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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CooKiEs, HaiR and OrGaNizInG...

Hey There!! Yesterday was a productive day..I baked some Eggnog Cookies that I got off of a blog..Sorry I don't remembers whose blog it was..but when they are hot out of the I am making Pineapple casserole to take to our church function tonight..never made..but will let you know tomorrow for WWW..the frosting has egg nog in it..although I will tell you, I can't taste any eggnog the cookie or the frosting..they taste kind of like a snickerdoodle/sugar cookie..
Okay Saturday night I took a shower before I went to bed and this is how my hair was when I got up..pretty freaking hubby came upstairs to say good morning and started singing: "I'm mister heat miser I'm mister sun" know the christmas program..the year without a santa claus..I looked in the mirror and he was
okay much better..I was getting ready for church..I had just gotten my hair cut on friday...and this is with a new gal..Not going back to the gal that had me in her chair for 7 hours..This gal goes to my church and I LOVE her hair..and I liked her honesty..she was refreshing...I know she is not going to send me out the door looking like a goober...
the end of March she will color my hair..I just hope I can hold out that long...she has a huge waiting if anyone cancels she will bump me up..hopefully in February..;)
I have a crazy neckline where the hair wants to go into a "ducks butt" my cowlicks go up instead of down..but she cut it a certain way so I can have a nice that was good to know
the top of my head..just wanted to show you the colors going on..there are 3 different colors on my head...the all over color of dark brown..(my normal color is a chocolate brown) I prefer a dark chocolate myself.. and firecracker red and blonde..I saw this in a magazine about 5 years ago and have loved it..its called "calico cool" so fitting for a cat mom huh..its quirky and fun...well Yesterday I also organized my bathroom room sink know I threw out so much stuff..I mean if I haven't seen it or touched it in 3 years..chances are I am not going out it went..and I also did the top pantry unit in the kitchen...felt good getting rid of stuff and taking stock of what I have already...getting ready to do another run to our church cannery the end of this month to stock up on my food storage..really trying to get the 1 years worth of food...I did peter out at about Tucker and I took a little nap..felt good today gotta get some stuff made on the sewing machine..and get ready for tonights church function.. I hope you all have a wonderful tuesday...:)
This is for you Connie...Why is it I can go to sleep with wet hair and wake up with more body in my hair..and it would stay that way...I put lots of product in my hair(to get the same look) and sometime tease it as the crown and still don't have the lift I get from sleeping on it..:)


  1. Your hairdresser is a the highlights! I go Jan. 22nd and I need to get one more highlight put in after seeing yours:)

  2. This is hilarious, honey!!!!! I have a post coming up on the back of my hair and the "glue" I get at my hairdresser. THEN I see the random thought just for ME!!!! Hah. Okay, I'm sending a screenshot of the post to be aired later this month. I think it'll help ya, too, chickee!

    Cannery? Yep, we need to go for more stuff soon. Jack keeps drinking the cocoa like it's going out of style.....


  3. Hey Gina girl! I love your new do! Expecially that firecracker red:) Your hair and my daughters hair look the same. I have a cow lick too! LOL. I think your hair looks good when you first wake up too. As for your hubby serenading you... tell him not to quit his day job. LOL. Hugs~Carol

  4. That is so funny! They say to
    blow your hair the opposite
    way you are going to style it
    for more volume. You could clip
    the hair at the crown forward
    for sleeping and sweep it back
    in the morning. Might help, or
    you might look like Alfalfa
    when you get up!!! Have a great

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Hi Gina...Im thinkin...I love the before picture...but your talkin to someone who hasnt had a comb to her head since the 70s! LOL. Love your blog, its delightful.
    Enjoy your week. ((Kat))

  6. Eggnog is a PASSION of mine and those cookies look wonderful! I love the hair too, the different colors add personality to it:)

  7. I love the highlights & lowlights in your hair. Such a cute gal you are, sista. I love snickerdoodles ~ never had eggnog cookies.

  8. I LOVE your hair !!! Hubby is too funny...I love that cartoon I think it was "Rudolph's Shiny New Year "??
    You are too cute !!!

  9. Love your dew ;0).... Did I miss read that or did a hair dresser leave you sittin' for 7 hours whattttttt ?????? I have to wash my hair just about every morning cause it just goes crazy when I'm asleep. I think it goes out on the town with Mr. Frizz and comes back in the wee hours of the morn all lookin like it danced and drank a lil too much lol. Love the color combo you were talkin' about. I always do red highlights.
    Hope your week is goin' GREAT girlie.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  10. Your hair looks really stylish and nice. Good haircut! Yes the colors go very well with a calico kitty gal! Take care now!

  11. Love your hair....I used to be a hairdresser!