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Thursday, April 1, 2010

APriL FOoLs..and 200 FoLLoWerS...

Hey there Everyone!! I can't believe it..I now have 200 I guess I need to do a giveaway,...just gotta figure out what I want to give away...I am also at 568 posts now...I love the blogging world and all the many folks I have met along the way..I love all the inspiration and ideas, wonderful recipes I have tried and seeing your homes and seeing how much in common we have with one stay tuned for a giveaway.:)
Onto the "cold" front..I slept pretty good last night..but not without the help of nitequil..made a huge difference..I don't normally take that stuff but the night before was sleepless with coughing and trying to clear my throat..finally got some shut eye at around 4am..the cold is full blown today...Iam losing my voice...I have that Sexy Phlem like Phoebe on hopefully I will kick this by Easter or at least be feeling a whole lot better..okay on tuesday my stampin up stuff came and I wanted you all to see what I got..the above photo is what I ordered..and because I spent what I did I got a free stamp set...
and because of the size of the party..this is what I received for FREE!!! all of this..including the next pays to have a stampin up if you have someone in your a party..
I got $40.00 in free stuff plus a hostess stamp set for the size of the party and one because I had a party and the other freebie because it was sal-a-brations month...I think I did pretty I need to sit down with my goodies and make some tags for my dolls..I might even try making cards again..but lets not get ahead of ourselves here..;) Well I am going through my craft room again and getting rid of lots of stuff..If I haven't used it then I am going to sell it here on in my Etsy..Oh I am offically on Etsy finally and it was so side bar will take you to my sells there..I got my birthday gift that I made Cindy all done..but can't post it till she gets her package which hopefully she will get by saturday...I will post then...once I have heard from Cindy..;) I am going to start my little sisters baby bibs and burp cloths today...she is doing well along with Baby Jack...I have not seen photos of this little guy yet and I better soon...I know she has her hands full with 3 boys now..but I want to see a photo of my newest nephew..;) okay I hope you all have a wonderful thursday...
Oh I almost forgot...if you want to pull a fast one on your family or is a wonderful April fools joke that was pulled on me...
Take big cotton balls and dip them into chocolate and tell every one you made chocolate balls...the chocolate is fabulous..but you can chew through the cotton...
Let me know if you do this...:)


  1. I sure hope you get over the terrible cold by Easter:( Sounds like the party went well and you got some great stuff there!

  2. I am glad that you are starting to feel better! That is a great April Fool's Day joke! I hope you have a great Easter!


  3. Happy April Fools day, Gina!
    LOL @ the cotton ball candy...I'd try it...BUT...with the way I cook and bake...know NO ONE would think it was a JOKE!! :( LOL!
    Sure hope ya get to feeling better.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. That is a funny April Fool's joke but I'm like Kath, no one would try them:)
    You sure recieved alot of stuff for having you stamping party...good for you!


  5. Happy April Fool's Day , Gina..

    Wow.. lots of neat stuff from stampin up !

    Hope you feel better soon !


  6. Gina,
    You got some great things from Stamping Up!! I have a lot of their stamps, but it was many years ago that I got them.
    Congrats on 200 followers...I wish I knew how many I have, but with wordress you can't see how many people follow you. I only know how many hits my blog gets a day.
    I hope you feel better soon and I'll let you know when my package arrives...I'm so excited and can't wait to get it!!