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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ShOw HighLiGhTs and ChRiStmAs GiVeAwAy...& LOTS of EyE CaNDy

Well I can't believe its been a week since I last wrote in here!!! that tells you I was very busy and exhausted by the time the show was done!!! but I had a wonderful time and made what I made 4 years ago and it was good...Too bad 20% of it had to go to the show on top of the entry fee...but there were lots of folks that came to find me..most didn't buy anything this time..but it was a nice compliment to hear that they loved my stuff...I had my friend Shirley help me set up my stuff and she does such a great was nice having her there for the girl talk too..:) I sold things that I didn't think would sell and things that I thought would sell didn't..go can never figure those out..I did sell 22 of my 48 coffee cozys.. so now I will haul them down to the store and put them on consignment and they take 30% commission..I am searching for other shows to do next year that will be more profitable for me and no commission..although I will probably stick with this one as it is so much fun..I also got to meet a fellow blogger, Annie of Olde Annie Primitives and her sweet Hubby...oh my gosh did she surprise me...and I didn't even take any photos..but she gave me a wonderful little treat 3 stars that smelled like wassil..they are yummy...they are on my trees as I speak..we talked and she was so much fun tlaking to her..felt like we had been friends for next year on a nice day..we are going shopping in her neck of the woods...Thanks Annie for making my was great meeting you...yeah crafters are the best!!!:>)

only sold one sign..and sold 6 of my twilight pillows..they were another hit..Sunday was our busiest day..but it was all stuff under $10 that sold..but it added up...
one of the highlights of the show was a gal that brought in her miniature horse named Icey! she is a cutie and I just had to get her picture with my hobby horse..she kept trying to nuzzle its nose and they looked so cute together

here she is smiling for the camera...her mama has taught her to smile, yawn, do an elephant face, she can cross her legs, sit, stay, stomp her foot on the ground and bow...

here she is taking her bow
and she is house broken...thats her mama getting her to bow..she even got her photo taken with santa claus..
this one is 24x24 by 7 inches deep..
okay these next two photos are of 2 cabinets that I purchased from a guy named Steve Boyce..he does wonderful work and great primitives..the yellow/cream ones are the ones I am getting..he actually had them in red but they are going in my "red" dining he is going to paint over them and distress them up so some of the red peeks through..I get them in about 2 weeks..he has other orders he will be bringing up our way..his website is Honu Kreations.. you will love his stuff.. I can't wait to deck them out with holiday decor and then with my regular stuff on the photos...oh I am giddy with delight..
Here is santa with a baby..I wasn't getting very good photos in here..must be the lights..
Here is Santa dancing with Janice...she owns the farm/barn we were in..She is the sweetest lady ever and made sure we had everything we needed to set up...We had the best bunch of crafters in our barn...and just had a great time..are crafters just the best?
This great guy named Ron Smith had the greatest stuff made out of you name it, it was on is a little dashound that did tricks..
when pigs fly..out of a helium balloon tank
a riding lawn mower..He has (it wasn't there) a cat sitting with a frying pan in its hand/paw and the other paw holds the lid above the pan..its a bird feeder..I told him I wanted would be too cute in my front is his website.. Recycled Ranch Relics. He gave me the best idea for what to make next I am going to make 2 of them for my nephews for christmas...and see how it goes..will show you photos when I get them done...
Aren't these baskets just the cutest? a gal that was across from my booth makes these wonderful she and I did some trading..if you look at the first photo you will see a huge snowman in front on the ground...she had her eye on we traded up..I got these 3 baskets..will use them with my dolls for next year..the little round one has a smiling pumpkin...
and I got this huge measures 17 inches wide by 11 inches tall by 12 inches wide..I love the detail and colors..but wait...thats not all..
she also gave me this stair basket..and it is huge!!..I have a santa and some pillows in it right now..good stuff...I think I got the better end of the I started slipping in stuff when she wasn't looking..:)
Monday..I spent the day cleaning the house top to bottom..and it felt so good to get it cleaned and mopped..and then onto the holiday decorating..I am almost finished..still have to get a few more things done..but will post those is Pody lynn sitting in a bin in a box..all snug as a little bug..content as can be..
here she is cleaning and pruning..:)
and here is little sunny buns..sitting next to the fire with one of my christmas decorations..made me smile..;) it has been so cold here that all the out door kittys want to be in by the fire..they sleep in the garage but its not insulated yet..they have their kittys bed and last night we left the bomballa lit so they had some of the outdoor kittys stayed with us last night..and guess where he is right the fire..he knows where his bread is buttered..;) they all do..Yesterday I got the pleasure of being at the hair dressers for 7 hours..!!! yes you heard me right..I am so glad I cancelled last week as I just didn't have that kind of time to spend..she colored my hair that was it..but she did it differently then what you are supposed too and it took forever for the blonde to pull up cause it was so dark to begin with..cause she did the all over color first..I didn't say anything as I thought she was just doing it differently since she had never colored my hair before...well she won't be doing it that way again..she felt so bad and kept apologizing for it...she fed me half her lunch..and I never had to pay a dime for my hair would have cost me $100 I got it FREE..and I wouldn't have paid for it turned out nice anyway..but there was a bit of breakage in one spot..but not noticable..and they sent me home with protein it was all good and I will go back to she made it right...I was her only appt yesterday and she worked for free..I did give her a tip though...but geez..then I had to rush home forget the stops I had to make..I had my church christmas get together and I had to go home and make a dozen cookies and wrap my white elephant gift up..made it on time and we had a great today..I must get my running around done and finish decorating... but I have to tell you about my giveaway!!!

Here is my christmas giveaway!! I have a let it snow sign. a coffee cozy, a snowman ornament, a simplify candle with rosehips and pumpkin pods with the electric flame, a Dear Santa I can explain pillow and 3 packets of hot cocoa .
You have to be a follower to sign have to have a blog..sorry..I want to be able to see new folks and be able to read your blogs..This is for US and Canada don't need to post this on your blog..lets keep it simple....I will pick a winner the 13th of december..Have a wonderful Wednesday..I have to go and catch up on my reading..been trying here and there..but now I can sit and relax..and then back to the grind stone..gotta get some packages in the mail and make my christmas gifts for the folks...:)


  1. Sign me up, I'm a fan/follower! Glad you did good on this one!

  2. Wow Gina your pictures were wonderful of the craft show you were in! Glad to hear you did well :). Your hair appointment sounded like it turned out ok and those protein treatments will be great for your hair! You'll get to pamper yourself.
    Please enter me in your great giveaway too. Keep warm in this cold weather!!

  3. What a wonderful giveaway.....I'd love to give a home to the prizes! LOL I'm happy that you had a good show and made some good trades.

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  5. Your booth looks great! It would be a nice setting to have a show in a barn. I went to one like that here in my little corner of southeast Iowa. I just signed up to be a follower of your blog yesterday so you know it wasn't just for the giveaway. I'll thow my name in the hat! :) I have a giveaway on my blog too if you would like to stop by. Wishing you a great hair day!

  6. That lil horsey is soooo adorable! I laughed at the one where it was smiling, too funny!

    Please enter me in your giveaway! I love handmade. :) I am a follower, have been for some time now!

    snowpumpkin @

  7. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway:) Sounds like you did well and the show looks like fun! Love the mini. horse... too cute:) that is a very long day at the hairdressers, glad she made it right and didn't charge you!!!

  8. Well heck yeah, enter me in the drawing. That pony is just the cutest!

  9. I would love to enter your giveaway..been a follower for quite some time, and I really enjoy your blog. Happy to hear that your show went well, and you had such a great time!

  10. Hey Gina, your kitties look cozy. So cute! And that pony! OMG, I can't believe how cute! And housebroken to boot!!! And nice white teeth! What a hoot! Your displays look yummy.

  11. This was such a fun post! I thought I was going to win a kitty cat! lol Love the baskets, too...a kitty in a basket? hhmmmm! Thanks for the fun giveaway! Love your blog! Your on my favorites list!

  12. Gina,
    I would love to enter your giveaway.
    Your booth looked great!! Wish I could of come to your show...I see lots of goodies that I love. So glad it was a good show for you as you have worked so hard. And how wonderful that you got to meet Annie.
    I love the cabinets that you got for your dining room. Can't wait to see them after you get them in there and decorated.
    Cute pony!! And your kittie are too adorable!!

  13. Hey Gina, you should go to my
    sister in Oregon, she is a great
    beautician! Long way to drive,
    though....She has a customer drive
    2 hours so she can do her hair!
    Did you sell the Santa riding the
    crow? Glad you did good at the
    show...Please sign me up for your
    give away and come over, I am going
    to post what I am giving away.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  14. Gina,
    Glad you did fairly well at the show ~ everything looks great. Love that horse, so darn cute. Great baskets. I've made alot of the stairstep baskets but don't sell them online ~ shipping is just too high. Please enter me in your wonderul & generous giveaway.

  15. Hey Gina..
    Your post was so fun to read.. lots to look at. Love your booth and all your goodies. OMG that little pony smiling is so funny! I really like those cabinets too, I would be so excited to get them hung and filled! Thanks for sharing all the pics. Love your giveaway goodies.. please enter me too!

  16. Great post!! Ooooh, I love that Ron Smith's work! I would have stuffed lil' Icey in my purse and ran out the door! She is precious!! :> )

  17. Hi Gina! Was FANTASTIC meeting you at the show! You are such a hoot! LOL! It was so much fun for hubby and me to hop the ferry over there. Your booth had SO many goodies in it...had a blast shopping it! Soon as I get my camera fixed (or my daughter comes home with hers) I'm going to snap a few photos of the goodies I got and post it on my blog. Been crazy busy this week sewing, shopping and decorating and have barely been on here.

    Anyway...great giveaway you got going! Would LOVE more of your handmades, so count me in, please!

    Can't wait to see you when you come over next year! ~~Annie

  18. looks like you had lots of fun, and that pony is adorable, gotta love the smile :) Happy holidays!

  19. Oooo!! Your wares are wonderful!! Shows are tough this year!! We either sold out (as in we brought 8 things home) or we sold well but saw a ton of lookers!!! You can't out-guess it!!

    Thanks for sharing and teasing!! LOVE that lil' Icey!!! tee hee hee!!

  20. ~can I enter too, girlfriend...?

    What wonderful eye candy! Still wish we'd made it to your show... we really tried!

    Hugs, Kimberly

  21. OOOH Lisa...what a great giveaway. I would love to win, so please enter me in your wonderful giveaway. I already follow you. Thanks so much! Linda gypsyluv1010@

  22. Getting in by the hair on my chin!
    Enter me deary will you please?

  23. How did I miss this??? Please sign me up, great giveaway!

  24. I just love all of your pics, Gina!! The one of the pony smiling for the camera was the absolute best!!!!!!!!! That truly made my day!!! What a lucky little pony to have such a wonderful mom!! I'm so happy that you did well with your craft fair. I know it's been a disappointing season for you. My friend's mom did a craft fair a couple of weeks ago and she said that nobody purchased anything over $10.00 so that seems like the magic number for this year. Money truly is so tight for so many people still.

    I'm crossing my fingers for the giveaway!!! XOXO

    ~ Wendy