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Saturday, January 9, 2010

ThRiFt StoRe, JoAnNs, GoOdiEs In ThE MaiL..

Good Saturday mornin to you all!! it is turning out to be a beautiful day...getting some sunshine after all the rain we had yesterday...I finished up my MIL's last 2 gifts..I made her this towel to hang off of her stove..she likes I embroidered this on to muslin and then did a blanket stitch around the edges of it..I love those cute little faces..
I also made her a little note pad thingy to hang on her says Little dog Big Attitude and her Maggie has that..:)
I went to the thrift store has been probably 2 months since I have gone and I figured since I was in the neighborhood...might as well stop in..I got this need bread box that I am going to sand down and paint black..I will put this on my kitchen counter and actually store my bread in it..novel idea, eh?..I als stopped at Joanns as well...and got some poster board for my patterns, some tacky spray to put on the posterboard to attach my patterns with..Robby of Old Glory primitives gave me this idea..I was always using glue sticks..this is sooooo much faster and easier...Thanks again Robby (where were you for the other 2oo that I did) picked up some rick rack for dolls etc..some lace, and the cutest little baby socks for my newest nephew that will be born in March...I also found a neat mold to make pantry cakes with...
After reading Kims blog entry of her penny rugs and using her cuttle bug..I have a sizzix so I purchased the circle cutter to make the circles..the penny rugs are so neat and I would give me a chance to make some..I also have a cute machine embroidery penny rug pattern I am itching to hopefully I can combine them both and make some..:) I also got insoles for my feet for the arch..haven't tried them out yet..they are going in my walking they still have a tendency to hurt my feet still when I wear hopefully these will work..
I also picked up a couple of videos at the on the left is for my little sister..they have a huge big screen t.v. and they don't have a wood stove or I seen this and just knew I had to have it for the family can open their gifts (their tree is right by the t.v.) and have a roaring fire....:) lol..I just hope she thinks its just as funny as I do...the other is for us..will see if its any good otherwise little sister is getting that one too..
I also stopped by Eddie Bauer Outlet store and got these cute red valor type jammie bottoms..I use em as sweat pants..oh boy are they soft..and they were 50% off..I also picked up pedometer to see how much a walk...I so want to get back in shape..its time..:)
last on the shopping trip I picked up this to put my threads in..I had one of those wooden spool thing a ma jigs but it kept falling and thread everywhere..Yesterday at Office max they had a 15% off sale on anything you could I got 2 big containers and file seperators (not shown) to put my embroidery designs accordian folder had seen better days..I love being organized...
And Last but not least!!! I won this giveaway that Sara over at Country Shed had back in August..she had some things come up in her life and couldn't get it out in time..but you know what it was okay..I love these signs she made..and she even threw in some extras because of her tardiness...but she still made good on her Giveaway..and I just love these.

in my kitchen window..I love the splash of color these add to the kitchen..:)
the little heart block next to my kitty pillow that Cindy gave to says kitty collector...and she got that right..:)
above my doll that Robby made me..I love it..:)
in my kitchen with the holder that Robby made me as well..everything looks so good..I Love them and Thank you Sara for the little extras...I have yet to put up the sunflower sign..that will have to wait for summer...Well I have a ton of sewing ideas swirling around my head and just need the motivation to do them..gotta clean and mop floors today..on monday the sink man is measuring my bathroom sink as I am want to redo the upstairs bathroom..I have the paint in yet another project..but this bathroom is in hopefully this will be the year...anyway I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.. Ta-Ta for now..:>)


  1. I love your shopping trips, you always find neat stuff and those jammie bottoms do look Soooo soft:)Glad you got the giveaway goodies those are cute!

  2. I would love to see your penny rug when you finish it ... my new year resolution is to try new things. I love to sew but .... I am growing tired of the same thing.
    So I started to x stitch again and so want to learn rug hooking.
    You have great plans for the bread box ... and yes keeping bread in it is a novel idea! Stay warm girl.

  3. I am loving your blog!! Too many cool things to look at for just a moment. You have me hooked. Your giveaway win is awesome. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Talk soon!!