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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WhAtchA WorKinG On WeDnEsDay..

Hey there and happy hump day..I am working on more coffee cozys..this is what I started yesterday in the midst of cleaning, and baking for my sensaria party last was alot of fun last loads more to make..Heading to Joanns shortly as the weather is holding making a run for it..not much else is going on..just feels good to have a clean and tidy house once again..Its like I can breathe again..have a wonderful day everyone..:)


  1. I agree it sure does feel good to have a clean and tidy house!

  2. Coffee cozies, are they anything like mug mats? Thats what I'm making!

  3. Those cozies are cute! Do you happen to have a 65 Mustang pattern available?

  4. Those coffee cozies are the snowmen ones

  5. Cute, cute cute!!! Love those lil' snowmen!! ♥
    ~C. Peanut

  6. Absolutely adorable coffee cozies!! Do you want to come and clean my house now? : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. Gina,
    Great designs for the coffee cozies. I'ld have to make tea cozies cuz I don't like coffee. LOL...
    I've been trying to tidy my house up, plus making goodies for the show on Saturday. Only one week to go and I can have a more tidy house without craft supplies being every where.