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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BiRtHdAy For A FriEnD..

Hello! and happy tuesday..thank you for all the kind comments on my bibs...I can't wait to make more especially the little girl kind so I can make more ruffles...Ruffles are so much fun...Okay my good pal Cindy had her birthday last week and she received her birthday gift from me just a tad late..only by 4 days..not bad for me..this is what I made her..a cute whimsical mary englebrit apron...
I embroidered cherries on the pocket..if you want to see just how cute it must stop by here to see Cindy modeling it for us..she looks sooooo cute in it..
I also sent her some cute prim salt dough ornaments and she has them set up so cute on her table...These are so much fun to make...I also did some tweeking yesterday..amazing how you can just put something out a bit different or change something around from one end of the room to another and it changes everything..I love it and will share photos tomorrow or thursday..I am off to get ready for my big shopping day with Kimmy.:)
have a wonderful Tuesday..


  1. How wonderful she is to have such an artsy and crafty friend like you.

  2. I saw Cindy modeling her apron this morning and yes, she is TOO cute in it:) Your ornies turned out awesome!!!

  3. Gina,
    Not sure how cute I am...but that apron sure is cute!! I just love it and the salt dough ornies. Thanks so much for the gifts and for making my birthday special.

  4. All are so sweet! You are just too talented!

  5. You are always so busy!! Love the apron and ornies you gave Cindy....very cute!!

  6. Ruffles are in now too, and that apron is soooooooo cute!

  7. Gina what can I say that I have not already said to you about your are just toooo creative. Love it.
    When are you doing a Blogazine story for me.

  8. What a darling apron! I just know she loved it to pieces. You're a good friend Gina. Love your salt dough ornies too.

  9. I saw Cindy's post on the wonderful gifts you made for her. You did a great job! She looked wonderful in her new apron. :)

    Take Care,

  10. What a sweet gift and it fits Cindy perfectly!!

  11. I love the color combinations of the apron you made Cindy. Those ruffles just set it off.

  12. thanks for stopping in an following my blog... and YOUR"S well its really chock full of great things!! I am going to look forward to what you make next!! love it all

  13. Enjoy your shopping! And that is a pretty apron. I'm sure your friend is going to enjoy it!

  14. I love, love, love the apron!! Very "happy"!! Good job Gina.