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Monday, April 12, 2010

ReMemBerInG Our TrOoPs...

I got these graphics in an email and thought they were thought I would share these with you all..please remember our troops and their familys in your prayers for a safe return..;)

I hope you all have a great Monday...If the weather holds out we are planting the garden today..and some flowers that I purchased as well..time to get the little planters in action..My cold is starting its 3rd week today...feeling like its never going to go away...I don't recall them hanging on for this long..The baby bib I made for the gal at church loved it..hoping she will send me a photo of her in it so I can share that with you all..Have a great week..:)


  1. I loved all of the war images! I hope you get your garden and flowers planted today! I hope your cold goes away soon. Three weeks in way too long. Have a great Monday!


  2. Those are great Gina, and I hope your cold goes away, maybe some time out in the garden will do the trick:)

  3. I pray for them daily! Enjoy your day of gardening! :)

  4. You've captured my heart with this post, sugar! Thank YOU.....

  5. You are so right...we cannot forget about our brave soldiers fighting for us every day!

  6. These are amazing. May we never forget those who have paid and are paying a tremendous price for our freedom.

  7. Thanks for sharing! We should spend time everyday offering a prayer for our troops!

  8. These are great old poster Gina. Thanks to you and yours who gave so much for our country's freedom.

    Love the new look of your blog.