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Friday, November 20, 2009

SuPpliEs, CraFting, and FeEt..

TGIF everyone!!! I am so excited today my friend Shirley and I are going to the sneek preview of the christmas most favorite place to shop for the holidays..Carolee and Bob Pederson have been in business for about 30 years..they travel all over the united states looking for things to sale..they make alot of stuff and it is just wonderful..their home is 100 years old and quaint and charming and it fits so well..will take my camera yet again..I have shown you photos of her outside before..I did her summer show this last year and had a blast and will do it again next year..they are the nicest folks you ever met...I did some shopping at Joanns again this week..I think it is my weekly I picked up some more felt for my coffee cozys..I am having so much fun making these by the way..and I got an order for 2 of them from my good pal and blogging buddy Shirley..there is a photo below..I also picked up some more velcro for these and some oil paint for my silicone dipped lights that I want to make..I also got some more fabric printer sheets for some pillows..
I also picked up some of these fancy trims and think I am going to put these on some of the coffee cozys for the holidays..not the furry white one but the other 3..the top one has snowmen and snowflakes, and the bottom right has stars and baubles and the red one is candy canes.Love them..
I had a great day sewing yesterday..I made this cute whimsical folkart doll using a kentucky primitives pattern..she was just so much fun to make..although I did some things differently..I added legs and arms instead of sticks..she has flax hair and a cute little paper mache box that I covered in fabric..I then embroidered a little something onto 100% wool felt and added rick-rack around the edges..she has a cute little pewter santa pin on her front. and she is wearing an old army blanket for her jacket..she is for sale on my side bar should anyone be interested..
Okay Shirley here are your mustangs..She ordered 2 and the other is for my stash for the show..i still have to do the blanket stitch around them and add the velcro...but I found some more neat designs for those car lover enthusiasts...great stocking stuffers for everyone..I will be making some for teachers, moms, dads, animal lovers, dentists, so keep checking back when I get more made I will post these..they are $6.00 each + shipping.
and yet more..for you coffee, and tea lovers too...
okay now for the feet portion of our feet have been killing me so much that I made another appointment with the doctors and got in the same day..unheard of if I was still going to the military hospital..I was ready to have the left foot amputated it was hurting me so much..and it was hurting my right leg because I couldn't put any weight on the it was doing the work for both..I was a mess..I asked for an injection.he didn't want to go that route as it weekens the tendons..he said physical therapy..but I know it will take weeks for that to I asked for pain killers..he did give me a srip for I read Jenns entry about her ankle..My doctor then asked me what I wear around the house...and I said I go barefoot..he said he wanted me in shoes 24/7 practically..when I shower etc..go to the bathroom at night..just not in I went and got a $55.00 pair of flip flops that have the arch support..and the INSTANT!!!! I put those on at pain was gone!!! I am not kidding you..I have been taking the stairs one at a time one foot etc..not like you normally would..I couldn't put any pressure on my feet period..I was limping all the time..and now I can run up the stairs again..stairs are more limping etc..I can't believe energy is back..(amazing how much energy it takes when you are in constant pain)..I am sleeping at night again...I can function..its like I have new feet..and all because I am wearing good support..I was stretching the tendon and hurting each time I walked without the support...anyway..I feel so much better now..Oh and my pap smear came back normal!!.. NOTE: even if you have had a hysterectomy (still have my ovaries) you still need to get a pap smear..if your doctor is telling you otherwise find a new might not have to go in every year..I do because of D.E.S. exposure you still can get vaginal cancers, and you still have bits of uterine left as they can't get it all..I hear so many saying that because they have had hysterectomies that they don't need paps any doctor told me after my surgery that I still need to come in for women if you haven't had one in a while..please do..;)well I am off to tidy up the house and get started on another doll and work on some more coffee cozys..then off to the christmas house for some fun..have a great weekend everyone..:)


  1. That's such wonderful news about your feet feeling better!!! Do you have fallen arches? Sounds like you do. I never go barefoot around the house. Always wear flipflops with an arch support. People don't realize how much your feet affect your life until you have pain in them.

    I am in love with that new tea cozy with the daisies!! Maybe in my next life I'll be a tea drinker. :) And, by the way, that doll is absolutely adorable!! I love the purse. You did a wonderful job with her. XOXO

    ~ Wendy

  2. That is so great Gina, painfree is like being a new woman! I never go barefoot, always heard it was bad for your feet, esp. if you have wood or tile floors. I'm happy for you!

  3. The Christmas house sounds like so much fun!!! Glad to hear your feet are so much improved, I wonder if they work for sciatic issues, LOL!I called off work today because on wed. by the time I got off I could hardly walk:( Have fun shopping!!!!

  4. I love felt! One of my very favourite materials.


  5. I really love your blog - I don't comment much on any blog, but, I just have to tell you that I have that same foot problem! I have had injections, they don't last long, but my feet hurt all the time. What kind of flip flops did you get? I have been looking for a long time for some that don't make my feet hurt. So glad you found relief! Cute ideas for Christmas!

  6. Gina, Happy to hear that your feet are better with the new flip flops. I love the coffee cozies that you made with the Mustangs. I can hardly wait to give them to Bobbie and Mike. I want to order one of the blood type coffee ones for Rich. So, add it to my order and I'll pay by paypal.

  7. Those flip flops sound like they have done wonders for you! How wonderful! I really like those tea and coffee cozies. Look forward to seeing pictures of the christmas house.