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Friday, February 5, 2010

SwAp, GiVeaWay Win, HaiR, T.V. & FloWeRs...

Wow it has been a long week!!! I haven't been blogging much and I do apologize..goodness knows I love coming to your blogs and reading everyday if possible..and I have been really slacking to say the least...So lets start at Monday..we decided to go T.V. Shopping for a bigger we don't do the movies much we wait for them to come to Netflix and I would love to watch them as if I am going to the the search was on..found some at Walmart ...but decided to keep looking just in onto costco..they were nothing on Monday..On Tuesday I got my swap from Renee at Crows Roost Prims..isn't this little kitty to adorable and prim? he is in my cabinet keeping company with the other kittys that reside there..Thanks again Renee..I am still making yours and hope to be finished by monday..:)
I also Won Folk Art from the Harbor's giveaway and got this really neat Easter Stencil..It is a big I gotta go through my stash and see if I have a piece of wood big enough..:)

Tuesday was also spent at the hair dressers..I got there at noon and had about 35-45 min. consult making sure we got the color right etc..well it took forever..but not like the 7 hours before christmas..well the red wasn't red enough they had to put on another red and I love it I got out of there 4-1/2 hours later actually 5 -1/2 if you count the consult...but if I am going to pay big money..I expect it to be what I want...
Okay Wednesday night hubby spent time on line searching for a tv..and we decided that Walmart was the best we went and picked it up yesterday and got the new entertainment unit to go with it..I then headed to Pier One Imports and found the baskets on Clearance..they are kind of a blackish color with red and white fabric in them..perfect as I love!!! red..and they store our dvds and cds and game station stuff..we got a 47 inch vizio..and so far so good...I have been catching up on my recording programs all
DH lit us a fire this morning and this is what I came down too..Gracie usually sleeps on the old entertainment center..but since it is no longer there..she is sitting right next to it..I must say the room looks so much bigger without the big unit there..
The dogs toys now are in a new "clearance" basket and it is red too..Love it.. Right above the tv there was a blank spot on the wall..that was really bugging me..I had a nail there from something this is what I came up with..I took twinkle white lights and round them around a grapevine wreath..
here it is without the flash..just nice ambient lighting..just what it needed..
Let me tell you this unit was a bugger to get upstairs through the stairwell..but we had our good buds the shaver brothers come over to help us out yet again..they are from our church and will bend over backwards to help us out and we love with a little proding and taking off the molding on top.(you can see it is lighter) we got it in the room..but we first had to empty it, take off the guardrails, the door and then the molding..I just wish this unit were a tad smaller..cause I had visions of it kitty corner with the doors open and displaying my quilts or whatever..but the room is just not big enough for all of it will still store stuff just not for everyone to see unless they open the doors..right now the old tv is there..but the old tv will go in the guest room so we can still watch tv if we both want to watch but don't like what the other is watching..;)
I added a basket to the corner with pillows..
you can see how big this sucker is..
I put this serving basket here to store my "read" magazines and I took the left over baskets that I purchased....
and put them here where the other one used to the red...
Now that the entertainment unit is in the bedroom..I had to take down my window..and am not sure where to put if you have any suggestions..please let me know..;)
Well onto the spring like weather we have been having...everything is starting to bloom and about a month early..we are having the mildest winter in many many years since we have been here..and I am not complaining..okay snow on christmas day and then thats the primroses are in bloom..
the orange day lilies are starting to make their appearance..
and I just noticed this today while out taking photos of everything..the forsythia is in bloom..I wish the blooms never left..I love the yellow..
my little snow drops by the front gate are blooming...i just love these delicate little flowers..they are just precious to me..
another one about ready to open.
the grape hyachyths have got their leaves so it won't be long..
I transplanted tulips from the front rock wall to here..I am sure there are way more up front.but I wanted to move them and never got around to here they sit in a pot...these have been coming up for a while now..can't wait to see them again..
the parsley wintered over really well as this had sunflowers in it this past I will cut and dry these in the doesn't take long and they taste so good once they are warmed up and hydrated..
this little primrose resides in the veggie garden is always the first one to bloom..I love it..they are hardy little plants..
The mailman brought me some great mail today..I love getting the lowes magazine as they have some great how to's in them...This is the newest magazine I am currently seeing if I like it or not..just came today..will let you know..well I am cleaning house tomorrow for the big game on sunday..we are having our new neighbors over that we met when we took christmas goodies to their house right before I will be cooking and enjoying the game..oh who am I kidding..I will be talking to Erin while the boys watch the thats my kind of super bowl..we are rooting for the colts..I like Peyton Manning...anyway I hope you all have a wonderful weekend in what ever you are doing..Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the long post..:)
p.s. almost of my embroidery sites sent me to a link for you twilight Robert Pattinson lovers..a cross stitch of him for you to do..just thought I would pass it along..

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  1. We have the same hair color - well, somewhat = )

    I love the baskets. Easy to deal with and keeps stuff in the room organize and clean.


  2. Wow, love your hair:) and your new tv and stand. Cool beans on the baskets. We need all the storage we can get sista:) Whoa, all those flowers bloomin' already. How about that. Hugs~Carol

  3. You are so lucky to have signs of life in your yard! Still snow and ice here in Iowa. Why is it we love the yellow on the forsythia branches but not on the dandelions?

  4. Hey Gina :)
    Love you hair, girl! Great stencil ya won! I would LOVE to see something SPRINGY here...something green...anything....... rather than this ugly dull snow and grayness :) That describes it exactly...
    "multi shades of GREY!" UGH!
    Thanks for visitng me...I have to tell ya...YES I moved EVERYTHING back once they left!!! I left nothing the way they had it!
    Have a happy weekend! ;)

  5. It sure looks like spring at your place! my yard is buried under about 8 inches of snow:( LOVE the hair and the color and your new tv and stand look wonderful, those baskets you got really prim it up and how cute they are! Enjoy your weekend and your neighbors:)

  6. Love your hair i wish i could wear red, your haircuts nice to. Someday i will get rid of my big tv cabinet and get a flat screen...I'm so jealous that your flowers are in bloom guess i'm going to have to wait a while for that :) blessings, Leah

  7. Love your hair!! Those baskets are nice! So is the t.v. ~ my hubs would LOVE it!! LOL!! Can't wait to see what you do with that awesome stencil you won. I am envious of your springlike weather ~ we are bogged down with snow here in Virginia! I can't wait for spring!!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Love your flower pictures!! They look so nice as I look out my window and see Snow Snow and more Snow!!! 22 inches and still coming down!

    Enjoy your big screen TV!

  9. First of all...Hi! My name is Janene, I am so glad to meet you!!
    I know it has been a long time since I have commented. I usually don't have the time, but since it is snowing and cold, I have all the time today! LOL
    I have a place for you to put that my home! No?! Oh, well then never mind.
    I really like that red in your hair! I would love to be pampered for 5 1/2 hours at a salon. I'm lucky if I can get away for 30 minutes.
    Your garden is looking very Springy! Especially on this winter day. Do your flowers always come up this early?
    Have a great weekend friend!

  10. Sitting in Duvall this morning with granddaughter and checking in. I looooove your hair, sugar!!! I also love the little sayings on your sidebar. Sooooo true. But maybe change WILL come in november. Like the way you have the tv also. Lookin' good, chick.

  11. Hey Gina..
    I just love your new dooo! It's so fun looking.. I would love to have mine done that way! I am so envious of your outdoor pics.. it won't look like that around here for another 4 months! I know what you mean about slacking to post, I am getting the same way but the days fly by and a person get so busy. Lucky girl, you won a neat stencil and love your swap cat. Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your new TV!
    Deb ;)

  12. I love your hair color!!! I have been thinking about coloring mine but I just can't decide! Thank you for mentioning my giveaway...I have you entered twice! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  13. Think we went on record as having the warmest January in history! I love the warm, but sure would have liked to have had "a little" winter!

    Love your new "do" wise AND home wise! ~~Annie

  14. Gina love the hair color ! I like reds when I highlight too. Wooot Wooot on the new t.v. =) We have a vizio in our bedroom. Have had it for 2 years and it still works great. My only complaint is the sound. It's not the best. You have to turn it almost full blast on some shows. My goodness you really have some spring growth ! Wish we did here. I'm ready for some green. Oh and Yahoooo Goooo Colts my home team =) Hope you enjoy your Sunday.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  15. Gina,
    Love your new hair color!! Just went to the salon today and had my DD trim mine.
    Great is about the same as ours. You will love it!!
    I have baby Peyton pictures on my blog...and 10 to 12 inches of snow in my yard!!

  16. Your hair looks glossy and richly colored! They did a nice job. I really like your new tv and the baskets. Everything looks organized and pretty. Have a good day now.

  17. Wow girl that is a huge should really love watching movies on it.
    Your hair turned out really pretty so glad you showed it us.
    You have really been busy and I love baskets myself. So much you can do with them.
    Take care
    Thanks for always stopping by to see me

  18. I love that kitty, wonderful swap.
    I also have one of those monster units, with the bookcases, have no plans on moving it;)


  19. Love your hair! Your little kitty is sweet. How did the game go for you guys? We didn't even watch it....can you imagine? We had a grand daughter get blessed and then had a meal at our DD's home, and then I came home and had a nap and then watched a movie, the Mr. and the teen fed the cows and did chores, then the teen went to a friends and watched the game, while the Mr. ran back up to the church to help set up tables and chairs for the funeral the next day, and by then it was all over. LOL I guess we aren't big TV sprots fans here at our house! LOL
    I do like your baskets, and your window has got to go somewhere....
    have't a clue really...I have one with a mirror in it, over my bathroom sink..... do you have a sink it could go over with a mirror in it?
    I AM IN SHOCK OVER YOUR PLANTS!!!! OH MY! It's time to move! :-D Have you see the mountains of snow our friends in the east have and are still getting? And here you are, with new, tender, blooms in your yard!!!
    I'm having spring envy!
    Enjoy your day Gina.
    I'm not sure, but I think that even my broom stick is broken....where does that leave me now? hehehehe

  20. i LOVE love the is my favorite colour. Love the style also.

    thanks for sharing all these what you did with making such beautiful vignettes around your home. It is inspiring me to get up off my behind and start doing,,lol

  21. I LOVE your hair color! Fab!!!
    And I knew about the onions and do that with onions and eat fresh garlic during the cold/flu season!

  22. hello!! thnks for stoppin by and sayin hi! i just wanted to say i loveee yer hair its soo cute i was in school to do hair but it wasnt a good school so i dropped out=/ well anyways im really in to the diff. colors like tht once i get mine done which is real soon, lol ill have to post some pics. and i love your new entertainment center my fiance and i looked at tht one but we decided to get another one walmart had i have pics up so you can see the one we go if you wanna..well ttyl=] xolinny