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Saturday, April 10, 2010

OuR LunCheOn...and SaTurDay FuNNy..;)

Hey there Everyone!! just a quick hi and hello to you all..yesterdays luncheon was so much fun..I love getting together once a month with these gals from church..we always have a great time..and the food is always TASTY!!!.we had lasagne, green salad, fresh fruit, and cream puffs, and a great strawberry lemonade...and I made each gal a book mark for their scriptures or books...they turned out really cute...
and now I leave you with your saturday funny..;) the weather is holding out so the "chillians" are outside enjoying it...I am going to be working on my taxes get them out of my hair and sent off...hoping we don't have to pay too much..but so far we are paying..anyway..have a wonderful weekend..:)


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your luncheon. That is so nice to meet once a month. The bookmarks are so pretty. I am sure the gals loved them.

    Our Saturday is beautiful here the low 60's, what more could we ask for in April.

    That "funny", was pretty darn cute. Sounds like a typical guy thing. LOL

    Have a great day, Gina.

  2. luncheon with friends, chillians outside goood. Taxes... baaad. LOL
    Have a happy week Gina! Hugs~Carol

  3. Oh that cartoon did get a chuckle out of me,,LOL..

    I love those book marks. Beautiful job! Sounds like you ladies had such a blessed time.

  4. YEA! for a beautiful Saturday! your luncheon sounds like you had a blast!

  5. Gina,
    Love the bookmarks that you made for the ladies!! Adorable!!
    It was pretty here today too...around 65 degrees. We went to the home improvement store and did some price checking on some projects that we want to do this summer. And the project list just keeps growing!! LOL...

  6. That comic is too cute...and so are your bookmarks...I just love them!

    You are sooo talented!

  7. The weather is being fickle here too, though it was lovely yesterday. Never mind. I suppose Spring will get here eventually. I love the bookmarks!

    Ali x

  8. You did a fantastic job on the bookmarks! and I loved the cartoon. It looks like something my husband would do. *laughing*

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. Cute bookmarks. I love the funny!!!
    You will have to share the Lemonaid recipe with us all!
    Enjoy your day

  10. Ohhhhh....we have an apppintment tomorrow to get our taxes done. wHAT A good thing to be able to put behind us. sorry you have to may need to buy a farm! JK

  11. wasn't this weekend nice?
    I love my weekly meeting with my group from church. It is always good food and fun.
    Love the book marks Gina. I need to get me a embroidery machine one of these days. DD asked for one for her birthday. Fat chance. LOL
    Have a lovely week. Hope the sunshine holds out.

  12. Your luncheon sounds like fun and good eats. Our new church holds a ladies luncheon too, in fact, it's next Saturday. I haven't joined into too much there yet. Your post makes me think I should dive in and have some fun too.

  13. Love the cartoon! And I love all the cute things you make. Thanks for making the bibs for me. Kristi sent me a thankyou note and loves it, and I know the boy bib will be a huge hit next month when the baby is born.