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Saturday, January 30, 2010

OpiNioN NeEdeD..

Hey there!!!... I have to ask you opinion..I am making this for our Humble arts theme of "Alice in Wonderland" and am wondering if is should be a little wall hanging or pillow and what colors to use...
we have the mad hatter, Alice, rabbit and queen of hearts..I am going to seperate the 2 with fabric in the middle and top and bottom and both sides..
here are the ones I have chosen..the greens or..
the reds..Thanks for your help..I am wanting this to look nice..the embroiderys were done in dark gray on off white wool felt..
I watched another good movie yesterday..I had seen this when it came out but was like it was just okay..and yesterday it was really good..Under the Tuscan Sun...I loved it..and we were in those same parts that she was in the film..we loved the scenery and the towns...Our very first trip was to florence and we had to pass Tuscany and it was July and there was these Sunflower Fields as far as the eye could see..but I didn't even!!! think to take a photo of it..but it was glorious..
and the new amish baking book I purchased..I love it..the recipes are super easy..I haven't made anything yet..going grocery shopping today...but I sat and read it and it is a great book...there is also history of the amish and this family has I think 8 kids and they each talk about baking with mom..and their if you want a great book..check this one out.:) Okay I will check back when I get home from shopping and hope there are lots of great opinions when I return..
Thanks again and have a wonderful Saturday.:)


  1. I think the greens look good. Pity you live so far away, I've got some Alice in Wonderland fabric that would have been just right for you. Enjoy your Amish cookery book and have a great weekend. xx Pam

  2. Hi Gina~ I think I like the greens better too:) I love Amish cookbooks, hope you enjoy your shopping~!!!!

  3. Hey Gina,

    Although I'm usually all for red and a big fan of it, this time I think the greens would be those shades and think they just fit! I think pillow or wall hanging would be pretty...

    Have a great evening,

  4. I like the reds the best. Either one will be great, but I am a red lover. I bet it will look great when you are finished! ~Dan~

  5. Gina,
    I like both the greens and the reds, but I think that the greens is my favorite. A pillow or a wall-hanging would be great...I don't think you can go wrong either way.

  6. Gina! You are a WINNER at Folk Art From The Harbor! Please come by blog and claim your prize under the WINNER post! Please email me your shipping info so I can ship

    Hugs BeCca

  7. I'm liking the greens. Anything colorful with Alice. That is definitey a colorful story. BTW, enjoyed the Moose video, very cute!


  8. Hey Gina! I will add you to my blog roll. I am a fan of the greens.

    How can i get one of the Ester dolls. I think it would make a fabulous gift.

    YAYY! Another sister in Zion, woot woot = )