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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ChRiStMaS In MaRch...

I am telling you it's beginning to look alot like christmas around here!!! I have received 2 wonderful packages from 2 wonderful blogging buddys..yesterday this package came from Kady over at Stoney Hill Cabin Chronicles.. and I couldn't have been more excited..she put in this wonderful cat sleeping card that is raised..what a beautiful card..
and she had everything all wrapped seperately..I tell you this box was never ending..she sent my kittys some catnip toys..I will be using these in their christmas stockings this christmas..they will love them..:) Thank you for thinking of my "kids"....
She also sent me some cute little felt easter eggs..and one with a kitty..;)
and these two adorable stuffed animals..)again out of wool like material..I love these..
A box of 3 different style cat cards..I love the vibrant colors of these cards..:)
Okay so this is where I put everything..:) Kitty found a spot where our Gracie loves to the new old amoire...she is like a princess and the is a nice quiet spot to cat nap..
my 3 little eggs with my other easter decor..they look nice in the yelloware longaberger bowls..
and last but not least..bunny is there too with the other bunnys...Thank you so much Kady you totally made my day yesterday..I think I am coming down with a sinus cold..oh this was a nice surprise...Well we lost power again last night for about 10 minutes..we were just eating out came the candles..then it came back on..thank goodness..we have lost power one day every week for 3 weeks so far..not sure whats up..but it is getting rather is actually turning out to be decent compared to what they said on the weather..but we do have some more rain in our staying home and trying to get rid of this cold..gotta get my little sisters baby gifts done..then move onto the surprises I have promise 4 of you..I hope your tuesday is a good one.:>) take care.:)


  1. Those eggs are precious, chickee.... Ooooohmy, I think they are just the "cat's meow"!!!

  2. It looks like you love cats at your house!!! You sure
    got some great goodies, I really like those eggs...I hope you get to feeling better, soon!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Love all your goodies! How sweet was that??!! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Hi Gina,
    Looks like you got some wonderful goodies!!
    I hope that you feel better real soon!!

  5. I love those felt Easter eggs!

  6. How fun! It all looks so you.

  7. Love your little gifts. I have a paperweight that looks alot lik the little cat in the card!

  8. It does seem like Christmas! :) I love the felt eggs, and I noticed that 'chocolate' bunny again! lol

    Hope your feeling better soon. My dad is fighting a sinus infection this week too and I know how miserable you must feel.

    Take Care,

  9. Hey Miss Gina, lovin everything you received !!! I just received a catnip plant last week. I will have to send you some :) Thank you so much for sending Tammy my way too !!!
    Hugs, Ang

  10. Wow! You have gotten a lot of great stuff lately! You are one lucky lady! I hope you are having a wonderful evening!


  11. I would go crazy losing power like that! Love the items you received. Very nice! Hope you're doing well and your sinus' are feeling better!

  12. Wow...these easter eggs looks awesome. I have never seen anything like it. Where can I buy this and at what cost ?

  13. Oh Gina I'm so happy you liked your little gifties. The cats will enjoy their catnip, I can guarantee it. Mine nearly mauled me while I was making them for YOUR kitties. It's not as if I don't make them for my guys. The slobber all over them then want more. If I had visited here sooner I would have known your box arrived. Shame on me big time. I'll not be such a stranger in the future. Enjoy....