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Thursday, February 25, 2010

SpRiNg cLeAnInG and KitTehS...

My friend came over yesterday to help me unload the butcher block stand that I got from my next door neighbor and I wanted to show her the armoire and how it looks and when I opened it up for her to see guess who was hiding in here in her own little private getaway..Gracie Macie..she scared us as we weren't expecting to find her there..
She does love a good place to snuggle...and read a good book..;)
Well yesterday and today I have been spring cleaning..inside and out..and Podylious loves to help and loves to get in baskets or boxes and so I had to get her photos..that basket is now under my desk and houses my patterns that I am currently working on or getting too soon...
I also straightened up my fabrics as they were needing will notice the blankie there..that is for Silly Millie to snooze on and not get my fabric all hairy...she loves it there..she is like the princess and the pea..
I moved out an old unit to the curb and will put a free sign on in place of it..I have my ribbons bin and other misc..I used to have the unit with a tv and a bunch of books, phone books and just it forced me to go through it and clean it rid of the phone books..i will go on line to look for something..I must have thrown out about 7..I didn't realize I had that many..and now I have my projects that I am working on and fabric here just opened up the space and I love it so much better..
my working surface is tidyed up too..this is my old pfaff machine that my mom gave me..i still use it when I am embroidering with the other machine..
and here is my new butcher block stand that I got for free...I love it...I straightened up this wall some too...I love being able to see things at a glance..I was so on a roll ( I am going to sound like Jim Carrey now from Mask) "Somebody Stop me.... I'mmmm smokinnnn....:) lol..I put Pody out for a bit today and decided to pick the stuff that is growing in our veggie garden and get it prepped for planting..hopefully in the near future..and I went next door and picked more of my neighbors weeds that propigate faster then bunnys..and you know what they say about all goes down hill and so do these since they are not going to get to it..I I feel much better..sad to say that renters will be moving in and they will never do the yard work...unless they are curtious and love doing yard work..anyway..I am going to start on some embroidering..its been to long and I have no excuse now.. I hope you all have a great rest of your day.:>)


  1. What a monkey that Gracie is hiding in there, LOL!!! Your craft room looks so neat and organized, I love it!!!

  2. They do love to hide in small spaces and cubbies. Always finding mine leaving more hair on new places;)


  3. If you're still smokin' and want to organize my basket room - Come on over! I love the basket you keep your patterns in - beautifully handmade. ~Ann

  4. Gina,
    Kitties sure do love to hide in places! We had a kitty that lived to be 15 years old and her favorite thing to do was hide in the closet. She also liked to take things of mine and hide them in there with her.
    I also have a basket that I keep patterns in that I working on or getting ready to work on. Great minds think alike!!

  5. Seeing that kitty in the basket reminded me of the pic I have of our Goliath we lost several years ago. He would sleep in my magazine basket. So cute.
    Your organizing looks good and will surely create an atmosphere for more crafting and creating.

  6. I would love to have a bright, airy craft area! Mine is currently in my basement! Maybe someday I'll have a window to look out of! :)