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Sunday, November 15, 2009

AnoThEr ShOw DoWn ThE TuBes...

Well another show come and gone and a huge disappointment!!..I live in the wrong state for primitives...If I lived in the midwest or back east I would be selling this all day going to get my website going again after the 1st of the year..and I guess start selling on Ebay and get my etsy going etc...there wasn't a huge turnout for this may not do it again next year..course I might be reconsidering the whole show thing next year..unless this economy picks up..but I did do some swapping and that is always fun..I purchased these little covers to put on your jars...I had some and wanted will see the after photos below..
I traded my bowl full of cookies and little pillow for these stamp sets..
I traded a purse for the earrings on the card and the bracelet..I purchased the other earrings from a cute little 10 year that makes earrings..she was selling like crazy..
I traded one of my twilight pillows for this halloween kitty..but I love it so it is staying out all year it..:)
here is all the little jar covers..they look so cute all on the jars..and I had just enough..;)
and here is kitty in her new spot..Well I don't have alot to make but some items that sold..gotta make some more coffee cozys..every one loved those..didn't sell the candle cozys...have about 10 signs to make..more ornaments, towels, and napkins to embroider..and some other misc. to work on...I also want to make some more dolls...I sold one yesterday...I just wish I could figure out the gift show circuit...there is just no rhyme or reason..and I was making some deals yesterday...tomorrow I am cleaning like a mad woman as the house needs some TLC..I keep it up everyday.but now I need to do some serious dusting and deeper cleaning..having a sensaria party on tuesday and this friday going to my favorite gift show friend Shirley and I are going together....well back to the drawing board..hope you all had a great weekend..mine would have been better had I made some decent money...but what can you do....have a wonderful rest of your day...


  1. I'm so sorry your show was a bust. I have BTDT myself. I have finally realized shows are not my thing and I get so frustrated with them. I grew up doing craft shows with my parents and they were and are still so successful at it, I just can't figure it out.(other than my dad is a good salesman and women find him attractive,lol!)

    I hope you have better luck next time.

  2. Hi sorry the show was a flop. Been going to a lot of shows over this side, and I see quite of bit of primitives selling. I know it probably wouldn't be cost effective to hop a ferry, but if you're ever interested in doing some over here, let me know...I can tell some of the good ones. I'm planning to do a couple next year.

    You did well on the bartering, though. Got some great stuff! Especially love your kitty! ~~Annie

  3. Gina,
    Sorry to hear that your show wasn't so good. I got your email and will be emailing you back I need to finish up a few items that I'm working on.

  4. Gina, I know how you're feeling! I'm sorry it didn't go well... I've been there too, too many times to count!
    Great trades though... that's always a little pick me up at the end of the day!
    Bad news - we're not coming south after all. Not enough gals to make the trek $do-able$... I'm so sad but I can't wait to hear all about your fabulous sale!
    Take care, Kimberly

  5. So sorry that your show wasn't a success. I don't think location has much to do with it nowadays, I reckon folk just don't have the cash right now. It's been the same here in England at every show and craft fair that I've done this year. Just hang on in there and hope that the next one is more successful. xx

  6. Oh Gina, I'm so sorry, all your time and talent wasn't wasted just not appreacited! I think your game plan sounds alot better and more profitable too! Plus, you can work from home! At least you made some good trades. Hang in there!

  7. i am so sorry, isn't funny, how different areas like different stuff, in my booth downtown, last year i put my shabby christmas, and can barley sell it, everyone wants black and red wooden pieces. i do better in my shop on the web, i bet you will do better too. i have done shows, and they are sooooo much work, and sooooo long so i really feel for you

  8. Oh Gina!!!! That just plain sucks!! I think your plan for the new year is awesome. You have incredibly beautiful creations and need to tap into a different market. I love selling on Etsy. I have been neglecting my shops recently but, when I list on a regular basis, I sell. You certainly will, too. Keep your chin up my friend. I hope you had a productive day of cleaning!! : )

    ~ Wendy

    p.s. I LOVE the black cat!!!! XOXO

  9. I know your sales were not the best but... I had a really good time hangin out with you and everyone else at the show.. There really just was not a lot of people coming out to that show.. I think it was the signs and I don't know how many adds they did.. but they were in all the wrong places.. at least you got that wonderful gift of sticks with a bow on top from "me".. I did not see a picture of that??!! hmmm lol