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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hey there every one..we were out yesterday..(hubbys day off) and we have decided we want a bigger tv...we don't go to the movies much (I would like too..) but he could care we went out looking at tvs and stands as our entertainment center won't work for the size of tv we want..Mike is doing research on the best buy on line and then we will make our far Walmart has the better deals..and I took a photo of the stand we will all metal and glass..not really my first choice as I want something prim..but I have to be practical too..we are looking to get a 50 inch flat it is like being at the movies...and we will put our 32 inch up in the guest bedroom so we can still watch t.v. if the other doesn't want to watch what the other is watching..have I confused you entertainment center is going in our bedroom and I am going to turn it into a quilt cabinet to display my quilts in it..will take photos when it all comes together or not...;)
my stamping up order came on saturday..and I can't wait to use these things..I purchased a cute chocolate bunny stamp and the aqua painter, 2-way glue pen, stampin dimensional self adhesive foam mounts and watercolor wonder crayons..they are too cool..I sat and watched my friend making cards during our christmas show and thought these were so much fun..and because it is celebration till March when you spent $50 bucks you got a free stamp I chose the halloween stamp set (they have certain ones you can pick for free).. In march I am having a Stampin up party to hopefully work on getting all of my wish list for free...we shall see..I want to use this stuff above for making tags for my dolls...Have you all heard of Stampin Up? they have a great assortment of different stamps and supplies could go that is why I am doing a party..;)
we also stopped by Joanns yesterday and Picked up some corduroy fabric to use on my dolls..I have several pineberry lane patterns and jackie schmidt patterns that these would look fabulous with..I love the colors especially that green one.:)
well today I am off to the hair dressers to get my hair colored as it is time once again..I just hope the gal only takes 2 hours instead of the 7 I spent back in December..I am going to third dimensions where I had been going for some time..I am not going to the gal that did my last haircut..just can't see spending $50 on a hair cut and $90 on my hair is short for crying out that would be a $140 dollar day..not happening...I hope your day is a great one..Thank you all for your help in the last post..I am going to try and work all the colors in this or if will be the green..just not sure..have lots to do this week and swaps and surprises to get out in the mail...and tomorrow I have a recheck with the doctors.. so it is going to be a busy week...Oh Mike taught Tucker to go around circles on his hind legs and on all four..he is still a work in progress cause he wants to roll over and turn around at the same is too funny to watch..but he is getting it..of course there has to be a treat involved..(lets not get stupid now)...
last but not least my friend sent a video that is so powerful for what we are going through as a nation..a must see...

take care and have a great tuesday..:)


  1. Wow...a 50" TV! For the first time, ever Jason and I have a TV in our bedroom. We bought a 42" inch one and it is plastered on our wall...not very prim, but we're enjoying it! Good for you, treating yourself to permanent movie status! :)

    I've heard of Stampin' Up and I would love to come to your party if I lived close by. I've never been to one! I'm all about giving those parties and getting the free stuff! Love your fabrics you picked out too!

    I'll email you! Thank you for the birthday wishes for Joy! You're so sweet!

    Have a great evening, Gina!


  2. Hi Gina~ I've never heard of stampin' Up but that bunny stamp is too cute! I would come to your party too if I weren't so darn far away:( I have gone to the same hairdresser for the last 20 yrs, lol, she has her own lil' shop out back of her house and she charges $ 12.00 for a haircut, she's one of the cheapest around and does a good job. Wish I could see Tucker do his tricks, what a good dog he is:)

  3. We are looking at a 50 inch one too. Girl , I hope you get a discout on that hair-do. That is a lot of money, but your worth it. I am getting mine trimmed tomorrow. I have a few of the Stamping up products. Good stuff!


  4. Hi Gina,

    Oh, I love those signs on the right hand side of your blog ! Boy, if they don't hit the mark ! Did I tell you about the license plate I saw in a mall parking lot ? AK74ME Yep, a real license plate.. !
    Hugs and a Happy Groundhog's Day !Linda

  5. Hey Gina ;0) Boy your going BIG sista' I'm not sure what size ours is in the living room but its not a flat screen =( and between it and the entertainment center it takes up one wall. I love Stampin Up. They have awesome products. Oh and Tim Holtz has awesome stuff to. Ever checked him out ? He has some cool techniques for tags and making things look old and worn. I love the fabrics you got. Jackie Schmidt has some Primtastic patterns ! I need to check out Pineberry Lane see what they have. Good luck with your hair appt and Dr. Appt. Hope your weeks off to a good start !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  6. Gina,
    I love Stampin Up!! But I haven't been to a party in years. I have several of their stamp SIL and I used to get together every Christmas and make all our cards.
    We have a big flat screen TV...think it is a 46" or 48". Can't remember, but we love it!! We got a huge wall unit with bookcases that is sits is black with sanded areas and the bookcases have bead-board backs.
    Well, if Peyton isn't here by Friday, the doctor in inducing labor. Say a little pray that he comes before than because they are calling for a snow storm on Friday!!

  7. Hi Gina,

    Tell your husband to write down the serial number of the tv at Walmart then go to Best Buy and compare the numbers to the very same tv...they won't be the same!!! Walmart orders about 50,000 at one time so the parts inside the tv are cheaper than BB's. Plus with Walmart if anything goes wrong YOU have to send it to the company for service...just thought I'd give you a headsup on it:)

    I'd love to come to your stamping party if I lived closer, I know it would be so fun.
    Have a great day,