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Friday, January 29, 2010

My HumBle ArTs OFFeriNg and MiSc StuFF for SaLe...

Hey there Everyone!! sorry it has been a few since I posted..just too busy trying to get something done for the humble arts this up coming month..Hard to believe it is february already!!! I have a few more things to make for our "Alice in Wonderland Theme"..I made this cute bunny Angel named Ester..she just turned out so darling...
I am so happy with the way her face came out..I used pencils for her face..
I also made to go with her a machine embroidered 4x4 pillow stuffed with Lavender..and she has two little wooden carrots..she has a bottle cap "E" that I made that is glued with really strong holding glue along with her wings..She is 26 inches tall and can sit or hang.
there are her bloomers and little lace stockings.;)
upclose of the pillow..the pillow backing fabric is green to match her dress with fitting..:)so if anyone is interested let me know..
I got this wonderful book in the mail the other day from my book club..I also ordered Julia childs cookbook but it is on back order..this book has wonderful photos and great recipes and how to ideas in it..I will share more photos as I start making the goodies in them..
My avon lady Debbie came over yesterday and delivered my stuff to me..I got this wonderful smelling perfume ever. iti is called "electrify"..oh boy does it smell good..and I got these beautiful lever back earrings..
a better photo...
and this cool princess cut ring...:) I love princess cut and told DH I wanted one for our 25th wedding anniversary that is coming up this year...white gold is what I would like we shall see..
My good blogging buddy Shirley sent me these the other day..They are for holding hamburger and fries..or sandwiches and little bowl of soup..I just love these..and can't wait to make burgers and fries..which I think will be on the menu for I am going grocery shopping tomorrow..
Okay for the "Selling Portion" of our program.. I am going through my stuff and weeding out stuff that I am never going to use in my craft room as it is getting too full and whats the point of holding on to this stuff if you are never going to use the soap book is $5.00 + shipping, the other 3 are 10.00 each + shipping.. so if you are interested in any of these let me know and drop me a line with your zipcode so I can calculate shipping..I will also do parcel post or book rate if they let me to make it as cheap as possible..
This is for clear stamping.. you put your stamps on it..position it over your paper and then press..the little orange spongy pads keep it off the paper till you press it is pretty neat...but since I don't make cards..don't need it..:)
Here is a misc bunch of Bethany lowe tinsel to use in your doll making..the purple on the bottom i not bethany low..These are all new and unused..they are 9ft long except for the red is 72 inches long.. I would like $8.00 each for these and $6.00 for the red one and $5.00 for the dark purple..I will list more stuff as I start going through my room...these are light and shipping will be as well..
I watched a wonderful movie last is called "the prize winner of Defiance Ohio" it is pg-13 and is based on a true has Julianne Moore and Woody is a really good show and a must see..there is a bit of swearing in it by woody..but a great is set in 1956 to the 60's...
Okay I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by and saying hi..:)


  1. Gina,

    She is so cute !

    HUGS and a Happy Weekend !


  2. You are so talented. Your sweet bunny is just wonderful! I need to clear out some of my craft stuff too!

  3. Love the bunny angel and your jewels you got :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Thanks, Gina! Love your bunny! You do great work, too! Need to get in there and do what you're doing! So much little room! ~~Annie

  5. Hey Gina I am LOVING that bunny !!!
    You did an awesome job on her sweet lil face. Oh what are you asking for the stamp thinga ma jiggy ? lol I know someone who might want that.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  6. Hi Gina,

    Love your new Bunny! Very Cute! Blessings, Kim

  7. Now you need to read the book - "The Prize winner". It is a fast read and enjoyable. I went to college in Defiance Ohio and met my DH there! ~Ann

  8. Gina,
    Love your bunny angel doll!! You did an awesome job on her.

    Didn't get your surprise sent out like I wanted to...the kids furnance went out on Wednesday, so we had some company for a couple days until it was fixed. Still no baby Peyton yet!! I thought for sure that the stress of the broken furnance was going to put her into labor!!

  9. She IS way cute! I love her bottle cap "E" Tis the season for clearing out our stashes huh!
    Love the ring and earrings. Very pretty.
    Enjoy your day.Mercy

  10. Ester is very whimsical and cute! I am less than 2 hours from Defiance, OH..sounds like a good movie to rent. I enjoy getting Avon too. I love the Skin So Soft Pink. Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh your bunny turned out so adorable! I love it!
    I have those hamburger baskets too, use them a lot in the summer.

  12. Your bunny is beyond adorable!! I just love her bloomers!!!! I'm doing a big cleanout of my studio, also. It has turned into a very difficult place to find things and I can't live like that anymore. UGGHH!!!! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. :)

    ~ Wendy