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Sunday, March 28, 2010

ArEn'T BloGGinG FoLkS ThE BesT...:)

Hey there!! Well after the church function yesterday I headed to Wally world to take back a bread machine that I purchased last year as it never worked would smell like it was burning and the bread never rose (yes, I made sure it has brand new yeast) and still nothing..tried 3 seperate occasions to get it right..(thats how often I make bread) I tried again on friday and still I had the receipt in hand and took it back..well I was definitely past the 90 days..but here is the kicker on this..They took it back and why, because when I originally purchased it they voided the transaction..but I didn't notice it till I got home..well when I went back out that way I stopped in and Paid for they were nice enough to give me my money back because of my it pays to be I had refund money in hand and I headed to get some supplys for my tag making etc..I picked up a tub of easter cookie cutters to make more salt dough cookies and I made another batch when I got home yesterday..I also picked up an battery operated pencil hand held always breaks my pencils and I was able to sharpen my pencils that I use on my dolls worked like a dream because there again the hand held always broke and I never got a sharp point..
I also picked up my envelopes as this is what I store my patterns in once I get them put on posterboard..
I picked up 2 squeeze bottles to put batter for cupcakes etc..glue pen, razor blade, extra sticky tape, and snail adhesive, and an apple scented wax tarts...gosh is smells good..
This is the big surprise I was waiting to tell you...I got a wonderfully large package in the mail yesterday from a fellow blogger named Karen of "the barely there primitive bear"
and I had sent her something a while back as she collects bears and it was up her alley..well my goodness I wasn't expecting a package of this size..but it sure did make me smile..
she sent me a wonderful card and this cute bird cage with you think she has me pegged?
and this wonderful painting of a kitty that she painted just for me!!! I love this and will cherish it always..I love it!!! you did a fantastic job even if you were about to pull your hair out..:)
some halloween fabric..I love halloween fabric and a blast from the past cross stitch magazine from that seems so long ag..;)
and I know where this will be going this christmas on my front porch..this is so me..the kitty all tangled in the ornaments..too cute..;)
a cute little note pad to jot notes on with..and I have a embroidery design with that saying on it..
Okay now you need to see where I put everything..I put in one of my crows in the cage...this is up stairs..
I put the kitty painting in my dining room...looks really good there and I see it when I head to the kitchen...Thank you again was so thoughtful of you to think of me...Blogging is the greatest..I have learned so many things and new crafts, great recipes etc...all because of blogging....
well I put my 2 "rusty pails" on the table and rearranged the cookies in the oval thing..
and this is what I did with one of my longaberger baskets..I put the floral foam and moss down and stuck in the pillow and more of the cookies plus the ones from Carmen and some that I made that I just sprinkled cinnamon and dipped in wax..and wrapped a red gingham ribbon around it..they sit on my counter in the kitchen..once easter is done they will go on the kitchen table..;) like a little spring bouquet to make me smile...I am hooked on these..I am going to look for some baby cookie cutters and make my little sister some for the babys room..:)
and this is where I put the cat grass cups and when I came downstairs this morning..there was dirt in the I know one of my little stinkers was having a snack..:) well we are getting our drizzle today..and it is just a cloudy dreary day..going to get a birthday surprise made for my friend Cindy her birthday is tomorrow and I want to get it off this week...have a wonderful rest of your sunday and thanks for always stopping by and leaving me comments..I love reading them...:) and welcome to my recent followers..don't be shy..leave me a comment..:)


  1. Hi Gina,
    I love the cat birdcage, so neat!!!

  2. What wonderful treasures you got! I love the bird cage with the kitties! Your basket with the ornies is awesome and SOooo spring like, I have a new idea for salt dough I'm wanting to do, maybe tomorrow I'll get it done ;)

  3. Hi Gina,
    Love the birdcage with the kitties!! It looks awesome with the blackbird in the cage!!
    And I just love your salt dough goodies and the little pillow that you put in your basket...too cute!!

  4. What a great box of surprises. I love the bird cage!!

  5. Wow, Gina, how sweet of Karen to send you all that great stuff! Aren't blogging friends the best ever??!!

  6. Yay! You got an etsy link up too... now we're in business, Sister!

  7. What a great box of goodies from Karen!!!!! That birdcage is a scream! Love your salt dough ornaments!

  8. Wow! You received a lot of great items! I love the picture of the cat. I really like how you displayed everything! I hope you have a great Monday!


  9. YES, bloggers are the best! Love all your goodies and those salt dough cookies are too cute!

  10. Good Morning! What a wonderful box of goodies from Karen. I too love the birdcage. :)

    I love your basket arrangements with the salt dough. I need to get busy and make another batch of dough.

    Take Care and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  11. What a wonderful treasure box of goodies! She sure does know you. LOL. I saw a birdcage lamp at Cracker Barrel restaurant yesterday and I could just see it filled with fabric KITTIES! Thought that would look so cute - but that thing was $50 and $50 would spay another I told my hubby I'd LOVE to have something like that for my birthday in a few months. We'll see if he took the hint.

  12. Hi Gina - just wanted to stop by and check on my Prim swap partner. I've already been busy gathering for our swap. TC, Rie