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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MoRe GoOdiEs ArriVed In ThE MaiL...

Hey there Everyone..I got a package in the mail yesterday from my wonderful yet to meet good friend Cindy from Cynthia lee designs and I am just giddy with delight..this girl knows me soooo well..I love her handmade goodies and knew I was in for a treat..heck getting these last two packages was like christmas..and I think better then christmas...See the kitty makedo on the first shelf on the left that is her own design and I Love!!! the stand it is on..looks great with all of my other kittys doesn't it..
Next I got this sweet Pillow that she digitized on her embroidery machine just for me..she added a little rusty star to the sign...So Cindy when are you going to start selling your designs..cause I want this is just wonderful..and it looks so good with my Kitty that Carmen just recently gave me..:)
oh and last but certainly not least she painted a wonderful kitty design on a rolling pin just for me..I sent her a bunch of rolling pins last fall (I think) and she sent one back with these kittys she painted..I love did an awesome job on it..and you know how I love my kittehs!!!..:)
She also sent this paint so I can texture my electric candles as they don't sell this at our Joanns any longer..and she got me the last jar of it..She also included a wonderful card that was the cherry on top..I have yet to meet Cindy..but feel like we have known each other for ever...This blogging thing has been so wonderful as I have met the neatest guys and gals and I love sharing with you all and reading what you are up too as well...Cindy thank you so much for hitting the nail on the head you totally made my whole day..:) You spoiled me and I love it..
Well the weather is not sunny today..we are supposed to get our rain starting back this afternoon..but it was sure a nice week that truly spoiled us..I even mowed our lawn yesterday because it needed it..and the pollen count is huge here..Hubby has severe seasonal allergies and they are in full force here..We had our great pals Pasquale and Isaac come for dinner last night..(they are in my church and are brothers) that we just love..they humored me last night by moving that huge entertainment center on the other wall to see if it would actually fit on an angle and well we must have moved it 5 times before we put it right back where we is freaking huge and just didn't look needs a big room to do what I want to do with might take off the doors so I can display my stuff...will keep toying with that one..but we had a nice ham dinner with mashed tators and brussels with tomatoes..I made a peach/pinapple cobbler for dessert and they played on the playstation 3 while I watched..Well that is it for me today..have a wonderful tuesday everyone..:)


  1. Whenever I dip my bowl fillers, I use the wax from partially used jar candles or candles whose sent was not strong enough for burning. I hate to waste it!

  2. That's a clever thing to do with a rolling pin. I like it:) I also love make-dos on those old textile spools and bobbins. Hugs~Carol

  3. Good Gravy Gina.... your havin' Christmas in February, LOL, you deserve it too, your such a sweetie:)I love all the goodies from Cindy and it's hard to imagine the allergies as we are still in the deep freeze, I'm actually kinda looking forward to them this year, just so it can be SPRING;) Have a great day!

  4. Look at you gettin' all spoiled like a princess ;0) You sure deserve it being the sweet princess you are. Lovely things from Cynthia. Love that rolling pin. Hope your day has been the bestest and your tomorrow is even better !!!!
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  5. Hi Gina,
    So happy to hear that you love all your goodies that I sent. Thank you again for all those rolling pins that you gave me...I've finally started painting on them and hope to have some listed on my selling blog soon. And I can't wait to make a bunny version of the Cat make-do.
    Wish it felt like Spring here, no such luck...we are getting a little snow tomorrow.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. I agree with Carmen , I think that you are having Christmas all over again. Some great things there. Mowing the lawn???? We still have snow!!!!
    Blessings to ya~Kim

  7. What goodies! I've always loved Cindy's creations! She does beautiful work! Lucky you! ~~Annie

  8. What a nice surprise! Looks great! You moved the unit 5 times?? And then just put it right back where it was originally? Sounds like something I would do!!!

  9. Gina,
    I love that cat makedo ~ so darn cute and I love all the goodies that Cindy sent you. She is one talented gal! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Hey Gina..
    You lucky girl.. what great stuff from Cindy! Your prim gatherings are so sweet. Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Deb :)