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Saturday, September 26, 2009

WhAts In mY PanTry...And More CandLe mAts...

Good Saturday Morning!!! Yesterd Carmen C of Waxed out creative life wanted to know what was in your here goes..We are trying to get our food storage up to par and to get at least a years supply incase of job loss, or what ever this economy throws at us..we have at best 6 months so far...I do try to get stuff each pay day to add to this supply..I need to make another run to our ward canning and get more..but here is the pantry in the kitchen..these shelves slide out..we never had food in our kitchen until we remodled our kitchen 5 years ago and had this big pantry unit put in..we used to have 2 big ones in the laundry room before we remodled and that held our food..they now live in the garage..

Here is a built in unit that Hubby built into the wall in the laundry room..the top basically stores our pastas and other dried goods...the lower half stores dirty laundry...I love it..
this is above the washer and dryer...
these are the 2 storage units that used to live in the these at costco in the mid 90's..they have traveled overseas and back...the one on the left doesn't have food storage that is supplys and pet food..the right side has the food storage in it..
what you see here is food storage from our food canning done by our church..the outside lists what is on the inside...they are #10 cans of food..if you click on the photo you will see how many are in each..
just another shot of the food in the right one...we have plenty of garage space and will keep adding this a bit at a time...we also have a chest freezer and are getting a side of beef soon..we are going in on it with our next door neighbors....So there you go..kind of a boring post but I would suggest getting your food storage in order cause you never know what life will throw at you..or where this nation of ours is headed...I would rather be safe then sorry..
Look what came in the mail yesterday for me..I ordered these from a fellow blogger Stefanie had these in her shoppe and I asked her to give me two different sizes..look at the cute packaging and I love that cupcake tag!!
These remind me of the peanut shaped soft candy you can buy at the all know the ones.I gotta tell you I was wanting to eat one of these...Thanks again Stefanie for these and fast and quick service too..go check out her selling blog as well..she has some great things there..
okay now onto what I have been making since thursday...more pillow tucks and candle mats..
I am so loving the way these are turning out..will be making more today...
I love the cross stitch holly even has gold reins and there is gold bling troughout to give it that holiday touch..:)

the little welcome to our home will be a small little pillow tuck..this is also a cross stitch design done by is my kind of cross and my eyes don't go buggy...well my cold is still with me..still contagious I would guess but I am getting alot of it out...but holy cow how much snot pardon the phrase can one person have...colds are disgusting aren't they...and to boot I think my DH is getting it..he sounded like crap last night..losing his voice like I did and he has to work today..think we will be taking it easy this weekend...anyway have a wonderful weekend...our weather has been glorious here..just right as they say...:)


  1. Gina~ your tucks and mats are turning out wonderful!!! I sure hope you and hubby both get over your colds soon. thanks for sharing your pantry, wow, I need to get more food, lol! I never really thought about the job loss thing and storing food but it could happen to any one of us for sure!!! I like to keep canned corned beef on hand, you can do alot with it. Enjoy your weekend and feel better:)

  2. If I showed my pantry ya'll would never want to be friends with me again...LOL!

  3. Wow, Gina ~
    You have a pantry full! I keep alot of food on hand but not nearly that much. I better get shopping. Love your mats ~ adorable. I'm still amazed by that machine. Have a great weekend.

  4. Loving the food storage, sweetpea! I'll have to show mine sometime also.

  5. I wish I had a pantry. We have a small kitchen and buy what we need for the week and that is as far as I go.
    Love your stitcheries, really nice designs and prim look.


  6. Oh Gina~I read your post always! Boring? Never!
    Am I sometimes pressed for time to comment? Sometimes!
    Are you my bestest friend? Forever!!
    I do love your basket of pears...very prim and nice!
    I wish I had all of your pantry space...and I wish I had my stocked like yours! Maybe I should start thinking ahead like that. You and Carmen have the right idea!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'm glad you are starting to feel a little bit better.
    Snot is GROSS!

  7. OKAY my friend, how do you figure how much food you need to have to last a year??? Is there a formula? I am really intrigued!!! Please share!! Thanks so much!!

  8. Gina - your candle mats are lovely!! I love them all.
    A pantry? You have a pantry?? I want a pantry. :(

  9. Gina,
    Your candle mats and pillow tucks are looking great!! You are putting me to shame...sure wish I could get as much embroidering done in a day as you do!!
    I have half of my fabric pumpkins done and hope to finish the rest soon...still have my pillow tucks to finish also.
    Happy Embroidering!!

  10. I love the food storage Gina, what a sensible idea. I always like to have a good stock of food stuff in too. As you say, you never know when you may need it. The candle mats are awsome. What type of embroidery machine have you got? Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Pam xx

  11. Just when I think your candle mats can't get any prettier!!! How wonderful!! And I just love the candy corn!! Hope you're feeling better. :)

    ~ Wendy

  12. Your candle mats are looking great! I like all the food in your pantry too! I got hungry for spagetti when I saw your pasta!

  13. Love your work.

    We have a lot of food but not as much as you do. You are correct, you never know what can happen, especially with the way things are going.

    Get to feeling better.


  14. Yep, its always good to stock up on good eats. Just like the Boy Scouts motto "Always be prepared." I love those mats!! So that is done on that awesome machine of yours??!! Cool! :> )