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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RoUnD 1...

I want to stack my wood just like this..I thought this was soooo thought I would is not our wood..;)
yesterday the weather was beautiful..fall like and by the afternoon, Pody got to go outside all day...and she is a happy kid..although she was in her little kennel..she still enjoys being Hubby took the leaf blower and the lawn mower out and went to work..this is the befores...

this is the front walkway and it is just covered in maple wirly wigs an cedar bits...this is the 3 time I have raked this it gets tracked in the I had the front yard..I raked all the landscaping, driveway etc..I even got the weed burner out and went around the front and burned off weeds that grow in the gravel driveway and landscaping..
here is after..I did some deadheading of the little sunflowers..cause the maples have not finished giving up their this was round one and there will probably be more like 4 fall..but hate the mess it intels..
after..I trimmed all the stuff on the patio too..looks so much better..

raked her too..took out the zuchini plant and it had one more on it...wasn't expecting it either...;)
this is this morning..we woke up to a beautiful foggy morning..these were just taken moments ago and it is almost 10am..
the forsythia bushes are giving us those fall em..but they are starting to fall..that area is all cleaned it makes it so much easier when raking or blowing out the leaves...

here is stinky puppy..not so stinky..he got a bath on sunday..he hates it...just crys like he is being tortured...but he looks so good when he is done...well gotta go get ready for my x-ray and then off to Joanns and picking up my medical records for the new doctors..have a wonderful tuesday..:)


  1. We have a warm up going on too so I've been cleaning up the flower beds and loving being outside. I love window photo, I'm a fan of fog!

  2. I love that woodpile (wonder how long that took to do) and Tucker's coat of many colors:)The yard looks great:)

  3. Your surroundings are beautiful...Fall is definitely here!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  4. That wood pile is awesome lol.

    And I love those leaves and things all over the ground. We have no trees at this house and I miss having leaves littering the yard.

  5. it all looks great! Love that foggy morning pic-- so cool. The 'puppy' is quite a big boy now, eh?? And where are my kitties?????

  6. Love the fog is so pretty where you live!!
    Hope the doctor's visit went well.

  7. We get fog like that too here in Pa, and have had some warmer days finally. Love your pics and Buster doesn't like his bath either:)

  8. Please come clean up around my place. Looks lovely there! ~~Pam

  9. We are having a warming day today. Enjoyed your pics & of the family too!

  10. Those are beautiful fall photos. Your little red shed is so darling. I would love to have a wood pile like that too. Who thinks to do that?! I am not nearly that creative. I guess that is one reason I enjoy the internet so much. It allows me to see so many wonderfully, creative things. Blessings.