look like Sunny Bunny!!
    Your yard and gardens are so pretty!! I need you to come help me with mine...they are not looking so good right now.

  7. okay, you got me with the OK Kitty Korral. That is so cool! I'm gonna run that one by hubby.
    Your garden looks oh so wonderful and relaxing. I wish I had a green thumb and some good dirt;(
    I love all your gifts, especially the kitty that looks like Sunny. How cute:) Now you need to take some time and relax in your beautiful garden.

  8. Ohhhh I know you heard me squealing just now!! The mailman came!!!!!! lol But first Happy Belated Birthday to you sweetie!!! Sounds like it was a fantastic one and doing yard work would make me happy too! I love seeing you beauiful yard ohhh it is just so 'come on in and stay awhile' kind of it!!!

    Ok now about that 'squeal'...ohhhhhhh!!!!! I squealed...I laughed...and I cried! Gina I can't believe the treasures you sent me...oh my word girl....I grabbed the dishtowel first (sorry the card had to wait second place!!! lol)I LOVED IT!!!!! The color...the little sheep and the saying...perfect and so me! Ok then I read the sweet card..grinning so hard my cheeks were hurting...then gently I opened the picture of the chickens...ohhhhh double squeal and a little dancing(you can put on a red hat and call yourself Santa at this moment!) Then...I untied the pretty red ribbon and unfolded the paper and low and of my favorite sentimental apron...I let out a deep sigh at that moment..picked it up and held it to my heart and whispered 'bless you girl'...then I held it out to look at all the detail work you had done one it..ohhhhh pretty and the chickens are the cutest...then I saw the 'P' on the pocket...tears in my eyes and even now just typing that I'm crying again...alot of people know me as Picket but when the write or send something they will call me Dot...but I have always loved to be called Picket ever since RMS is a symbol of a journey I started with the blog...a journey where I wanted to share my life and always try to be a light and encourager to others...lately I seem to have no time for the blog and have often thought of shutting it down thinking that 'Picket' may seem to be fading away but when I saw that 'P' on the apron something touched my spirit so deep and so will never know how you have blessed me....I thank you from the bottom of my heart sweet friend...I pray God send you a double portion of the blessings that you have sent to me....I love my treasures Gina!!!! ~Picket~

  9. Wow! What a beautiful yard - I could spend hours visiting with you, Gina and my friends with fur!! Of course I would have to take a few naps - one on the picnic table....yes, the table, could you make a cushion for that too? Us furry ones would LOVE that!

    Also wanted to tell you that it appears you had some wonderful birthday presents...and having someone to help with the yard work, well that's a pretty special gift indeed!

    Well I must run, napland is calling me. Have a great weekend!

    Romeo and "her"

  10. I'm so glad you had a good birthday. Your gardens ar wonderful! I also love that view looking over the white pickert fence with the little red building in the background. You outghta frame that and hang it somewhere. It shows that you put a lot of work and time and love into your gardens. Oh, and that view from your crafting room is to die for!

  11. Also meant to say how much I like that little kitty face. What a darling expression. Love the kitty from Cat Haven Crafts. Her work is just perfect.