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Sunday, December 13, 2009

AnD ThE WiNnEr WinNEr ChICkeN DInnEr is.....and HoLiDay BakiNG..

Well it is time to announce the winner of my christmas giveaway...and Shirley from Wolf Spirits YOU WON!!! Yippee Skippy!!!I had hubby draw a name out of the santa cap and he picked your you will be getting a great box of goodies along with your winnings below..:) Congrats!!! I was unable to go to church because I came down with another cold last night..this is getting ridiculous I might add...I just had one in like don't know if Hubby spread the wealth or I picked it up while shopping I got some baking done..I made some gingerbread ornament cookies..I used my wilton cookie cutters on these above and made 2 little "chocolate chip" looking ones for my sisters plate that I am sending her..
these little guys were made using my vintage cookie cutter shown here..these were so much fun to make and they puffed I gotta put the strings in the holes...
I also made strawberry/cranberry christmas jam, I got the recipe from Sue at Country pleasures last year and I loved I made 8 little pints to give away..might have to keep one for me..its only right..
I also made my hot chocolate that I make every year..and I love this recipe from Tyler Florence it is so yummy..and he makes homemade marshmellows..I did this last year and they were fun to make...I ran out of jars and need more cocoa going shopping again I can finish those up..then I have to bake 2 different batches of cookies for my cookie swap on friday..
I got this recipe from a fellow blogger I am sure..but don't know is instant cappuccino mix..
and here they are all ready to go with tags and all...
Here are some goodies I picked up at Joanns yesterday...little gingerbread ornaments...
some gift bags and wrapping paper..they were having a great sale yesterday..
I went to petsmart to get the kids christmas presents for their stockings..:)
I saw this being demonstrated yesterday at I had to have is a rotary cutting machine..I can make bias tape now..I had to special order the other machine because they didn't bother sending enough to the store..but it irons the binding once its now I can make my own to personalize what I am making..I let hubby know this is what he bought me for christmas...I think he is loving this..cause he doesn't have to go out and shop..
Tuckers stuffed dog and a new glue gun..mine finally bit the big one..I got to use my 50% off coupon on that..and I got an extra 15% off my total purchase because I had a coupon in my I went shopping on the right day..and it saved me 165.00..that is what I cool or what...Okay I can smell my chicken is almost gotta get the rest of dinner prepared...its been a long but prosperous day..have a wonderful week..:)


  1. Oh My Gosh..........I can't believe that I won your giveaway! Rich just came into the computer room to see what all the hollering was about....I was so excited I was hollering and jumping up and down. Thank you so much for having such a great giveaway!

  2. Congrats to Shirley the lucky girl!

    Looks like you got some pretty good bargains and how nice of you to do your husband's Christmas shopping for him! Your going to have fun with that new machine.

    Sweet little gingerbread, jams, cocoa mix.. don't you ever slow down??

  3. That cocoa sounds so yummy and so does that jam! How wonderful that you take the time to make homemade gifts like that. It reminds me of my grandparents sending us home with a big box of canned goods and homemade cookies. I didn't see what all the fuss was about. I totally get it now. It was the thoughtfulness that went into those care packages! Oh and congratulations to Shirley, the lucky winner!

  4. Congrats to Shirley! I love all the neat things you found at a great price! You've been busy...lots of holiday fun!

  5. I need to hit the pet store too, my furry babies are more fun than my adult kids;) My dog loves to open presents, he knows there is something good inside.


  6. Gina~ What a GREAT idea to buy your own present and save hubby the trip, LOL, surely he appreciates the help;) your gingers are wonderful and chubby, love how they puffed up!!!!

  7. Congratulations to Shirley! All your goodies are looking fabulous!! The pictures are so festive!!

  8. LOL.........I love buying my own presents!!!!! I've made tons of those gingerbread this year....My husband made wood trees....and I'm putting the gingers on those(16 per tree) they are for gifts too