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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WhAtchA WoRkiNg On WedNesDay...

Well here I sat last night putting my patterns on posterboard getting them ready to cut out was after I thought I would do it today inbetween embroidering...I have more patterns then I can shake a stick at..and I buy more...I love the wonderful talent out there..Robby gave me great way to do the above...(I was using glue sticks and it took forever)...use a can of tacky spray on your posterboard and then put your pattern down.oh my gosh this has saved me so much time..where was she about a 150 patterns ago...:)

here are my latest purses I am working on for the BC fundraisor...

this is is fast becoming another the way the flower pops off the black background..going to do another one today with a different flower..

and yet more..the one on the bottom right do you know what the letters stand for? cckma? it stands for Cancer can kick my a@@...:) the little white one in the top left corner is going to be a check book cover..I left the letters off so it could be generic..

and here is the fabric that will be used in the is perfect..the brown and pink..oh I am so excited..

Okay my first and only thing for fall except for my kitty needlepunch that was in the little dust pan that I purschased about 3 weeks ago..I took all of those yummy goodies that I purchased and showed you last week and put them in my jar lamp on my kitchen counter!!! I love it..and those are our dried herbs in the back..I love the colors in that jar...okay that is it for me..we had a bit of drizzle yesterday and they say more rain for the end of the has been much cooler and Oh did I tell you I LOVE September!!!..have a wonderful Wednesday.:)


  1. Wow those are awesome. I live the black fabric too.
    It really pops.
    Cindy ^0^

  2. I love all your purses. I just finished a Cancer Survivor Dotee for a co-worker of Rich's. I will take a photo and post on my blog soon! I didn't know that there were so many colors of ribbons for cancer survivors. I used purple...which seems to be for any cancer survivor! Love the goodies in your lamp jar. I love September too....because it is my birth month.

  3. That flower purse is awesome and the fabric for inside is just perfect!

  4. Gina,
    More great purses! I love the one with the really pops off the black fabric!!
    Your lamp jar is looking very "Fallish". Love it!!

  5. The purses are wonderful. maybe you should show them to Gwen at Joann's. she had breast cancer and lost one side. she doesn't care she is still here but she might like to see them.
    I like these my favorite so far.

  6. Hi!☺
    Found your blog this morning and am enjoying it very much!