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Monday, March 29, 2010

ChEaP EnTerTaiNmeNt FoR the KiTTys..

Saturday was I put 2 of the kittys out in the "okay Kitty Koral" as they tend to be the ones to disappear and loaded up the squirrel/bird feeders and wait for a show..Well I peaked out to make sure they are okay out there and this is what I saw..Gracie sitting patiently looking at 2 squirrels eating..
and if you look in the kennel you see Pody Lynn right in the corner watching ever so intently..;)
can you see the squirrels?
here is one that was in the tree and wanted to see what his/her counterparts were up too and he didn't see Gracie and it scared her and it self and the 2 others and they went scrambling...This is the cheapest entertainment for the we always try to keep the food bowls full...
Well the post girl came again today..I swear it is better then christmas around here..I got a very sweet package from Kady..I will share that with you all tomorrow..I hope you have/had a wonderful day..we had a bit of rain and it is cold..we have had the woodstove going most of the day today..haven't had it going for most of March..only at night and here and there..hoping the weather gets tulips are finally! starting to open up..can't wait to see them bloom..lots of primroses and the grape hiacynth are blooming right now...oh and the boys and girls plants not sure what they are called but there is pink and blue blooms on one plant..they grow like crazy here...whats blooming in your area?


  1. Funny, my kitties would love a "kitty corral". They love to chatter at the birds and squirrels.

  2. Fun story! One of my cats decided to catch a squirrel and bring it inside....we went crazy trying to free the squirrel and my husband got it and put it in a tree outside. The next day it had died...:(

    One time my daughter and I wanted the cats to have fun outside so we hung up tons of ribbon and string from a tree, we called it "crazy string land". The cats loved it and still play in the wind with all the strings flying about.

  3. Hi Gina, Too cute! We have that same problem...squirrels teasing the cats! It's like they are saying "Catch me if you can or dare"! Thanks for sharing! Kim

  4. Frito is envious - he wants a Kitty Corral! He tells everyone that I'm just so unfair - "other cats" get to go outside and he's stuck in here watching all the activities from behind the glass. Squirrels do come up on the deck to "visit" him so his life isn't too bad - dont' feel too sorry for him! ~Ann

  5. Gina-- that is wonderful!!! One of our cats traveled the country with us and used to be allowed outside at our old house. He is not allowed out here.... but he sure wants to go chase those birds. I am so going to ask my husband for a kitty corral!!!

  6. Misty has one of those carpeted trees with a box on top. She loves to sit for hours and watch the birds in the trees and on the power lines. We recently had Misty in for a vet visit. We told the vet how some times we feel guilty for never letting Misty go outside. Too many dangers...animals and crazy people in our neighborhood. The vet told us that sitting in her box watching outside was like us sitting and watching TV. She said that she has 6 cats and they are never allowed outside either.