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Thursday, January 28, 2010

TRuE AmEriCaN....


It is time to change from

Only it isn't seen as HUMOR, but the correct way to LIVE YOUR LIFE ! If you feel the same, pass this on to your True American friends.
Y'all know who they are...

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
It never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, "One nation, under God."

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You've never protested about seeing
the 10 Commandments posted in public places.

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You still say "Christmas" instead of "Winter Festival."

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You bow your head when someone prays.

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You stand and place your hand over your
heart when they play the National

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You treat Viet Nam vets with great respect, and always have.

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You've never burned an American flag.

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You know what you believe and you aren't afraid to say so, no matter who is listening.

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You respect your elders and expect your kids to do the same.

You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
You'd give your last dollar to a friend..


  1. Thanks love it!!!! I am a true American, red white and blue!!! hugs carla

  2. I am proud to say I live here in America. I know times are tough but it is the still my home. I like small town life and believe that it is easier to raise my child with these type of values. Thanks for a powerful post!

  3. Amen, Sista! I am very patriotic,
    I vote, I support my party, I have
    a red/white/blue bedroom and in my
    TX house, I have a red living room
    with soft white trim & Navy tab curtains! It just ticks me off when people want to change our ways!
    Our forefathers fought for the rights we have today, and we need to keep them!!!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Amen to that, sweetpea!!! I'm proud of being an American but not too proud of where it could be heading.

  5. Right On ! How true those comments are !
    God Bless America !

  6. SOOOOOOOO true! They are actually values! Which not a lot of americans have these days!
    I have grown tired of the rednecks joks ...they really aren't jokes anyway ... the truth in most cases.
    Proud to be an american with values!
    Thanks for posting!

  7. Seeing how my hubby is in Afghanistan fighting for our country, I would definitely say "We are both true Americans."

    That was great! Love it!!

  8. So happy I stopped by here tonight. Well worth the bytes. lol
    good for you this is a great post.
    Don't forget to send me something before monday

  9. All those are soooo true !!! Lots of Americans have really lost touch with values, morals and it saddens me. I remember growing up neighbors helped neighbors and such. Nowadays most neighbors don't even bother to even meet each other. Thanks for sharing that Gina =0}
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  10. Amen! So sad to see the way people disrespect our country these days! I am proud to be an American for sure!!!
    Thanks for posting this!

  11. Great post! Both Rich and I are true Americans and proud of it!

  12. SOOOooooo true and alot of Americans need to get back to acting like Americans!

  13. Love it all! I know that I am a True American!


  14. "Multi-culturalism" does have it's downside, doesn't it. Especially when the p.c. crowd get their two cents worth in.