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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WhAtchA WorKinG On WeDnEsDay..

Hey there, well this is the only thing I finished between sunday and today..did this on monday night..another wonderful cross stitch machine embroidered candle mat..I am hooked on my machine and seeing it come to life right before your eyes..truly love my machine..and that is what I will be doing the rest of the week...
I won these old zinc lids on ebay for $5.00..I got 17 of these.They came in the mail yesterday....going to use them as the little stands for some cute little dolls..mostly by Soft in the I am set to go..
Well I went to town yesterday, and had to pick up meds, pet food and people food and stopped by Joanns to get some more supplys..spied all this fabric..(didn't need it) but who can pass up glorious fabric..this will be backings on pillows and the insides of my purses too..I love the fall one in front with the scarecrows in overalls...too cute..
got some more wool felt for my little embroidered ornies...
also picked up some bittersweet picks for my fall decorating..they had the buy one get one free..they were only $1.99 so I bought 6..
and because of all the embroidering I have been doing..I needed some more thread..these are not cheap let me tell you...but my gal at Joanns was working yesterday and she always takes good care of me...I love her.. Well this cold is full blown now...I hadn't slept in 3 days..took a pill for my cold that I had in my drawer and I slept finally..I didn't get out of bed till 10:30am this morning..I feel so much better in the sleep part..but my nose is stuffed..and nothing is coming out..I know TMI..but you all know what I'm talking about..but hopefully it is breaking...won't stop me from my crafting though...I am having way too much fun with it..I still have about 15 purses to finish..just put the handles on and or zippers or magnetic when I am done with the embroidering..will do those plus finish my pillow tops that I have done..I hope you all have a wonderful day..the weather here is gorgeous..this is what I call our indian summer..just love it..:)...Oh almost forgot..I got a wonderful award from Tammy yesterday and I need to post that on my sidebar..I haven't had any awards in along time that was nice..Thanks Tammy for thinking of me...:) Okay that is it for me...I have loved seeing everyones fall decor and seeing them all cozied up for the fall weather ahead...I do love getting all snuggled in like a
caccoon(?) sitting by a toasty fire watching the babys all snuggled up to it and sleeping soundly..Have a great day everyone..:)


  1. You are a crafty gal, despite feeling bad...I can't stand that stuffy one can unnerstand me...ya know what ah meanah?? ;D

  2. Gina ..

    Hey gal ..looks like you got lots of good stuff going on at your place ..!!! I like the zinc lids ..Just a big wood bowlfull of them on display would be prefect for me.

    Well lets see I've been working on another memory keep ..this one with a red transferware plate and vintage goodies ..

    And I'm sporting my new pair of shoes that I just bought ..the cutest skechers ..I just love em !

    Hey did you get my e-mail for the doggie food recipe ..Just want to make sure you got it so you don't think I'm ignoring you !

    Have a Great day !!


  3. Awww man, I'm sorry to hear your feelin' like crap. :> ( If you lived closer I'd make ya my "cure all chicken noodle soup."
    I can totally understand why you're in love with your machine! Very cool!!
    Well, I hope you're on the mend and back to your old self soon. :> )

  4. Gina,
    Your machine embroidered doily turned out very nicely. Great fabrics and buys from JoAnn's yesterday. You'll be busy for awhile :)

    Have a great day!


  5. Gina,
    I forgot to add, that I have the dreaded cold, too. Yesterday I spent the day wiping my nose and sneezing and today it's the coughing...ugh. I'm trying to not let it get the best of me but I overdid it a bit yesterday and felt like a zombie last night...A few more days....

    Hope you feel better!