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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey there and Happy Hump Day!!..I have been doing some tweaking today as well as yesterday...seems its a domino affect when you move something around..something else gets moved and so on..This little green table has had many different uses and has serve me well. I picked this little table up sometime in 1995 for $35.00 and I guess this is when I started getting into the primitive look..We took this little table with us to Italy and for a time it was an entry way table and then here above our little Kitchen table ..That is our baby Stanley there he is 9 years old this year and his big brother (late) boo bear or bearbum as we called him...they loved sitting here and reading with me on those days was my favorite place to be..just a cozy little will notice that is tile on the wall from floor to reminds me of hospital gowns..everything was tiled..

here is where it currently sat in the master bedroom..the decor changed all the time..and this was an old photo..
and here is where it sits today..I moved it to the front porch and put the flowers and thermos on there.I think it will stay put there until we either move or cover the back porch..I love it here though..
and here is what sits in its place..the big wicker chair that was on the other side of the room..I am trying to get Pody Lynn to use it as her see her blankie there..well old habits die hard and she wants it where it usually back on the floor it goes..:)
Here is what I did yesterday...I took out my quilts that were in an old trunk and set about putting this together..Mike still has to put the molding back on top..hopefully this weekend.:)
This is how it will remain as the one door impedes your way into the room..the piece of fabric that is draping the one door will eventually be the top curtains in the room.and as you can see the window mirror is shoved in the corner..I tried to use it in the inside as a window feature..but it was too big and didn't look all the stuff that was on the little table minus the suit cases is in here now..
here it is at night time..:)
I added the little quilt pillow to this this morning..
Here is where the old T.V. is the guest bedroom..this is hubbys military/guest room..

can you see the woodpecker..I just snapped this like 20 minutes ago..
there he is on top of an old dead tree..I have Pody Lynn outside enjoying the sunshine..they told us it was going to be rainy today..and it is just the opposite..around here the weather changes hourly..we got our rain yesterday...and it was cold..have a fire going most of the day....Well I am off to get some lunch since I missed breakfast..too busy decorating..and then get to some sewing so I have something for our March 1st Humble arts..Have a wonderful day..:)


  1. WOW!!! Everything looks so nice!!! I love your green grass too!! We still have 10" of snow and getting another storm tommorrow which could leave behing another foot!!!

  2. Your home looks so cosy. I love the kittys!


  3. I just got done painting the library and am tweaking too today!

  4. Your Boo looked like my Boo, oh
    how I miss her. I have something
    I am sending you, later this week,
    I hope! It made me think of you!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Hey Ms Gina....your tweakin' is lookin' good ! Wanna' come tweak mine for me ??? lol I love seein' your fur babies...they are sooo pea pickin' cuteeeee ! Hey have you used that gathering foot yet ? I almost went to Jos to get one. I dislike gathering by hand ! Anyway Hope ya had a happy hump day....
    Prim Hugggs n Blessins

  6. Hi Gina, How do I know if something is hot, you ask? Well, I start by taking note of what I keep seeing over and over again! As far as aprons go...I've started buying my fabrics at local quilt shoppes and started asking them what was hot and they've all said, "Aprons"! They said that they can barely keep their apron patterns in stock! All of my friends are making them and I see them everywhere I go in person and on the web!

    Where do you live in Washington? I think my daughter, a couple of friends and myself might be going to The Farm Chicks Antiques Show in Spokane, in June! If you live close by and are interested in meeting up with us let me know!

    Blessings, Kim Old Road Primitives

    PS: I love your new header photo!

  7. You've been quite busy, Gina! Everything does look great! I love how the quilts look stacked in the cabinet! Your home looks just that....homey and I like that!


  8. Everything looks GREAT and I love the table on your porch with the flowers, so welcoming and says "SPRING:)"

  9. Love that old table! Looks great! Love the quilts as well. Your house looks really nice! Enjoy the day!

  10. Just found your blog! Can't wait to start following. You have a fantastic way with the cottage look! Love your kitties, too.