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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FaBriC & MiSc and A ReCipE...

What a busy weekend!!..I had to go to our Church cannery on Saturday to can up some more food storage for our years supply..(for my non-mormon friends) this is a facility where you can put dried food into pouches or #10 cans to have should an emergency arrise or you lose a job or whatever the case may be...we are told to have a 1 year food supply in case something happens and we can at least have plenty of food on hand..just good commen sense folks..anyone can if you have any LDS (another word for Mormon) ask if you can go along and get your food storage as well.the food last any where from 18 months to 30+ years depending on what you order..and the prices are I was supposed to go and do that on saturday and they have sessions and times alloted for you to choose from..well the earlier group was on a roll and had the morning session and the afternoon session (that I was also in)..well they finished up early and packed mine and cleaned up the place by the time I got there for my session...SWEET!!! all I had to do was help counting some cans on the shelves and pay and I was out of I went shopping to Joanns as they were still having their sales and I needed some batting..bought the two huge boxes of them..and here is the latest fabric I purchased..some heart fabric for some dolls I plan to make and some great plain (prairie) type of fabric for some prairie dolls that I plan on making..:)
I stopped at the dollar store for more hand towels so I can embroidered on them and picked up some flour sack towels to use in my crafting too..
I also picked up some baby bibs to embroider some cute things for my little sisters new baby that is due the end of March..I will post these as I get them done...Sunday we went to a 70th birthday party...Hubbys boss..he just had surgery 2 weeks ago and he looked great..met their family and had a nice time...Monday I worked in the was great I raked and picked up leaves that we didn't get and dead headed some stuff..looks so much better..hubby worked on his truck...we had some friends over for dinner and they are so much fun to have over..they are 3 siblings from our church and the 2 boys helped stack a seasons worth of wood that our neighbors gave us because they are renting out their house and said we could have the boys got it all nice and stacked..Happiness is a big stack of seasoned wood..Betsy helped me with dinner...we have a standing invite once a month with these guys and we truly love our time spent with them...any way today is gorgeous...gotta mop floors get Pody Lynn outside so she can do some squirrel and bird watching..and then I have to get some sewing done so I have something for my humble arts update and a swap that I am finish some other surprises...have a wonderful tuesday everyone.:)
Here is a Recipe that Mercy requested as I had mentioned it the other day on my will love this any time of the year...I've had this recipe for 20 years..;)

Chinese Chicken Salad

2 chicken breasts cooked and chopped up
(I make a whole chicken and leftovers are the breast and wing meat) so use however much you need depending on how many you are cooking for. This is usually our whole dinner so you want it to be filling..:)
1-1/2 bags of packaged lettuce again depends on how many you are feeding and how hungry you are..:) we sometimes use 2 bags
4 green onions..chopped
1 cup of sliced almonds or slivered (optional)
The Sauce:
1 teaspoon accent salt
1 teaspoon regular salt
1 teaspoon pepper
juice of one lemon
3 tablespoons sugar
4 tablespoons white or apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup of sesame oil
1/4 cup olive oil
whisk these together until blended and toss over the salad... toss the salad to coat and serve..
Super easy and tasty and makes a great side dish too.:)


  1. Mmmmmm...that salad sounds great! I like the canning project. Uncertain times call for preparedness.


  2. Lay an extra place at the table for me please. xx

  3. Hi Gina~ that recipe sounds yummy! I so love it when you go to Joann's, lol, I feel like I'm taggin' right along, I'll have to get out to my Joann's soon and all the thrift stores, I have felt like a prisoner at home these last couple months but all that will change now, lol!!!!

  4. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I've already printed it off! Gonna try this!

    I love your fabrics. Is your oatmeal(lt. brown) colored one linen?
    Looks like you've got a stash of things to keep you busy. And you're so right, Happiness IS a big stack of seasoned wood! :-)
    Enjoy your day.
    Thanks again for the recipe.

  5. Love your blog and the recipe looks yummy. Blessings,

  6. That cannery sounds like a wonderful idea! Thanks for another yummy recipe!

  7. Salad sounds good! I am gonna have to check out the $ store on those towels! Really like them!

  8. Gina,

    Hi ! will you send some of that warmer weather over here !

    Overnite we received another three inches of snow.. and it is still snowing.. oh, joy !

    Love your angel comment post !


  9. Gina....
    What fun fabric..we share similar tastes..I just bought some sweet rosebud fabric & black & white gingham...
    Yall have some great goodwills, ours arent that fun...hmmm
    Enjoy your week & thanks for always inspring me...

  10. Looks like a really wonderful recipe and what an interesting project the cannery sounds like.