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Thursday, September 24, 2009

WeLL YeSterDay WasN't A ToTal WasH...

Hey there and Good thursday to you!! My cold is breaking finally..getting a lot of stuff...I think my voice is coming back...feel much better...well yesterday wasn't a total wash..I got these 8 things done in a couple of hours..I love HSE's designs...very prim and simple..
going to try and get some more done today..have some church ladys coming by for a visit today at gotta make sure the house is in tip top shape..Below are some Maxine funnies for you...She describes fall nicely...;) have a wonderful thursday everyone..:)

well we use a leaf blower and Love it!!! makes that job a breeze..
me too...but unfortunately theirs fall in my yard and I have to clean them up...Answer me this if they are their leaves that fall in my yard..who should clean them up?...
sad but true..;)
I'd rather go on the hay ride..:) with a nice cup of hot cider and a blankie...

why yes they have...for years now and they are not coming back..:)


  1. Isn't it sad how our parts go south, even when its summertime, they don't care, lol!!!!

  2. Your sticheries are really nice and I sure am getting inspired to do some!!

  3. Love your Maxine funnies! So true!
    You sure have been getting alot done! Good luck on your show...Oh, I love your candle mats!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. I love Maxine :) She's so funny!

    Great stitcheries! My, you do work fast if you got them all done yesterday...Fast stitcheries to me take one day! LOL What am I doing wrong? Where are your stitcheries from?

    I have had this cough off and on all day but I feel at least 70% better than yesterday, so that's a plus :)

    Have a great night!


  5. I like the Maxine funnies and everyone gives me those cards since that is my name. I think all of my parts have already gone south.

    Great stitcheries.


  6. LOL !!!! Don't you just love Maxine?!!? Those were hysterical!! I love the one about putting sharp sticks down your pants or taking a hay ride!! :) Thank you for the great chuckle!!

    ~ Wendy

  7. Hi Gina! Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Your stitcheries are lovely!!

    Yes, I do like living here in Australia, but will always miss being back in the US. I don't know Robby of Glory River primitives and Marion Gill from the Chocolate Crow Trader, although I am very familiar with TCCT.

    Love those Maxine comics! She always cracks me up.


  8. Gina,
    Your candle mats are turning out great!! I got some towels done and posted pics of them a little while ago.
    Hope you get all better real soon.

  9. Maxine's sense of humor cracks me up! I think Joy may have told you but that's her middle name...she's known as Joy Max alot of the time around here! (family name).

    Glad you're feeling some better...I'm impressed that you accomplished what you did with a cold and not feeling well! Love your stitcheries!


  10. I love Maxine! Glad to hear you're feeling better.


  11. Gina~ now you've made me curious...Pantries....6 months to a yr. worth of food??? You please MUST do a post, I'd love to see them:) Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  12. Even when your sick you get more crafts done than me when I'm well? LOL Nice to see you able to post, missed ya! I'm so glad that whole mess is cleared up! Have a great fall like weekend!

  13. busy girl. Hope you feel better soon.