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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I WoN ThiS WonDerFul GiVeaWay....:)

I can't believe it!!! I just got an email from Cindy at Thimbleprims Studio telling me that I had won her giveaway!!! I am beside myself and can't wait to get it...I love this and I love halloween and it will go so nicely with my halloween decor..This is my 9th win but whose counting..I actually won something in July..from another blogger but she never sent me my I guess it doesn't count...but this was such a nice surprise to get today..okay any day would be a great day when you win...:)
and the mailman was very good to me again today..I ordered these two stamps from 1-2-3 stitch...I love that crow with the pumpkins...just love it..They have the fastest service there folks and they have so much stuff to buy, you will love these guys.....Well my cable guy has been here since about 1:30 and he left at 4pm..we have been yakking the whole time..he originally put our cable in for us about 9 years ago...very friendly and fun to talk haven't got anything done today...hoping to get something going here today...but I just had to share my good news with you all...Two posts in one day..haven't done that in a very long time..:)


  1. Congratulations to you! That looks like a really nice pin cushion. Let us know how it is when it arrives. Carol

  2. Congrats on winning the wonderful Fall is so adorable!!
    Looks like you got lots of goodies at JoAnn's. Happy Crafting my friend!!

  3. Oh, Gina, that is darling, sugar!! I'm so happy you won that. Just adorable...

  4. I love that prize!!! Well done. You must be the most lucky person ever!!!! xxxRobby

  5. Hey Gina, What a great prize for you...with a kitty on top!
    You will get more done if you stop flirting with the cable guy!!!!

  6. Congratulations!!!! That's so wonderful!!! I don't start decorating for Halloween until October 1st and now I'm itching to get at the boxes!!! It's been too warm here in New York to think about Halloween. I think it was cooler here in July than it is now. BLAH!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. Congratulations on your win Gina!!!!
    What a great stamp too - I'll have to check out that site.