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Saturday, December 12, 2009

MoRe ChRiStmAs TouChEs DoNe & LaSt DaY tO SiGn UP For My GiVeAwAy..

YeSterday I set out to make some christmas curtains for my kitchen thursday I stained and baked my flour sack towels and friday I embroidered them..I love how they turned out!! they go with the black/tan curtains that I purchased this summer..
this one is my says Christmas is holly with berries of red...and the heavenly fragrance of warm gingerbread..
and this one says: do you see what I see..I love these prim designs..all of hers..If you would like a set they are $16.00 + shipping..
here are the 2 huge stockings I got at a local nursery years ago..wish my hubby would fill mine..:)
here is the back corner by the wood little sister made the 4 red stockings for my babie girls..we have enough stockings for all of us now..I strung them on the lights with clothespins..
and my sign above the wood stove..Janae made this for my signs..alot of folks asked about my "electric sex" lamp..I got this about3-5 years ago and got it at Rite can do a google search for these. You can also get them here ... My good neighbors son owns the original house and has had it restored to it original self again...they recently had 2 tickets on ebay to spend the night there..last look and they were at 1700.00..he won the house on ebay..he also makes these lamps and you can get the wooden box all for a price of course..His grandmother has the original size in her window at christmas and she is in her mid 80's...and her daughter has one too..fits perfectly in their window and it is always lit..anyway I am trekking out today to get some christmas shopping done and picking up supplys and some grocerys for a dinner we are doing this thursday with 2 guys that Mike works with..both they would love a home cooked meal..then doing a cookie exchange on friday and then a huge thanksgiving dinner on monday before christmas with kids from our church..since we didn't do the huge feast at thanksgiviing cause it would have went to waste..we decided to do it with the kids from our church...have a wonderful weekend everyone.:) they are threatening snow on sunday night..we shall see..also hubby and I are going to go and see "christmas carol"...can't wait haven't been to a movie in a long time..and we are going to a play and see Fiddler on the roof..haven't seen it it is nice to be done with the shows..still got a lot to do though...take care.;)

P.S. you only have till tonight at midnight to sign up for my giveaway 2 posts down.;)


  1. You're curtain is lovely. I wish I had seen it before I made my own, so I could have made a similar one for myself. THanks for sharing

  2. Love your curtains Gina, such a neat idea!

    Hope you got a lot of shopping done:)

  3. Your curtains are pretty! Hope you're nearly ready for Christmas.


  4. Gina,
    Love the curtains!! Too prim and cute!!
    Will be emailing you soon about designing your coffee cozy designs.

  5. You did an awesom job with your curtains! All your stockings look hung with care!!! Have a good day!

  6. Hey there, Lady!! Your curtains are so wonderful!!! I can't believe how much you have jam packed in this coming week. I'm tired just reading about it all!! I have to catch up on your past posts and definitely want to sign up for your giveaway. I've been estranged from blog land for the last week. :( Have a wonderful day and be careful in the bad weather. :)

    ~ Wendy

  7. What a wonderful idea for the Thanksgiving dinner!! I am sure it will be appreciated.

    Have fun at the Fiddler - one of my favorite plays!!

  8. You are so talented. I love these very pretty
    I came by to see if you wanted to put anything on my Temptation Mondays site.
    Let me know if you do
    Thanks Maggie