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Saturday, May 15, 2010

GiFt For A FriEnD...

I made this about a couple of weeks ago and waited to post this so that I didn't ruin the surprise..I made this for a great gal whose blog I love to visit when she posts...This was for Dot of "Picket's Place"..she goes by picket..hence the "P" on the pocket..She loves chickens and little bits of I just had to make this up for her...
I love the lettering on the pockets...and love the black rick rack...
I also sent her a chicken picture (not shown) and this little embroidered towel as well..She just got her package today in the mail and I received the nicest letter from her that literally brought tears to my eyes..It really touched my is what she wrote:
Ohhhh I know you heard me squealing just now!! The mailman came!!!!!! lol But first Happy Belated Birthday to you sweetie!!! Sounds like it was a fantastic one and doing yard work would make me happy too! I love seeing you beauiful yard ohhh it is just so 'come on in and stay awhile' kind of it!!!

Ok now about that 'squeal'...ohhhhhhh!!!!! I squealed...I laughed...and I cried! Gina I can't believe the treasures you sent me...oh my word girl....I grabbed the dishtowel first (sorry the card had to wait second place!!! lol)I LOVED IT!!!!! The color...the little sheep and the saying...perfect and so me! Ok then I read the sweet card..grinning so hard my cheeks were hurting...then gently I opened the picture of the chickens...ohhhhh double squeal and a little dancing(you can put on a red hat and call yourself Santa at this moment!) Then...I untied the pretty red ribbon and unfolded the paper and low and of my favorite sentimental apron...I let out a deep sigh at that moment..picked it up and held it to my heart and whispered 'bless you girl'...then I held it out to look at all the detail work you had done one it..ohhhhh pretty and the chickens are the cutest...then I saw the 'P' on the pocket...tears in my eyes and even now just typing that I'm crying again...alot of people know me as Picket but when the write or send something they will call me Dot...but I have always loved to be called Picket ever since RMS is a symbol of a journey I started with the blog...a journey where I wanted to share my life and always try to be a light and encourager to others...lately I seem to have no time for the blog and have often thought of shutting it down thinking that 'Picket' may seem to be fading away but when I saw that 'P' on the apron something touched my spirit so deep and so will never know how you have blessed me....I thank you from the bottom of my heart sweet friend...I pray God send you a double portion of the blessings that you have sent to me....I love my treasures Gina!!!! ~Picket~
Picket you are most welcome!!! I loved making it for you and I so enjoy coming to your blog and reading about you and life in "Picketville"..
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so is glorious here once again..the kids are out in the "koral" enjoying the squirrel show..I am going to sew for a bit and get some projects out to folks...Take care and have a wonderful weekend.;)


  1. THAT is adorable, honey. I love chickens on aprons.

  2. That was so very nice of you! It came out BEAUTIFUL! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing the pic and her response...

    Have a wonderul night!

  3. What a sweet surprise for your friend, I know she is so happy!!! Wow, you are talented!!!!

  4. ADORABLE! Gina, I love it. Too cute and you might be hearing from me soon.
    Have a wonderful week. Loving this weather.

  5. Gina,
    I love Picket's apron and I love mine too!! Forgot to tell you that everyone at the mother-daughter dinner loved the apron you made also!! I think several of them would of taken it home, it I hadn't been wearing it!!

  6. Oh Gina, that apron is adorable and you are a fantastic friend to make it for Picket. You do lots of nice things for lots of people. Every time we use those cup wraps or spray divine coconut room spray I think of you. Picket's response was so cute. You definitely made a big hit. Thank you for being such a kind and generous friend to so many of us.

  7. OMGosh! I'd like to do my entire kitchen around THAT apron! LOVE IT!

  8. Gina, you are a artist with fabric! I love the apron, the colors and the style! What pattern do you use? I also love the tea towel too, so cute!