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Saturday, November 21, 2009

ThE ChRiStmAs HoUsE 2009

Wow!! did I have a great time yesterday at my favorite christmas haunt...It would have been more fun if Shirley or Kimmy had gone with me..but at least there was no competition for wanting each others stuff..I got there 5 minutes after it opened..and there were cars lined up along the road..I had to park 3 houses away..never had to do that that tells me..there were folks already shopping there before it actually opened...but no matter I made my way through the crowd of women...I think I saw 2 guys was packed...there must have been 50-60 people shopping and picking through was a feeding frenzy of happy holiday shoppers..:)Sit back and enjoy the show..I took lots of photos and the last couple will be of what I purchased (I am so excited to decorate now) and what I have been working on as well..The above photo is what Bob Pedersen does every year..he makes a carving and then has a silent auction for it..I think he said it would be December 12th and they will choose the highest bidder for this..I think this is his best ever!!just whimsical and oh so wonderful...
this is in the front entry way of there 101 year old home..look at all the sparkle!! it felt like christmas here..I will probably visit it one more time before they close up shop for runs the weekend after thanksgiving till the week before is on bainbridge island, the address is 15060 Washington N.E. in Port Madison. the hours are 10-4pm Friday-Sunday..the Phone number is 206-842-6419...You won't be will become your new favorite place..they have been in business now 31 years..and it gets better and better.;)

the Nautical area..I just love how she displays everything..alot of work went into all of this and it shows..;)

I love the color of this little winter wonderland..she had a few of these but for some reason this one struck my fancy..

This is the kitchen area..

she had a box filled with baking dishes, rolling pins, hot pads, brush for putting on butter, spatulas, a mini little baking station..;)
their kitchen window with a huge santa collection..;)
this is one of my favorite areas to dig kitchen gadgets.;)
all the cute pillows..some out of old quilts and blankets...this is another favorite of will see later..;)
another view of it this wonderful you see a quilt top wrapped around a wreath..very unique..

this one hung on the kitchen door.
how unique is this an old silver tray painted with chalkboard paint...hung in the kitchen..
I just love her snow men collection..I have purchased 2 of these a couple of years ago..she had some new ones this year in different types of glass..and trees with will surely get ideas from these please be sure to click on for the details..
aren't these whimsical? I love them..the little snowmen in the jars..the heads looks like the sculpy over styrafoam balls..
looking into the living room..
she is just finishing up these wool stockings with polar fleece circles..I love these..
This is what I purchased..I couldn't resist this one..she did a spectacular job on this piece..see the 3 reindeer in front? they are pez dispensors..I am not sure what the surface is they are is a metal scalloped pan standing on a big piece of wood..and Santa lights up!!! this is going on my kitchen counter for christmas..and it will be up the day after thanksgiving..:)This was $28.00 a bargain in my book.;)
the back side of it...there is so much to see..This is for you Laurie...I know you collect Santas and I know you could make something like this..
there is the bottom of it..
I also picked up 2 little lady is using them for ornaments..I am going to make a doll that has a purse she will be the merry christmas sign to use with a doll..and I think these are vintage chenille candy canes...they were .50 cents a piece..
I also picked up these wool blankets..they will be going on a doll that I am currently working on..and will share it when she is done...she has them all wrapped with a nice ribbon...
and here is what I worked on yesterday before I ski-daddled off to the show..more coffee cozies..Shirley a good pal that I blog with is purchasing yet another one for her hubby..I will be working on more today...I have so many designs to do and for all types of people in your if you need a little stocking stuffer..just let me know..
okay last but not least..I did some tweaking yesterday.I decided to take back my magazine rack for my has been a toy box for many years now..and the magazines were stacking up as I have had no time to sit and read..and I have some serious catching up to do...after the shows and the holidays..I am going to Tucker got a little basket just for his stuff..oh and the magazines are neatly organized by oldest in front to newest in back..I like being I am off to work on my crafts..have a wonderful weekend everyone and I hope you enjoyed the tour and I hope I gave you some inspiration in your holiday craft making.:)


  1. That's my kind of place, very festive and fun!

  2. I enjoyed the pictures very much. I would love that place, because of all the old stuff. My kind of place! Hey love what you did with your tool box, I did the same with mine.

  3. Great photos! I could spend all day in there!


  4. OMG! I wish I could have gone! You have GOT to tell me about these good events! I promise I won't buy anything you want! Promise!!! LOL! ~~Annie

  5. Love the Santa and reindeer in the first picture, I
    would have wanted to buy it! That is the kind of store that I like to shop at, forget the malls and other stores!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. I wish I could visit the Christmas House. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I would leave my Christmas tree up year round if possible. Rich and I went to a fantastic store yesterday in the Rogue Valley Mall is Medford, OR. I can't remember the name but it is a Craft and Antique Mall. They had different booths of crafts, antiques, etc. I wanna go back.......and spend some money.

  7. Wow! What fun you had! Wish I was there! You got some great goodies and wonderful photos! Happy Holidays!

  8. I've came back and looked at the lighted Santa several times....something about it seem familiar! Lightbulb comes on! I have one just like it in my Christmas decorations. I also have a Snowman the same size. I guess you know that they will be staying out after Christmas to be made into centerpieces.

  9. That looked like so much fun! I could spend hours browsing in that place!
    You got some great goodies too.

  10. The Christmas house looks like FUN! I love the wool blankets:)

  11. What a sale - looks like you had a great time! Fun santa decoration for your kitchen counter - I see that Santa quite a bit (and have one myself) but interesting to see it gussied up like that. Am sure it will make your kitchen very merry!

  12. Gina,
    The Christmas House looks wonderful!! If I didn't live so far away...I would of loved to have gone with you.
    I have the same tool box that you do...I keep my paint brushes, stencils brushes, and drawings pens in it that sit in primmed upped flower pots that sit down in the box.
    Talk to you soon.

  13. I think I am going to try to go on Monday or Tuesday.. (do you want to go again I will pick you up??) I love the trees with the buttons on them, and I love the Santa thing you got with the Pez ( btw I collect pez too ) you are lucky I did not go with you I might have seen it first.. 28.00$ what a steal! they had those mini purses at my purse party too.. lots of them.
    talk to you later
    Shirley Pumpkin

  14. Oh my goodness...wish I could see that place. What a treasure house! You're a lucky duckie. Glad you got to go and play there. Love the photos...pure eye candy!