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Monday, May 10, 2010

600th PosT

Well this morning was a bit of a rainy one after having a glorious weekend of sun!! we had our new neighbors over for dinner yesterday and we sat outside and ate at the picnic table..we had a wonderful time and then we all went inside and played UNO and PHASE was a great day even though I had to cook..Mike did do the ribs though and fixed me a nice breakfast we had a little visitor stop i put out some pine nuts and pistacios for our little friend..and you can see Pody was in heaven...he's sitting on the picnic table..

Oh he is adorable..he brought by a friend a bit later...we love feeding them and Pody gets a it is a win win for everybody...
On Saturday we had a breakfast thing at hubbys I made bilini's..buckwheat pancakes, with egg salad and smoked salmon and cavier on top..they were a hit and the leftovers came home and went to our neighbors...;) it was great to get out and mingle with the folks that live where my hubby was a beautiful sunny day as well.:)
I made this pillow for a gal at church 2 weeks ago and forgot to post it..
I love adding little tags on to my items...
Here are some stamps that I recently purchased on line..a baby one and a behive and watermelon slice..
and this is my fav!!!! I will use this when I make my aprons and baked goods..these will so cute also on recipe cards..Well my best friend is taking me out a day early for my birthday..we are going to Olive Garden for lunch and shopping at Joanns...and this is my 600th post!! I can't believe it...time sure flies when you are having fun!!!..I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day..I didn't get to see mine as she lives in Utah..but I did send her an orchid plant and I called her on Saturday..:) Take care and I will post again on Wednesday for my birthday and hopefully some treasures that I might pick up tomorrow..;)


  1. WOW, 600 posts?! That's awesome! I love your new stamps, so cute and I like your lil' visitor, free entertainment for your kitties, LOL!

  2. Gina,
    Congrats on your 600 posts!! Have fun with your best friend on your day out!!
    I'm still working on your birthday goodies. My FIL came home from the hospital I hope to get back to crafting.

  3. 600 wow and congratulations. You are pretty amazing what with all you do, and I should say ALL YOU GET DONE!!! Happy Birthday too, (early)!

  4. Sounds like a fun day with your best friend...I used to do things like that with my best friend when I lived up North but I have not made any friends in the year I have been in I make my DH take me where I want to go and is always a 180 mile trip round trip..another trip is coming up in about a week.
    600 posts I love to go blogging at night and see what everyone has been up to :)

  5. A big CONGRATS on the 600th Gina, wow that's alot of posts! Happy BD to you too!

  6. I love the squirrel & cat photos! How fun! You are great mom to your animals. I am saving my JoAnn's coupons for you!

  7. I enjoy feeding the wildlife too! I love the kitchen logic goodies! Congrats on 600 posts!

  8. First I want to say 'Congratulations!' on 600 post! I love the pictures of the squirrel too. We have a squirrel friend 'Gary' that we all love to sit and watch through the window here. Keeps the cats especially entertained too.

    Have a wonderful time at Olive Garden and hope you find some goodies shopping.

    Take care and an early 'Happy Birthday' wish to you!


  9. Phase 10! One of my favorites! What a cute little squirrel! Looks like kitty was enjoying the visit!

    Have a great day!

  10. Looks like its rainy out in WA too! Its been very wet and rainy here in IA but no tornados! Love seeing your kitty and the visitor, too! Very adorble pillow but I really love the "grateful for you" tag!

  11. That's so great 600 posts! Congrats and what a blessing your thoughts are.
    Keep going. Don't stop at 600

  12. Wow! 600th post! That is amazing! I love the pictures of your little squirrels! Our Peyton would have a time watching squirrels. He would probably bark his head off! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!