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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What A BuSy WeEk...

Well this week has flown right by for me this week..and I am still trying to catch up..Feeling much better cold wise although it is still hanging on a tad, I am sleeping better at night that is always a good thing..cause I am at that age where I need all the beauty rest I can the tulips are finally opening up and there are other little flowers peeking their heads is always nice to walk around the yard and see what is coming up...its like getting a surprise present...I always forget what is planted so this is such a nice surprise..Well Kimmy and I finally got out on tuesday we just hit joanns and did lunch at olive garden..they have the best soup and salad there oh and don't forget those breadsticks..:)
I picked up more fabric to make baby bibs with...yellow, sage and blue..and more of that black and white fabric that I will use tan rit dye and make a table cloth with it..
here is the sage bib material..this might be a baby quilt for my nephew..I also picked up the binding for the bibs and yellow terry cloth fabric for the backs of the bibs and burp cloths too..
I got some cute little buttons to sew on the ends of the bibs to hid the velcro stitching...and Kimmy gave me another bib will be making some different ones to add..
I picked up some stamping stuff and a cute little birds nest, and eggs and some little cupcake cups so I can make those little baby muffins again and some cellophane bags to put my little pillow tucks or salt dough ornaments in..
cute little cup cake cups..
I picked up this broken terra cotta pot..(I wanted it broken so it looked older) you will see why shortly..they gave me a discount on that was nice..
floral foam and sheet moss...
I got the big box of cookie cutters..there are 101 of them in this was too good a deal to pass up...I used my 50% coupon and got them all for 7.50...not bad..
Here is what you get...I can make salt dough ornaments till the cows come home..for every season..
I went to walmart on my way home and picked up this "fresh cotton" smells like fresh laundry...I love it..
I had to have this cute little picket fence basket.(it was 1/2 off) will see shortly..:)
I did some tweaking as well..I moved the flour sack towels that the bowls are sitting on and put that tapestry placemat on the door instead as I love that pattern and you couldn't see it cause the yellow bowls were hiding it..
I also changed my big dough/stove cover from this side....
to this side...I like it much better here now...amazing what just a little tweaking does and its a whole new look..
Remember this cute little basket that I blogged about a couple of days ago..well I gave Kimmy some of the ornaments and with all the stuff I purchased....see below..

This is what I ended up doing with it all..I added the floral foam, sheet moss, terra cotta pot, birds nest and all the other stuff to make this arrangement instead..I love how it looks now..Well I was in cleaning mode cause we are refinancing at a better rate and we had a home inspection and I wanted the house to be in tip top I cleaned, dusted and mopped..I went to the hairdressers yesterday...getting very frustrated cause I am there for 5 hours again...might have to try some place else next time....will let you know when I actually style it myself and see if I like it or not...I am making chili in the crock pot for dinner along with cornbread tonight..tomorrow is our church ladies luncheon and I was supposed to make I am off of here to try to get some things made..have a great rest of your thursday and an even better friday.:) thanks for stopping by and welcome to my newest followers..:)


  1. What an adorable arrangement and you got some great stuff at Jo-ann's ,I love all those cutters:)

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with the broken pot, honey. I'm off to get some bottoms for my pots tonight at WM.

  3. I love all the tweeking you did. It feels so good doesn't it? I'm SO in love with the vignette you made on your table and what you did with what you showed us..WOW..I had to click on the picture to have a closer look. Just beautiful. Isn't it amazing how moving one thing to another side can just make such an impact. Not like it didn't look good where it was,,but now..I don't know, bringing in the Spring in that area is what came to my mind...

  4. Wow! When you shop! I love everything you picked up. I bet the bibs will be really cute when you are finished with them.

    I love the picket fence box! I have one similar that I use to store magazines in. I love what you did with yours.

    I am glad that you are feeling better! I hope you have a wonderful Friday!


  5. I love the arrangement with the picket fence! Very nice. And five hours at a hair dressers? Did you get highlights or something? Hope you enjoyed your time with the ladies at church.

  6. Whew girl! You've been a busy bee. Love your finds and can't wait to see what you're gonna do with that broken pot.

  7. wow, wish I were shopping with ya, can't wait to see the bibs... I'm making burp cloths too! (brand new grandbaby and all) So glad you're feeling better! now if only this weather would get back to Spring! just a little bit warmer please!

  8. Hi Gina,
    Can I come to your house to play! I love all your new stuff!! I like the yellow/mustard fabric for the baby bib for Finn!

  9. Gina,
    You got some great things at JoAnn's!! Great cookie cutters!! I love the picket fence box and how you decorated it. Looks awesome on your table!! Isn't making baby stuff just the "funnest" thing to do!!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Holy smokes!! I bet you could fill up the back of a pickup when you go shopping!! Wow, you got all kinds of goodies on that shopping spree.
    Just wanted to pop in to say howdy. :> )

  11. Just popping by on this fine sunny Saturday to say hello. Glad you're feeling better chicka.

    Ali x

  12. Happy Saturday girlfriend!! Hope it's great!! :O)