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Friday, March 26, 2010

It'S BeEn A BuSy DaY...;)

Well it has been a busy but fun day today..I had to bake some muffins for our Church brunch tomorrow and decided to use my mini muffin pan and made 33 little muffins out of one box of blueberry muffin mix..I love how cute and little they are..
I then used the same muffin mix different box and made a blueberry loaf...I have this done before 11am as my 2 good pals from church were coming at 11am for a visit so we could brainstorm for the centerpieces at the brunch tomorrow..
Well Peg brought over these cute little cups some filled with moss and others with cat grass..and had some filled with little we put my salt dough ornaments in these..I will take better photos tomorrow..but I couldn't wait to show you the cups...I tied little ribbons to the sticks to look like leaves..:) very simple and really cute..
I had 2 paint cans that I purchased last year to use and when Peg saw them in the plain paint can she asked if I would get them done to put on the food this is what I did..I am pleased as punch with how they turned out..I put in a little t-light in with the cookies as well..
and while I was letting the paint dry on the can I finished the apron for my friends brother-in-law..I just had to do the pocket on it...I used my ruffle foot..I am in love with that worth the money...I added the little ruffle to the top of the pocket and embroidered the skull on it..he is going to love it..:)
I used the blanket stitch to go around the pocket...nice finish...Now I want to make more aprons and embroider stuff on I have some really cute prim designs that will look so cute with the aprons..:)
Peg brought me over a cute little carrot stuffed with Jelly beans in the inside..cute idea huh? you just sew a carrot shape leave the top open..cut around the edges with pinking shears and tie a green ribbon around the top...super easy..great little basket stuffers for easter.;)I made that cheesy potato soup that I got from some one in blog is tasty and easy to make..I also made a loaf of bread in the worthless bread maker that I have that is being returned..I have made 3 different things and the bread won't rise..used new yeast and it still doesn't work right so it is being returned tomorrow after the brunch..; I went to my stampin up club class tonight..and learned some fun techniques that I am itching to do on some doll tags..gotta get some of the stuff at joanns to save my I will definitely go that route..well it is 10:30pm..I am pooped but had a great was pretty so the kids got to go out and watch the squirrels feast and the birds flit about...tomorrow is supposed to be another gorgeous day 63 degrees..but rain on sunday...Have a wonderful weekend everyone..:)


  1. You have certainly had a very busy day...and productive too...hope you have a wonderful brunch tomorrow!

  2. I need to be that productive. Wow! I'm impressed.

  3. How cute, love those cookies in a can! I also love the ruffles & skull apron, lol, very clever idea:)

  4. Gina your cans are adorable! I am sure they will be a hit! What great centerpieces! Love your apron too. You have been busy!

  5. All your stuff is so cute, I love
    the cans and that carrot with
    the jelly beans is a neat idea!
    I know the kids are going to like
    it all!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Gina,
    I love those little muffins ~ I call them "2 biters". Love the all the centerpieces ~ very cute & that apron will be a big hit. Have a great weekend.

  7. Gina,
    Your cookies in the can are so cute!! Great idea to put the jelly beans in the fabric carrot. Cute youngest likes the skull stuff with flowers.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. A very productive day with lots of cute goodies! I just LOVE that apron!