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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LoOk WhaT I WoN...

I got my winnings in the mail yesterday from Teresa of Willow Bend Prims..I won 3rd place and looky at what I got..when I first ripped open the box, I could smell something so incredibly yummy smelling..and here's whats inside...
This Santa is too much he is so cute and I can't wait to put him up..
I got a cute little tree with rusty bells, a rusty bedspring for my crafting..and cute little wooden tag with this painting on it and the yummiest smelling pantry cake ever in butter cream...Actually all of it smelled Santa smells good too..
and last but not least this beautiful is sitting on a little dresser like thing in my hallway and it it pretty..I am sure it won't stay there forever...Thank you again Teresa for the wonderful goodies that you gave me and the wonderful and thank your daughter too for the great taste in picking out my handmade..I love it all..
Well I gotta go and finish cleaning the downstairs and bake some zuchinni bread for my Sensaria party tonight...I cleaned and dusted the upstairs and boy was it dusty..thats what happens during crafting season...but it felt good to clean and organize especially my craftroom..but come will be a happy disaster again...we had a nasty wind/rain storm last night and was worried about losing power but it stayed on and is now bright and sunny today..must have blew right through here..I hate when the wind blows around here with all the tall trees and we have had soooo much rain it just didn't stop at all yesterday..and we had puddles every today is much nicer...Have a wonderful tuesday everyone..:)


  1. What a fantastic package to get in the mail!! and that was only 3rd prize?!?! I especially love the santa and the lover's knot textile.

  2. I love the Santa! We had a rain/wind storm here last night. We just got the southern tail of the storm and it was bad enough. Still raining today but the wind has died down.

  3. We have gotten a lot of rain here in OK, 123 inches so far this year!
    I might need to find a boat!

    Stay warm & dry!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. WOW! You hit the mother load on that win, didn't ya?! Love everything, the santa is fabulous!
    Have a great week, girl!

  5. Wow, you made a haul, sweetpea! Lovely things. I love that Santa face...

  6. WOOHOO! Good for you Gina! You got some wonderful goodies!!

  7. What a nice cozy package to get in the mail! Here it is very windy and a bit rainy. Earlier I thought it was going to sleet because of the chill in the air.

  8. WOW~!That is 3rd place?
    Her items smell wonderful don't they? I can still smell mine, and they have been out of the box since Saturday!
    You showed such great self control, taking a picture first before ripping open the tissue paper....I was a bad girl and ripped everything open first!
    Like a kid in a candy store!
    Have a great week friend!

  9. That Santa is adorable! Congrats on your win!

  10. Wow, that Santa is fabulous. Everything is! Congrats!

  11. Haha...that Santa is a hoot! Love him!
    You really got some great goodies!


  12. Gina,
    Glad you liked it all =) Enjoy...
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  13. You lucky cat! What a great prize package.