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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WhaTchA WoRkIng On WeDneSdAy...

Hey there!! sorry for the late post..I had a doctors appt..and what a waste of time that was...but anyway..went grocery shopping today and now here I am...I wanted to post what I have been working on the past couple of days..I am making a calander of crows that hangs on a wooden board with clothes pins..I used my new mouse sander and I love that thing!!! I still have June-December to finish embroidering..haven't decided how I will finish these..maybe with a little quilt like square around each one to depict the months etc and back them onto muslin..I love how they are turning out too..not sure if I will keep it or sell it and make another for me...I also used my sander yesterday to sand my new/old wood bread box..I will paint it black tomorrow and sand it again..and I will put an old label on it and seal and put it on my counter..can't wait..well we got the bid back from the sink/counter guy..and holy moly!! do they want a lot of money.$620.75 just to put a new sink/countertop on my enomously small not going there ever...Mike figured out how to make it work..and it will only cost us about 100.00-150 to do..little better in my book..I would love to have my bathroom done..but gotta get the hubby off his butt to do it..
not much else to tell you..I cleaned out my closet and have 2 bags to go to the Goodwill and I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet..looks great..I love being clean and organized..we had a church function last night and they talked about organization..I am way ahead of the game on this one..but it was fun to get out and talk with the gals...I made the pinapple casserole and they liked it...but don't think it will be in my for keeps one...well it has started raining again so tonight I lit a fire..the first that we have had in over 4 days...I also bought us papa murphys pizza tonight..chicken artichoke thin crust..should be good...(cause I didn't have to cook) that is always a treat in my book..:) have a great evening everyone..:>)


  1. Love the crows...! great idea....its a KEEPER!

  2. Dang I want an embroidery machine !!!!!! Love that calendar. What a cool idea. I have this big hoinkin' sander that shakes the crap outta me when I use it lol.Need to add one a those lil mouse sanders to my... Honey honest I REALLLLLYYYY do need it list. Geeeshhhhh reading your posts is makin' my list even longer hehehehe. Add that bindin' machine you mentioned a few posts back while I'm at it, I better just go on ahead and add that too lol. Whew that's an expensive estimate.Was the counter gonna at least be marble for that price ? Dang. Can't wait ta' see your bread box all prim'd up.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  3. Your calender crows are adorable, what a great idea!! Sorry your Dr. appt. wasn't satisfying, mine better be or else......LOL, enjoy your day Gina!!

  4. Wonderful!! Your calendar hanging is way cool!!!

    have a great one!! :O)

  5. Hello dear friend!
    I am finally catching up on many things that have been neglected, and you happen to be on the top of my list!!
    I love those crows...your embroidery is beautifully prim...LOVE IT!
    That is outrageous for the price of a sink and counter!! Why do things have to be so expensive? But it must have gotten someone's imagination going to come up with a cheaper solution!

    Hope you are keep cozy by your fire.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. The towels are cute!

    Sounds like you have been busy :) I used to have a mouse sander but one day it just burnt up on me :( Jeremy bought it for me for my birthday about 7 years joke! I was thrilled to get it! Now I have a bigger palm sander that is actually better for me because it gets the job done quicker. The mouse isn't for bigger sanding projects, that's for sure! lol

    Have a great day :)


  7. Gina,
    Great crow calendar. My friend got those designs too...I think that she is doing a dish towel for each month.
    Did ya get the email that I sent you with the stuff you needed?
    Finely got my bobbins and I can go back to embroidering today. Kind of felt lost not being able to run my machine. LOL...
    Take care, my friend.

  8. Your crows are fantastic! Your dessert sounds delicious and like it was a hit at the church function!

  9. Crows are cute! DIY is the best way to go!You can also put yourtouch on it. Looking forward to seeing that breadboard!

  10. Busy girl I see as always. I am with you can't get hubby to do the things I want when I want them. But he does work 6 days a week so who can blame him.

  11. Those are the handsomest crows I've ever seen!

    I hear you about the clean out. I gave the bathroom cabinet a going through this week and was surprised at how much needed chucking out!