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Sunday, January 10, 2010

BeForE and AfTer PhOtoS "KiTcHen" and TweAkinG..

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Kim over at my brown bag Studio posted about her kitchen redo and wanted us to post our here you go..In February of 2005 we started this project here is the wall between the kitchen and laundry can see the new joists for the new addition and the seam in the ceiling is where the old kitchen know I loved the open made the kitchen feel so large..
awwwhhh the lovely cabinets...I remember being so thrilled with them when we purchased our home back in 1994...and I still say they look great...out in the do not miss the sofits above...although the kittys miss going up there..they used to sleep up there..

I will tell you I hated that was so basic...the cheapest the builder would put in..the front right coil worked but the clip was broken. no window to see your food self cleaning...and it was almond..cause I was so into almond when we first moved in..and I had hardly any prep space may 22 inches wide to work with on the right it is about 36 inches...yes size matters..*smirk* the microwave was too low as well..

my butt and our 2 kittys in this one..showing the wear on the cabinets and the blue slate peel and press actually was better then what the builder put we are now on our 3rd floor...all the lower cabinets were where I had to pull out everything to get to that one item in the back too...I do not miss that...
Sillie Millie playing in the sink..I hated cleaning around those grout lines of the sink..
AFTER photos I love my new kitchen and it was done in june or july of 2005..and I couldn't be happier..
I have drawers on all the makes getting the stuff I need out and a quick glance..
and we got a pantry in the kitchen that is filled with food..that is where the "extended" part of the kitchen came in gave us so much more usuable space..I live in the kitchen more then I do my laundry room..we also added onto the bathroom and added a custom the laundry room is the right size now...
these were taken last year I believe so it has change (decorating wise) but you get the picture..
the sink and counter are all in one..the sink is made into the no more cleaning around the edges of the sink..that is my most favorite part of the kitchen...
okay now for the decorating/tweaking portion of our program..I hung up my sign above the window...looks really good there I think...I also hung up the other sign in my living room..(no photos)..
I dug out my prairie dress that I made and hung it in the dining room...
Yesterday while reading everyones blogs... Leslie of my country home was showing her laundry room..and I got so much inspiration..that I had to do some tweaking in the laundry room..I am in love with the results..I added the lamp and the clothesline to hide the water hookups and some little sweaters hanging on the line..Thank you Leslie for the inspiration..I love my laundry room..
here is the wooden stove dough board...I have it over here on the counter it is just too big and to move it sometimes twice a day..was a pain..I do love it here now..and it protects the counters...
the token kitty laying by the fire photo...pppuuuurrrr contentment...
and last but not least...I put a runner under this display as the raggedy kept slipping...Okay gotta go and get ready for church...have a wonderful sunday..:)


  1. I love your kitchen! That is a neat sink you have...I never
    really liked stained cabinets,
    but I like yours. Looks good!
    Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Your new kitchen is just beautiful! I love all of the pretty touches around your house. I love to walk around and rearrange things a little to make them work better and look better! Love your little clothesline, too...and your prairie dress! Very nice!

  3. Wonderful kitchen Gina..especially the way the sink is made in with the counter:)


  4. Wow how cozy it all looks and I love your cabinets. Drawers are so much better than doors. So much easier to get to your stuff! Great Job!!

  5. I love it all Gina! What a great idea for the lil' clothesline to hide the water hookups!!!

  6. You really inspire me. Where did this raggedy come from?-- she is a cutie!!

  7. Gina,
    You have been busy!

    I love looking back at pictures of how our house used to look. It's great to see how far it's come, isn't it?

    I'm happy that I was able to inspire you to do something with your laundry area and that you love it! I don't even know where my ideas came from...sometimes they just pop in my head :) I love having a lamp in my laundry area. I was forever turning the ceiling light on and off to check on the laundry and what not. Now I just turn on my lamp and leave it on when it's dark instead of switching the main light on and off :)

    Have a great night!


  8. I LOOOOVE what you did there, honey! Looks great and the separation keeps all the "undesirables" like laundry, hidden. Beautiful job!


  9. Gina,
    wowwww love love your kitchen !!! We are gonna put a new counter top in and I'd love to check into having the sink the way yours is...
    Your fur babies crack me up ! Especially the one in the sink lol. Hey they look puurrrrfectly comfy !!!
    Prim Hugggs n Blessins

  10. I love to see other peoples' work! lol! It looks great! We redid our kitchen about 4 years ago and "refaced" the cabinets-that means we put new doors and drawer fronts on them that I painted with several coats of paint first--ugh! so much work. We did the counter tops ourselves and lay the Pergo laminate too. I love the flooring-it looks like pine planks.

    I have a wood burning stove in my living room almost like yours! It even has a perpetual cat in front of it!

  11. Thank you for stopping by Cranberry Flats. I am sooooo jealous that you have a kitchen you love! It looks great!! Come to my home and help me, or my hubby. I don't think I will ever get mine done! Come back to see me!

  12. You did a wonderful kitchen redo!! I still need to get my kitchen redo done.
    I will be sending you an email within the next couple of days with the stuff you need. It has been really busy around here with helping the kids get the nursery all ready...and I need to get Josie from school today. Talk at ya soon.

  13. Your new kitchen looks wonderful Gina!!!! I love it.

  14. What a great post!! I love seein' home makeovers. Ya dun good darlin'! :> )

  15. Love your kitchen makeover. I think kitchens are the most fun to redo!

    Whenever you're ready, dearie....just let me know and I'll be at the ferry dock! ~~Annie