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Sunday, February 21, 2010

"CrUiSiNg" and A giFt FrOm CaRmeN...

Hello Everyone!! It is another Beautiful day here in is 8:50am and the sun is shining...Yesterday I got a wonderful package in the mail from my good pal Carmen of Waxed out Creative Life..She sent me a GREAT smelling box of yummy goodness!! when I got home from decorating our church for the "cruise" we were going to embark on..this was on my door step..and I couldn't wait to rip it open...and this is what I found..A cute little warm and natural kitty to add to my ever growing collection of kittys..:) Kittys are like lays potato can't have just I certainly do not..
Oh in these two bags are the bestest smelling yummys ever...the top bag are some of her dough/dipped in the best smelling Vanilla walnut scent..OH I want to eat them..(I want the recipe for the scent)...oh they smelled good in the bag..the bottom one is hot apple pie tarts..shaped in little pie wedges...I don't know if I can use them they are so cute..oh but you know I will...who can resist a home that smells like you have been baking all day.:)
this is where I put my kitty on a shelf in my dining everyone will see it when they walk in the door..:)
my dough bowl fillers..I put them in a longaberger bowl/basket with some cloth eggs and green strips of fabric..they are little bunnys and flowers and tulips..these are too much..I love them and had been admiring these on others blogs and was going to make some and then Carmen sends me a bag of them...Great minds think alike..;)
and my sunflower card that she adds so much cheery color and I thank you so much!!!! Carmen for sending me these goodies to brighten my day..:) you are the best...
Okay here is the "cruise" I took last night with others that are in our church..once a month we have an event/ward activity in our church and I am on the committee to help plan and execute these events..The leader of our Group, Peg has a list of the events and then we meet up to let our creative juices run wild and plan them..We had a great time just the 3 of us..Kerry included to decorate and get it looking like a cruise at 12:30 pm I arrived at our church to get on our way..This is what it looked like when we were done decorating.. all the tables have a little something from different countries on them..a little sombrero topped the tables and a little paper lantern for the candles and there was something different on all the rest..
Here is the stage with some more goodies..
the other side of the was fun setting up for this and seeing all sorts of things from different countries that folks got while on their missions or on their vacations..the rug shown is 30 years old and in wonderful shape..the eggs are mine and they come from italy..I will post those when I do my easter decorating..
The drink table..we had the best tasting punch..I am told I will get the recipe..we had them in little cups with umbrellas in them..that was our Hawaiian stop..
some of the tables decorated...

This is the entry to the "ship"..I made the signs on the doors..I made the port holes..they were so much fun to make..I used my water color crayons from stampin up..oh I love these things..Will be getting more when I have my party in March..they are fabulous...
Our Cruise ship was called the USS Kingston..(that is our ward name)....
here is the sign that greeted folks as they came in..
Here is Logan Cleaver talking about his mission to the Phillipines and the wonderful paintings he picked up that he said were like $10.00..The painter added him and his companion in the lower painting for a tad extra money..:)
great paintings....we had Lumpia for our stop here..oh they were homemade..and they were soooo good..
Here is another great gal Rusty Taylor talking about her Mission to Korea..she made her was so cute and I just wanted to curl up in it..we had kimchee soup and the real spicy kimchee..oh man i love that stuff..
here is some of the items that Rusty brought to share with us...
These are the wedding or marriage ducks that folks in Korea get when they get married..if the husband comes home from work and sees the ducks looking like this..he knows he is in the dog house and better back track and go and get some flowers to cheer the little lady will notice the female duck has her backside to the male duck..:)
if they are facing each other..all is well in the household..I loved that story...
We also went to Hondurus and had Chirizio with soft tortillas..oh that was good and again home made..We went to Italy..and I made that Pepperoni per Padalle pasta for was a hit and leftovers for one of the guys today for he had an early morning it was waiting for him in the church fridge.My good pal Pasquale Shaver talked about his mission to italy..and he was the most entertaining..he has us in stitches...(he and his brother come to our house once a month for dinner and fun)...speaking of which they come tomorrow night..Can't wait...and for dessert..we were back in the United states and had chocolate cake and cheese cake, peanut butter bars and rice crispie was nice to sit and chit chat and learn about the different cultures and taste the cuisine too..and we did it all in one night..not bad eh?...
I hope you all have a wonderful sunday..I gotta go get breakfast going and then get myself ready for church..
I hope you enjoyed the cruise as well..:)


  1. Hi, I saw you on Dan's blog and came to visit. What an interesting place you have here. I used to have a lot of primitives but I only have a few, here and there now.

    Vanilla walnut sounds like a wonderful scent!

  2. YAY, I'm glad it made it there in one piece and glad you like the kitty:) You can get the vanilla walnut scent from! I don't use it much in candles as it's one of those vanilla tones that doesn't blend well with the wax. The cruise night looks like it was alot of fun and interesting too!

  3. Oh wow-just look at all those wonderful goodies :)
    Carmen is such a sweetie!
    Love the Kitty!
    Your Cruise night sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I love seeing photos of your home--it always looks so cozy there! The kitty you got from your friend is adorable. I wonder if you have ever caught one of your real kitties with the needle felted creatures you bought from me in their mouths yet. My cat can't stay away from them when I make them! Your church cruise looked fantastic and so interesting. What a great idea! Have a wonderful week~

  5. Hey Gina..
    What a fun surprise! I love your new kitty and all your goodies. Mmmm.. vanilla walnut, yummy!

    What a fun idea for your cruise.. looks like you were pretty busy getting all that together. Hope you have a super week!

  6. Gina,
    Cruise night sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    The kitty that Carmen made is so cute!! Love the dough goodies too!! I have a book on how to make them with patterns to make just about everything, but I haven't made any yet and I've had it for years. Think I'm going to have to get busy and make some.

  7. Hey Ms Gina =0) Love the kitty from Carmen and I wish the puter screen was scratch n sniff ! Those tarts look like they smell spectacular ! I heart Stampin up stuff. If I lived close I'd surely be at your party. Great job on the decor. Looks and sounds like ya'll had a blast on your cruise.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  8. Now that's the sort of cruise I'd love to go on!

  9. Great goodies from Carmen. I enjoyed the interesting tidbits in your cruise section. Looks like it was a wonderful time.