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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WoRdLeSs WeDnEsDaY...

Well not so wordless..but Tucker knows what he is going to be for Halloween..a little devil...and you would think I was torturing him...he was such a good sport though..isn't he cute? love that red eye..does it everytime...have a great evening.:)


  1. LOL, isn't he just the cutest little devil! He looks like he is being scolded by wearing the costume:)

  2. Thank you the kind words on my blog.
    So glad I am able to make someone smile!!!!:-)

    What a cutie he is. I love how he sit there to take the picture. My dogs won't do that.
    Have a great evening

  3. Tucker is the cutest lil devil ever!
    I love the second photo!

  4. LOL...I LOVE Tucker! ;)

    Have a wonderful day, girl!

  5. Tucker just looks wonderful in his costume! What a good boy for you wearing his costume without trouble and allowing his picture taken! My dog Buster won't allow things on his head. I have a witches hat for him this year but he takes it off everytime. I guess he is just a halloween collar type of guy!!

  6. What a cutie pie he is. lol. He looks like he is really enjoying wearing that. lol Thanks for sharing those cute pics. Just to cute!

  7. I think Tucker looks embarrassed to be dressed up, honey! He's wondering "why do I put up with this chick doing this to me"? LOL Very cute!

  8. Tucker is the cutest little devil that I've ever seen!!


  9. so cute.. that eye.. is scary! yikes.. lol.. are you and tucker going trick or treating??

  10. Ohhh, he looks like a little angel to me.I wish he would come trick or treat us, we have milk bones. ~~Pam

  11. Oh my Lord! You aren't really going to make the poor animal go out in that rig, are you? LOL!!