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Thursday, November 12, 2009


here! Sorry I have been M.I.A. for a bit..doing the last bit of cramming for my show this saturday..I set up tomorrow and Tuesday I didn't get much my hair recut and I think we have a it!!! and then I did some grocery shopping/craft shopping at walmart..Geez Walmarts food is not as cheap as I thought..Albertsons and our commissary is way better..but I did get my turkey a 21 pounder for $8.74..that was the best buy I think..I also picked up some silicone and lights to do the silicone lights..will do those for my next show in december..still need to get the oil paints and rubber gloves...Yesterday was gorgeous from all the rain we had..we were starting to get puddles in the driveway...thats how we gauge all the rain we are getting..I made a plate of cookies that are scented to smell like grandmas cookies and I stained these bowls that I picked up at the TS..I just need to put the top coat on them and I made the little pillow tuck one for brother...
and one for sister..I need to make more of these guys...What do you all think?
here are the other two that I painted and stained....
I have also been working on Twighlight pillows as well....
I need to stuff these last two tonight..just too pooped to stuff any more last I finish a Turkey, stockings, coffee cozys, candle cozys, and belsnickles..hoping to get it all done today cause I have pricings to do..and we load the truck up tonight..going to be a busy day...but it is gorgeous again today..

These two photos are of the beautiful trees that are hanging on with all their fall beauty..we took a beautiful walk yesterday and then we started raking out more leaves in the back yard...I think that portion is finished now..still need to work on the front..but it will have to wait till after the show..if any of you are out in my area stop by the Christ Memorial Church this Saturday from 10-6pm and say is located in Poulsbo off of 8th Avenue behind Dairy Queen...have a wonderful Thursday everyone..:) I may try to post my finishes tomorrow...:)


  1. Wow, those cookies look YUMMY, are you sure we can't eat them????? Good luck with your show:)

  2. the trees are gorgeous!!!! super cute cookies, no

  3. You got a great price on that Turkey. My best to you on your show this weekend. I got one too. Those Twight Light pillows are gonna do fabulous. I need to ask you a crafting question? I'll email you.

  4. All of your goodies look fantastic! Good luck in the show..I have a feeling it is going to be a good one since Christmas is just around the corner.
    I really appreciate what you told me today on my post. I feel blessed to have a friend like you who has the same ideals of what really matters in life. By the way I am going to color my hair soon and it is going to be a nice treat!
    Have a great evening :)

  5. Wish we still lived up in Bremerton to come see all your fabulous goodies!! Good luck with the show. I'll be letting some of my girlfriends that are up there still know about it.

  6. Good luck with your show darlin'! Hope you come home with lots of jingle in your pockets
    I LOVE that tuck pillow!! Yes, definitely make more!
    Have a good weekend.
    ~C. Peanut
    ;> )

  7. Good luck at your show tomorrow! I hope you sell out!!