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Monday, October 19, 2009

RanDoM StuFF...

Friday after my doctors appt..I had to go grocery shopping and I had to stop in the candy isle to get my candy for the little trick or treaters and they had this picture..the only one left...well I just couldn't resist! she looks normal enough doesn't she...
but she is a hologram and you get this..not sure why there is a white line across her face and its not there any other time....spooky isn't she..but wait theres more..starting to sound like an
you push a button and her eyes glow an erie and a little girls voice starts talking and she is saying she is trying to get out and to help can see the evil little head above this one...I love it...
well at church yesterday I got spot lighted...and look at what I received..a huge dark chocolate candy bar, some dark chocolate kisses, a pedicure set and some clear lip gloss (not shown) in my purse now..;) and a big heart shaped next week it is my turn to spot light light some one..
My friend Melissa is getting spot lighted cause she blurted out that she loves Johnny I came home and made her this pillow...
and stuffed in a bunch of my halloween goodies...oh will she be surprised..I can't wait to get her..:)
I also made a pork roast for sunday dinner last night..its in there floating just above the surface...I added carrots, celery, a huge garlic clove, dried oregano, and was so tasty on a cold autumn's evening..
Our next door neighbor Winnie came over to tell us they are moving and renting their house out and she brought us Costco pumpkin we had a yummy dessert..the first pumpkin pie of the season...they are moving across the water in Seattle to save on 3-6 hours commute time each day..and on the other side of us the gal has been trying to sell her house for over a year and a half and she got an offer and is closing next now we get 2 sets of neighbors..and all I can hope for is that they like to do yard work...cause if they don't they have doubled mine...
The doctors I saw on friday is setting me up for an X-ray and I get it tomorrow to see if I have a stress fracture in my left foot..he said there was a cyst in my left knee and that nothing could be done and the right knee..didn't say kind of up in the air right now..will keep you posted...haven't done much in the way of crafting last around here and gotta get hot this week and get some christmas stuff done...My good pal Brenda from Vintage polka-dot ordered some of my room spray in Grandma's cookies and she loved that was so nice to hear that someone likes your little sister got her care package for halloween and my little 5 yr old Nephew told her that I always send the best stuff..out of the mouthes of babes..he always makes my day...and that is why I spoil them rotten...cause they love their Aunt Neenie..:) she loved my fake little styrafoam pumpkins..she thought they were real little she really thought those were neat..well have a wonderful monday and week ahead..I lost one of my followers and I always wonder why they leave...oh well..I am grateful for the ones that I do have and for all the wonderful friendships I have made this past year and a has been so rewarding and so much fun getting to know you all..:)


  1. Gina, I sure hope that scarey woman on the picture won't scare the kitties into hiding!!! I lost a follower too, and wondered why, I guess people's taste just changes sometimes. I'm not going anywhere, I LOVE your posts and that pie looks like a yummy encore to that wonderful meal:)

  2. I can smell the food on your site right now!! I bet it was delicious! Hope you don't have a stress fracture but if you do it is best to get it taken care of now. Your lady halogram is quite spooky!

  3. I would love to have your recipe for the pork Hubby's late grandmother used to make one, but I don't know how!

    Have a nice day! ☺

  4. Now that is one scary woman!!

    About the follower you lost...maybe this happened: I've been having problems with blogger where I have been following blogs and then I realized that I'm not anymore...and I did not choose to stop following them it just happens. My list is so long that I'm sure there are others missing and I just don't realize who there are yet. It started happening to me about a week or two ago. Doesn't make me a happy camper either!!

  5. First of all I want to eat that pot roast right this looks so yummy comfort foodish! Thar picture is so spooky. And what exactly is spotlighting? Gotta know...sounds like fun. Explain it to me if you have a chance.

    Thanks, Carrie

  6. Oh that picture is so spooky!! I don't know if I could have that hanging in my house!!! : ) Your pork roast looks absolutely delicious. I swear I could smell it!! There's nothing like coming in out of the cold and having the house smell like a roast!! Thanks for all of your wonderful pics, as usual. : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. Gina, your room spray is absolutely wonderful! Hubs likes it too ;)