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Friday, December 11, 2009

ChRiStmaS DeCoRaTinG DonE!!!!!

WWWWHhhEEEEWWWW! finally done..and so glad is too cold to be outside..gorgeous but very cold..finished up yesterday..I must say my heart wasn't into this year..must be all the shows I did..just not into this year..but it still looks festive..the front of the house all lit up..the top lights on the peak of the house only half are not plugging them in this year..will be buying new ones for next year when they go on sale...hubby mentioned rope lights to put up under the I think that is what we will do..they are long enough to frame the front of the house as well..
the arbor with flash...
the front porch..I have the suitcase with santa and tree and pinecones and old bulbs with lights and 3 little stockings for our 3 outdoor babys..and an old piece of quilt hanging out of it..this all sits on 2 wagons with cedar tree clippings hiding them somewhat..I also added a bucket of snowballs that light up that Kimmy gave me years ago..I have my trusty old sled with one old skate hanging from it there too..the little lamp post is in my room as we speak..I am painting it black..and distressing it and then putting a coat of min wax over it to protect it..then out it goes right where you see it..:)
without flash..
my wynter blessings sign and snowman..
Electric sex on the kitchen just wouldn't be christmas without my leg lamp..I also have a little tree there and a Santa and snowman that are in metal and they bob on springs..I also put lights up on the shelf above to illuminate my baking center..I love those shelves..they really make the kitchen in my opinion..;)
here is a copper kettle that I purchased years ago and made it into a winter wonderland with christmas picks and such..there are old wooden spools in there and a sleeping kitty....the bottom has lights too peaking out of the stars...I love this piece..;)
all lit at night..;)
my kitchen window..the reindeer bringing home the christmas tree to decorate..somehow I don't think it will fit in that little house..I will put an electric candle in it to light it up..
our 3 charlie brown trees that we love!!!! gott em at joanns years ago and now they are officially our trees..I want to get 3 more for outside or to put elsewhere in the house..I have the kitty tree, on the right, the middle is an assortment of handmade ones and the one on the left is a tribute to my hubby and his love of motorcycles and one little navy sailor..and some other misc. ornaments.. this is with the flash..

all lit up..reminds me of a winter wonderland..Kimmy made the Mrs. Claus..I have the pattern and ran out of time to make her and Mr. Claus..will do so next year..:)

the living room all lit up..Santa head on the entertainment center..and the garland with old fashioned candy cane loops on the the background you see all the stockings hung by the chimney with care..didn't get a good photo..will do so and share tomorrow..some of the stockings are hung on the lights..that was something new this year..ran out of pegs for all the stockings..I also have 2 huge stockings on the inside cabinets of the entertainment center..note to self to take photos.:)
the stair well..has a santa, penguin and little mouse with his candle stick..I won this from Pam of soft in the head..I love him..they are all sitting under the fir tree my friend Lauren made me years ago..I have a set of multi colored lights there...but with the flash you can't tell..
my stair basket all filled with pillows and a santa holding a snowman..
I did the hutch differently this year..I put the manger scene on the middle shelf and the santa/snowman collection..I also added the newest addition..that lights up in the center..I love it now..I also added some cedar greenery to it..
all lit up..
On this wall is my snowman stitchery that I did years of my new shelves that I purchased will go there in about another week..
on the opposite wall where the peg board where the other shelf will go..I can't wait..I am looking for those wooden hanging things to put on the shelf door to hang off of it...or a wrought iron if anyone knows where I can get one..please let me know..I made the Santa and snowman (wood) years ago when I first started doing primitives and wood..I love the way they turned out too..
I added cedar greenery to the chandilier and put candy cane garland around it..
and up the cord too..I also have a huge rusty bell with grapevine wrapped around it hung right below the light..
and last but not least..some more snowmen and wooden trees and a santa that I purchased years ago along with 2 vintage christmas aprons..well I hope you have enjoyed the tour..I am heading down to have some breakfast, and then get up to sew and start my christmas gifts..gotta have them out by the 16th..that is my goal...take care and have a wonderful weekend..and if you didn't sign up for my giveaway that is the post before this must sign up on that post and you have till Sunday.:)


  1. Just gorgeous! I can't imagine all the time you put into all your decorating! I noticed that you have a barter or swap thingy on your sidebar. I was wondering if you would like to swap a coffee cozy or santa pillow for one of my handmade stars? I'm just contacting you now because my son did my giveaway draw for me this morning. Sorry to say he didn't pull #3. My thinking was he could be much more impartial than I could be. Let me know if you'd be interested.

  2. Wow, it must take you forever to decorate your North Pole. Everything is so pretty & festive. Love all of the lights & your 3 trees. Wonderful job.
    Have a great weekend, sista!

  3. Gina,
    Everything looks great!! Love it all!! I finished my decorating yesterday, but I might still need to do some tweaking...we'll see. Hope to start my baking this coming week.
    Take care and stay warm.

  4. Love it, looks wonderful. I love your home! Was that a typo, electric sex? LOL

  5. It all looks yummy, sweetpea. Jack hasn't even got ours down from the garage attic yet; I may have to shoot him!!!

  6. Beautiful job Gina! And I've really gotta get me some sex like that! Where did you get it?!?

  7. Oh wow Gina! You are really decked out! It looks amazing! Inside and out!
    I just about spit coffee all over the screen when I saw your electric sex. hahahahaha! Cracked me up! My husband wants to know where you got it from. hahahahaha!
    The little boy that was in the movie looks just like my husband when he was little...glasses and all.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Wow Girlie you have really been busy deckin' the halls ! Now exactly what is electirc sex on the kitchen counter ?? hehehehe......Anyhoo everything looks fantastic. Enjoy your weekend.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  9. Hi Gina, I just stopped by to
    remind ya of rule # 3..Post pic
    of sifter and link back to my
    blog...Good Luck!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. Oh my...everything is looking so nice and festive! For someone whose heart wasn't in it this year, you sure did a great job! ~~Annie

  11. Wow!!! Looks great...had to take you a very long time...Every time I see your gate in your header I mean to ask you if you made it, or had it speacially made :) Love it!!

  12. Your home just looks fantastic! You have done a great job being as busy as you have been!! I love that electric sex lamp! That show is my dad's favorite Christmas movie!!! Have a great weekend :)

  13. Wow ...Looks like Christmas at your house ..beautiful decorations...Gina. Your home is very warm and so inviting !!!

    Merry Christmas and Warm Winter Blessings


  14. Now that says "CHRISTMAS"!
    HOLY SMOKES, are really went all out for the holidays!!
    It all looks fabulous! ;)

    Love the electric sex...hehe...

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  15. I love your decoration Gina. The arbor is awesome. SoSi festive.
    Lots of hugs

  16. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous, Gina!! I love what you did with the copper kettle!!!!! I can't believe how much decorating you do. For someone who said they're not as into it this year, I can't even imagine what your home would look like when you are!! LOL !! XOXOXO

    ~ Wendy