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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WhAt Do YoU Do WheN tHe PoWeR GoEs OuT...

Why you Decorate of course!!! I went down stairs this morning to take some photos of the things I finished making today and to make breakfast and noticed the power had gone off..didn't hear anything..thought one of my bulbs had burned out..then noticed nothing was on..its been off for 3 hours and we just got it back on..I am seeing a pattern with Tuesdays lately..apparently they don't want us to finish "Lost"..we have missed 2 episodes and thought we would miss 3 today..but thankfully we got our power back I decided since there was no power I would get out my Easter Decorations and put them up..I don't have many..but just enough to call it Easter..My little sister made this little sign for me years ago..out of sticks from her yard and she glued them together to make a little fence. a little store bought bunny that I dressed up and here it sits on my front porch to greet the passerbys..Speaking of Sisters..My little sister gave birth to my little nephew on Friday at 4:45pm..he weighed 7.7 lbs..she didn't tell me how long he was..and or his name..she was thinking Jack we shall see..tried calling her today..but she is probably adjusting to home life now with the new baby and her other 2 little stinkers..She did say she had an easy birth though..3 pushes within 2 minutes and out he came..I can't wait to see photos of now I will be working on making her baby items to get them out the door..
front porch.
here is my dining table set up for Easter..I got the table cloth in italy 10 years ago..and I threw down a piece of Easter cloth to add more color...
I removed the candles that sat in this oblong wooden tray and added easter grass and my glass eggs that I got while living in Italy..I also added Carmen Salt dough cookies to it..they look so good little wooden bunny in a carrot race car, I picked that up years ago at a local craft/gift store. In the Center is a little pillow I made yesterday that says: Spring Greetings"..
Here is a little Attic baby bunny that I have had for years and years..the cats started tearing the little paper bag with the carrots in it..luckily its on the back and you can't see the damage..
another item that I purchased at the gift store..a chick with a bunny riding him...I made the little chocolate bunny..he sits with a bunch of prim eggs and fabric grass..
I made the little bunny head out of chenille a while back and the bunny is from a gal that I used to do home shows with..I have lots of her Santa dolls..the little chick is one of those that chirps like a baby bird..doesn't even faze the kittys in the slightest..;)
here are two bunnys that my friend Kimmy made me years ago..
they are a cute pair aren't they..:)
A store bought bunny with a little chick I made years a cute little pink pull cart on the wood stove..
I made this hat about 4 years ago when I was working at was a spring theme and I made a hat with a few of my favorite things... and what spring you have flowers, the easter bunny..bees, little blue robins eggs in a nest.

gardening tools and water bucket...
and the shoes I got at the TS as they were the shoes my mom would buy us every year to go along with the new easter dresses she would sew for us to wear on Easter to church..I loved wearing my new dress and shoes and always felt so pretty..
Here is a view from our living room Tulips are just about to bloom..
I put these in a pot to replant them and never got around to I love them in this pot and moved it to the picnic can see my laundry hanging in the background..first batch of the season to go on the line..I tell you I love my brings such a nostalgia feeling to me..I loved running through my moms and the neighbors clean damp always smelled so good and felt good too..I know they hated us running through it for fear we would dirty it up again..We have had such nice weather..the first day of spring was gorgeous for my stampin up party..I am making out like a bandit too..we went for a nice walk yesterday with Tucker..and hoping that when Mike comes home each evening with it staying lighter longer for an evening walk..goodness knows we could both use it and its a great way to catch up our day..:)
Okay this is what I did yesterday...I made a cute "spring Greetintgs" towel and added Pink rick-rack to the bottom..I stitched this on using the blanket stitch on my machine..
here it is on the stove.
I made a bunch of little pillow tucks for spring/easter..

Here they are all wrapped up. I will be putting these along with a bottle of Coconut scented room spray on my Humble if you are interested just let me know..I put them in little cellophane bags with brown crinkle paper in the bottoms and tied them with a green pollk-a-dot ribbon on two of them and a blue ribbon on the other..I removed the tag from the towel and attached it to the bag..
Sorry for such a long post.. I hope you all have a wonderful day..I am taking the kids out to play and maybe read my Home tour edition of Country sampler and enjoy some sun...have a great tuesday..:>)


  1. All of your Easter decorations look wonderful! You did a really nice job displaying them. Congratulations on your new nephew. He sounds like a very special little guy! I hope you get some pictures soon. I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday! ~Dan~

  2. Love all your Easter decorations! Everything looks great! I thought I was already following your blog, but I guess I wasn't ~ DUH!! Well, I definitely fixed that little oversight!! Thank you so much for all the wonderfully nice comments you leave me on my blog ~ they are much appreciated!

    Congrats on your new nephew! I love babies ~ until they grow into teenagers! LOL!

    Have a blessed week!

  3. Congratulations on the new newphew, honey! I can't wait till our great granddaughter is born.

    That little fence is adorable. Your sis must love you a LOT....


  4. I love your house Gina and love seeing it done up for the different seasons:) Love all the bunnies and that chocolate one looks good enough to eat:D

  5. OOpsie...CONGRATS on your new nephew too!!!!

  6. Hi Gina,
    Wow...where do I start? I love all your Easter decorations. Love, love, love all the pillow tucks!! The fence your sister made is adorable!! And so many cute bunnies!! What a wonderful the rick-rack on it!!
    Everything looks great!!
    Congrats to your sister on her little bundle of joy!!

  7. Everything looks so pretty, I love those little pillows, so cute!

  8. I love all your Easter decorations.... especially the 'chocolate' bunny and the pair your friend Kimmy made you. They are so unique!

    Congratulations on the new nephew!


  9. Gina,

    I'd say you have quite a few Easter decorations! Everything looks great! I especially love the little Easter shoes with the prim tag....such a great idea and so so cute!

    I'd also say you make the most of a day when the electricity goes out! We have days like that around here too, but usually for not very long, thank goodness!

    Love your pillow tucks...that honey one is just very favorite!

    Congratulations on your little nephew!

    I also wanted to thank you for all your visits to my blog and your very sweet comments....I always look forward to them!

    Have a great day, Gina!