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Friday, November 13, 2009

ToMorRoWs the Big DaY..

Well I just finished up for the night by my chinny chin chin...feels good to be I can take a shower and relax and watch some alot of catching up to do..I wanted to show you my set up for the are some candle cozys I made and finished this morning..I love how they turned out..the one on the left is cinnamon baked apple I believe..the center is vanilla and the one on the right is pumpkin spice..
Okay here is my booth..I am right next to the door and I got to use a bit more space which was so nice..I had my friend Shirley Pumpkin (thats her nickname) help me set up..I went to her house before halloween and let me tell you she can decorate! I loved her house and I knew she could do magic on my I had it set up and then she went to town rearranging..and I am so glad she did..she did a fantastic job...and she is going to help me tomorrow at my show..I am so excited to have her there to chat with..and she is going to help me with my next show in December..the big 3 dayer..and that will be a load off my shoulders and she is going to help me set up..Yippee skippy!!!
on top of that stand you will see my coffee/cozys...My friend Shirleys friend calls em Wussie think that is too funny...they are in between the candle cozys..:)
my christmas table. My stockings..I just finished them yesterday..I did a lot of finishings this week..:)
my fall table..

I just finished these little belsnickle santas by Jackie Schmidt

and last but not least I just finished this little Turkey about 10 minutes ago...I embroidered his tag..he comes from Barefoot primitives..he was a lot of fun to make...Well kiddies I am signing off for now.I will let you know how it goes after the show..Wish me luck..I have worked hard for these shows and would love to make some money....Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!:)


  1. Gina, All your tables look wonderful! It's great you have your friend to help you! Hope you have really good sucess. Everything looks wonderful!

  2. Gina,
    Your booth set-up looks great!! I took some photos of my booth and will post them tomorrow night or Sunday.

    My first day of the show today was wonderful! Profit was higher than last year...and my fuzzy snowmen were a hit!! I only have one large one left and one small one for tomorrow. And most of my dish-towels sold. Looks like I have a lot of work to do for next weekend's show.

    Have a great show tomorrow!!

  3. it looks great and next to the door, i know you will sell lots, your treasures are sooooo cute, good luck

  4. Gina, GOOD LUCK! I just looked through all your goodies and I know how much work went into everything! Trust me! I hope you have a wonderful sale!

    We're still planning on coming down next month... but really need a fourth gal to make it $$work$$.

    I'll keep you posted!

    Hugs, Kimberly

  5. Your table looks great Gina, good luck. xx

  6. Gina~ everything looks so wonderful!!!! Wish I lived closer, I'd come:)I love those candle cozies, so pretty! Good luck with the show!!!!!!

  7. Gina, my friend, let me tell you, once again, you have some major talent!!!!
    What I love about your set up is that you offer a variety of different items that will appeal to a wide variety of people...that is great!
    I enlarged every picture, and was drooling all over my keyboard. Here, let me wipe that up......
    If the star, with the pocket, in front of the wash board, doesn't sell (which, I know it will) let me know, because I would love to buy that from you.
    Have a great weekend my friend...and luck is something that you don't need, because your talent speaks for itself!

  8. Good luck, girlfriend!!Everything looks fabulous!

  9. I'm wishing you the best of luck! We all wish we could come by and buy you out! Love everything you make! Enjoy the day! You'll make a lot of shoppers happy!

  10. Wow Gina your booth looks really inviting! You and your friend did an awesome job decorating! I hope you have a great day and sell it all!!! :)

  11. All your things look amazing! I hope this show is more worthwhile for you than the last one.


  12. Everything is so incredibly wonderful, Gina!! I hope you did well. I can't imagine the time and effort that was put into all of your work. You are truly an inspiration to me and to lots of others, I'm sure!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  13. Oh my Gosh! You had such a big space! Everything looks so wonderful! You had to do so well. I hope by now you are resting. I am between the next show.

  14. It does look great.. and it was fun helping you!!

    Shirley Pumpkin