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Thursday, March 25, 2010

CoOkiEs and GreAT IdEaS...

Hello there!!! I made salt dough cookies yesterday for our church function this saturday..we are having a brunch and egg hunt and we are decorating the tables in a long row down the center of the tables with little cups filled with dirt and not sure what I said I would bake these salt dough cookies..I love how easy they were to do and painting them was equally as fun..
I made 2 batches and got 17 cookies in each one...I put them in a paint can that I need to paint and decorate up might do that today or tomorrow and take as well..
aren't they cute? I really had a ball making these and I dipped them in the wax when I was done..I had this cute little crockpot that is probably used for a one person soup sort of thing..and I put my wax in it and it dipped them puurrffeecctly..;)
I was reading "simple" magazine the other day and they had some great ideas to make your life I thought I would share those with you..the top one is a hanger that you untwist the top and insert the ribbons on it..
a little clear nail polish on the bottoms of your shave gels or shower gels that are in the shower and they get rusty..this will help prevent that..
a tea strainer as a sugar duster..I love this idea..
and my favorite..a mis matched pair of crocks turn/planter..I love this..they hung them with string and the holes are already line the toes with moss, then plant pansies, viola, or pincushion ivy and hang them from the heel strap..these would look so cute on any porch and a great conversation piece too..I have several that we don't/can't wear any more due to our poor feet and they are in bright colors..a nice touch of color and whimsy..:) well it is a dreary day today after yesterdays gorgeous day of 65 and sun..I sat outside while the cookies baked and read my home tour addition of country felt soooo good..we have the garden all tilled and prepared to plant..hubby found a bunch of potatoes from last years garden and got those we need to do the rest come pay day...well I am off to sew and get my little sisters stuff done and the other projects/surprises I have promised folks out there..(you know who you are)..sorry they have been sooo late..but I promise they will be worth it..have a great rest of your thursday..:)


  1. Gina~ I want to come eat up those salt dough cookies!!!! Those are adorable and I love the crock planters, who knew?!

  2. The salt dough cookies turned out great & what a cute idea for center pieces!
    Thanks for the wonderful tips...I really like the crock idea!

  3. Those cookies are adorable! What a great idea for the crocks. I have one that my previous foster dog chewed the back out of, that would be perfect for a planter.

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  5. Gina you are just the best at being creative. Love the way you did these cookies...they are so cute.
    Thanks for the tips...I can use all the help I can get...
    All I did today was mowed and

  6. My favorite pair of tennis shoes has more holes that those crocs I think. Might be time to repurpose them into a planter, as well.
    Nice post.

  7. Wow Gina the salt dough cookies are adorable ! I'm gonna try my hand at salt dough someday...much cheaper than polymer clay ! And love the tips you shared. Great use for old crocs.Your church does some of the neatest things too. The tables are gonna look awesome. Take some pics to share with us =0)
    Hope your week has been awesome !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  8. Gina I love how your salt dough ornaments came out....I am so hooked on making them.The dough is so easy to work with!

  9. Gina -
    I love that you are doing such an awesome job helping my mom with activities committee. I do! I just love the extra flair you bring to the idea table and the fact that you are such a great lady/friend to my mom that I know she's getting the help she needs. No wonder you are one of my most favorite ladies!

    PS: that crocks idea.... BRILLIANT!

  10. Gina,
    Love your salt dough cookies!! They are just adorable!! I have a book on making them and after seeing everyone's here in blogland...I think that I should dig my book out and make some.
    What wonderful tips...thanks for sharing them.

  11. Your cookies came out wonderfully! Look good enough to eat.

  12. What great ideas, thanks for sharing! I've got to play with salt dough one day soon!

  13. Gina, the salt dough turned out great! I love how the arrangements turned out! Thank you too for sharing those tips. I showed my DH the crocks and he just shook his head.... he hates them but I love them! lol

    Enjoy your Friday!

  14. I love the cookies! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  15. Gina, your cookies are wonderful! I like them on the sticks for pokes. Cute idea! They are very springy! Great tips. The crock planters are cute!


  16. Love the salt dough cookies! I never thought of dipping them in wax.....I've always used a spray sealer. I have several Christmas ornaments that my younger sisters and I made in 1983. They still look great after being on the Christmas tree every year. I love the croc planters. I wanted to make planters out of hubby's old boots...but he threw them away before I had a chance to hide them for future use.